September 2019


"Apps for Your Practice (Technology Meets Witchcraft)

By Su Weber and Elizabeth Chapman


Wait a minute! I thought we were practicing magick and Witchcraft like our ancestors did. They didn’t use technology, especially the latest and greatest, that everyone seems to always have their face in. I thought we were supposed to keep this as simple as possible and use old-fashioned stuff. We believe Witches are practical people; our ancestors used what they had on hand to make magick and we should be able to use what we have as well and we have technology, whether we love it or not. 

Here is a list of some apps you might want to check out and install if you feel they might benefit your personal practice:

1. Etsy: This a great place to get all sorts of witchy and ritual stuff for yourself. Many people from the Pagan world make and sell things for like-minded people; not only do you get stuff that is great for you to use, but you are supporting the Pagan community as a whole if you end up buying things from this site. 

2. Phases of the Moon: There are a bunch of these apps out there. You can keep track of where the Lady is at any time in her monthly sky cycle. Keeping track is a great way to start getting in tune with the energy that flows throughout the month. Also having this type of app lets you look up spell timing easily. 

3. The Complete Herbal: This is an app that contains Nicholas Culpepper’s book The Complete Herbal that was published around 1653. It contains many occult correspondences for herbs that can be expanded on for your magick today. 

4. Divination: There are apps that work with many divination tools from Tarot Cards to the I Ching to Norse Runes. Take a look and see if one appeals to you if you need to try Divination and don’t have something handy with you. 

5. Meditation: A great way to start adding a daily meditation practice to your life is to download and use a meditation app. We can actually recommend Headspace; both of use it and find that it helps if you know you have an app to go to daily to stay on track. Although there is a subscription cost, you can take the 10 minute basic meditation course for free. Try it out; it is taught by an ex-Buddhist Australian monk and his voice really adds to the meditation experience. 

6. Insight Timer: If you meditate or take time to focus as part of ritual, setting a timer with a gentle tone in it is a great way to stay on track. If you know you want to sit for 5 or 10 minutes, this eliminates your need to constantly check a watch or clock to make sure you are really taking the time. It also helps you keep from speculating about how much longer you need to focus or meditate (gets rid of at least one monkey mind thought process). 

7. Reminders and Calendars and Other Scheduling Tools: You can set reminders throughout your day to take a minute to breathe or take other mindfulness moments to remind yourself about being a magickal individual. Use your Calendar to block out time for ritual, spellwork, or time for self-care. With our crazy lives, we need to remember that we are human too and need time for our spiritual selves. 

Take a look in your phone and see what other apps you might find that appeal to the spiritual within you. At the very least, if you try some of these apps you may not get stuck mindlessly playing some game that you really didn’t want to get stuck inside of in the first place.

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