November 2019


"Ancestral Cycles"


By Aeolea Wendy Burwell & Peter Doughty

Cycles and circles and spirals are at the core of who we are, despite the fact that we have mostly lost sight of them. What you are about to read is intended to offer insights into ways to reconnect with your roots though the ancient art/science of Astrology. 

Over the past few months we have focused in part on the Moon’s cycle from New to Full and back again. This is the fastest moving cycle in our heavens and the most readily accessible in the sky to even the most casual observer.  Since, in our astrological understanding the Moon represents our emotions - and how we respond to the ebb and flow of everyday life - it is also the most easily observed internally. 

Lunations for this month are: 

1. The New Moon in Scorpio on October 27 just before midnight EDT is likely to contain surprises and possible disruptions of established patterns- especially for those born on or near Oct. 27, Jan. 25,  Apr. 24 and July 27.  This deep, emotional, intense and sometimes secretive water sign of Scorpio is fertile ground for this new cycle of uncovering and changing old patterns.  Plant the seeds of change on this (and every) New Moon!

2. The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12 @ 8:35 AM EST there are apt to be dramatic and significant events that involve revising of plans and miscommunications. It will especially be felt by those born on or near Nov. 12 , Feb. 9, May 10 and Aug. 12 because of how it aligns with their birth (or natal) charts.

3.  The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th @ 10:07 am EST comes at a time when we all are likely to be feeling agitated.  We are invited to revisit our plans that began on the Scorpio New Moon (at the end of October) and perhaps aim higher. Birthdates especially activated by this New Moon are on or close to:  Nov. 26, Feb. 23, May 25 and Aug. 27.

As we look closer at the celestial cycles according to their speed we encounter Mercury, which at its fastest, flies through a zodiac sign approximately every three weeks but in the current month of November, is going retrograde again.  These periods of apparent backward motion that occur three to four times each year cause it to linger and go deeper.  

Specifically between October 31 and November 20 (plus a little before and after), the planet of transportation, communication, commerce, scheduling and all things electronic will spend a total of nine weeks in the sign of Scorpio.  Not generally considered a good time to begin new projects or make major purchases or commitments, this is a good time to research, revise and review.  In Scorpio we are invited to dig into our deepest recesses such as intimate emotional connections and shared finances of all kinds. We will be drawn toward truth seeking and very invested in penetrating the veils of secrecy we tend to hide behind.  The extraordinary revelations in our daily news feed during this time will serve as reminders of the peeling back of the multi-layered nature of the reality we live in.

In late summer Venus and Mars were traveling together. Now, however, Venus - which is very bright and rising after sunset in the west -  is moving beyond Mars and will be ever higher in the evening sky while Mars - which really does have a reddish hue - is becoming visible in the morning sky.  On November 2nd Venus will move from Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius where it will stay until the 26th: emphasizing enthusiasm, freedom and adventure in relationships. And on November 20, Mars moves into Scorpio (joining Sun and Mercury)  adding energy and focus to our Mercury retrograde quests.  

Turning our attention now to longer planetary cycles which reflect both individual and collective affairs, let’s look first at Jupiter, which has been gracing clear evening skies since the summer months.  Jupiter will fade from the sky by mid-November, but look for it to reappear in the morning sky in January. This gas giant, known to ancient astrologers as ‘The Great Benefic,’ spends one year in each of the signs and so has a twelve-year cycle through the entire zodiac.  Seen as the bringer of great luck and good fortune, it most definitely makes every thing it touches much bigger. 

November represents the final weeks of Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius - a sign it is strongly associated with - until 2030.  Over the past year we have seen and had access to enthusiastic growth around faith, beliefs and higher ideals.  It has been a promising, fortunate year for beginning large ventures requiring flexibility and adaptability to profoundly changing circumstances. It has also been a time of distortion around faith to the point of some of the original ideals becoming practically unrecognizable.  

During the week  of November 18 - 24 we will all have access to an exciting, positive and energetic interlude while Venus (known to the ancients as the Minor Benefic) approaches and meets up with Jupiter before leaving Sagittarius.  Look for beauty and expanding boundaries in relationships that emphasize freedom, adventure and high ideals.   

As we approach the first few days of December we will all begin to experience the profound atmospheric change of Jupiter moving into Capricorn.  Considered fortunate for Capricorns and the other earth signs of Virgo and Taurus, this change also carries with it significant ramifications for areas such as business, banking and government. This is especially significant because it will be joining both Saturn and Pluto already in Capricorn: a combination that has not happened in the past 6,000 years. 

Saturn, with its 29-year cycle through the zodiac, entered Capricorn in 2017, and will remain there until December 2020.  Pluto, with its 248-year cycle, entered Capricorn in 2008 (do you remember our global financial atmosphere that year?), and is staying until 2024.  The cycle between these two planets meeting up is approximately every 33 years, and has been related by scholars to upsurges in right-wing extremist movements characterized by harsh and punitive policies, as well as political purgings and resurrections. Their meeting in 1947 was particularly noteworthy: India and Pakistan were separated in a process marked by extreme violence, and the nation of Israel was reborn two thousand years after its destruction by the Roman Empire.  

The energies of this rare triple meetup will continue to play out notably on the global stage as well in our personal lives.   We can best know what areas of our lives will be affected by knowing our own individual charts. In a more general way, people with birthdays around the following dates will notice the strongest effects:  January 11-18, April 10-17, July 12-18, October 13-20.

The combination of these three planets represents the ongoing process of wholesale dismantling and rebuilding of many economic and political structures. These are the astrological indicators of the current epochal changes that we are all experiencing and will continue to unfold for years to come. Witness the trade disputes involving the US, China and other economic powers, as well as the Brexit situation between the UK and the European Union, for example.

As we navigate through the personal and collective pressures of our times, we may find some stability and focus by recalling words attributed to Helen Keller: “True happiness . . . is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”

To learn how these planetary cycles relate to you personally, please contact the authors for a chart reading.

Copyright 2019 by Aeolea Wendy Burwell and Peter Doughty.

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