July 2019


"Affirmations (Those Cute Little Sayings Can Change The World!)

By Su Weber and Elizabeth Chapman

Affirmations have been around a long time and they are often considered cute little sayings by a lot of people that aren’t really good for anything. However, for those who follow our path, they can be seen as miniature spells that can be used to change how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

While there are many pre-written affirmations available for all types of things, it is best if you write your own. Creating an affirmation can be seen as setting your intention and putting what you desire out into the Universe which is the basis of spell work and magick. The only “rule” about affirmations is that you should only write them with the focus on you. You can’t change other people, only yourself and how you react to situations. Other than that, anything goes. Here are a few suggestions to make writing easier and potentially more successful.

1. Make positive statements i.e. I am getting healthy rather than I don’t want to get sick.

2. Start your affirmations with “I am” if you can. It helps to center the focus on you.

3. Use present tense language that makes your affirmation happen right now. It is a waste of time and energy trying to be positive about something in the future or in the past. You can’t change the past and the future is constantly changed by the present.

4. Use action words. Those are those pesky “ing” verbs such as doing, creating, or thinking.

5. Shorter works better. You don’t want to write an affirmation that takes you ten minutes to read through it. Thank advertising slogans that stick in your head; they are usually a very short phrase.

6. Be specific. It is one thing to write an affirmation stating “I am creating abundance in my life” which what you mean is “I am finding ways to pay my bills easily and on time.” Abundance comes in many forms and the Universe doesn’t know what you mean if you aren’t explicit in what you are asking for.

Now sit down and think about some things you would like to change about yourself or your reactions to a situation. Don’t try to change everything all at once. Pick the top two and write affirmations covering them. Post them around your house or work space where you can see them and red them out loud (or whisper if you are in a cubicle at work). Repeat them every time you see them and watch what happens. Positive changes can occur as you change the way you think about something and take the actions indicated in your affirmations. Try it and see how those cute little phrases can change your world.

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