Crone's Corner By Su and Elizabeth

A Sense of Humor is Required for Working Magick

(It Really Is OK If You Don’t Use a Candle of the Right Color)

Over 60 years ago, Doreen Valiente wrote "The Charge of the Goddess" as part of Gardnerian Wiccan practices. As part of this, she wrote how a number of opposites are necessary as part of working magick. The one that has always stuck with us is "Let there be mirth and reverence in all that you do" (Slight adaptation here).

Merriam Webster defines reverence as showing or feeling honor or respect for something. Being respectful of our beliefs, our personal and spiritual Ancestors, the Old Gods, the Elements, the environment in which we practice, is all integral parts of our belief system. When we perform ritual, we want to have an attitude of reverence, that respect for ourselves, all that we worship and respect, and to feel that what we do and how we do it matters. Reverence, above all else, is about taking care when we are at ritual. Mirth, on the other hand, can be defined as gladness accompanied by laughter. This tells me that we need to celebrate our humanity within our rituals as well. It means being able to laugh when you mess up in the middle of a serious moment (and believe me you will). It means being able to make mistakes and change up what we are doing if it’s not working and go left when you started out going right. It means not taking yourself and your practice so seriously that you lose the joy in it. 

It gives us the freedom of being able to let go of trying to be perfect. We just have to do our best and let the Universe manage the rest. Perfectionism, which is a common trait of many, robs us of the ability to live in the present moment because we are always beating ourselves up about what we should have done and didn't do or thinking about what we have to do next. Instead we can just sit back, laugh at our frailties and enjoy making magick each and every moment of our lives which is truly what being a Witch is all about. 

Just so you know, there is NO script for our lives; we are each writing our own stories as we go along and it is okay to expect plot twists and go with them as they arrive. Part of performing a ritual is learning to go with the unexpected and take notice of what happens; often we can receive messages of encouragement or suggestions from the Old Gods or Ancestors that show up when we least expect them.


Su Weber

I am Su, an artist, ritualist and energy worker. I share my life with my husband, and my 2 familiars (our beagles VuDu and cat Gitsie). Thirty years ago, I read my first book about the Sacred Feminine. At that time books on the Goddess and witchcraft were not easy to find in upstate NY pre-internet. It was a copy of “The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries” by Zsuzsanna Budapest. It changed my life and began my magickal journey of embracing my inner priestess! 

Over the years, our spiritual paths have evolved from a start in Goddess spirituality and then on to Wicca. However, after several years we recognized that Wicca tends to only focus on the Light side of the energy equation. We were both interested in Shadow work, and the balance of light and dark in natural cycles and our own lives. We decided to form our own coven and develop our awareness of our own Shadow side (that we all have) and to learn to use that energy in our work as well. Now, we work to maintain balance in all things and are aware that the magickal and mundane can be effectively combined to create ritual and spell work. We have learned to work with the energy of the Wheel of the Year and the cycles of the Moon as well as the Elements, our Genus Loci (spirit of place), the Ancestors, and the Old Gods.

We strive to grow and develop spiritually and often refer to this process as our Great Work. One recent development in this process is the creation of our business 2 Young Crones. My OCD has manifested over the years in keeping computerized copies of all of our rituals, spells, incense blends, and other practical ideas. We are drawing on this wealth of information to generate Full Moon rituals as part of our subscription service. We are also creating a line of magickal products available on our Etsy site. These items, like our “Spell in a Box” are meant to aid in a person's spiritual practice and allow them to generate positive changes in their own lives through magick. Our website is under construction and will be a reference about our practice for those who wish to work with us as part of an on-line community. We have also begun working to write a book entitled Crating a Magickal Life which will be released at the start of the year. It will contain daily entries of practical things to think about, write about, make, and do to begin or refresh a daily spiritual/magickal practice.

We believe that helping others to create a vibrant and empowering spiritual life and practice is our current Great Work. We look forward to you joining us as we creating positive changes in our lives that affect not only us, but all life! Contact us today! 


Elizabeth Chapman

I am Elizabeth, a mother of two adult children and a passel of grandchildren. After my daughter and oldest granddaughter had an untimely death at Thanksgiving, 2016, I have had to assume custody of seven of my grandchildren who are more than a full-time job between their schools and other activities. I have also been in recovery for over 26 years and was led to my current spiritual practice as part of this process. 

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