March 2020


"Ancestral Cycles"


By Aeolea Wendy Burwell & Peter Doughty

Cycles and circles and spirals are at the core of who we are, despite the fact that we have mostly lost sight of them. What you are about to read is intended to offer insights into ways to reconnect with your roots though the ancient art/science of Astrology. 

Additionally, we offer a glimpse into the current celestial weather under which we are all operating, so that we may have some awareness of how to use these energies for the highest and best possible outcomes for ourselves and others.

We will again begin by focusing on the Moon’s cycle from New to Full and back again. This is the fastest moving cycle in our heavens and the most readily accessible in the sky to even the most casual observer.  Since, in astrological understanding, the Moon represents our emotions - and how we respond to the ebb and flow of everyday life - it is also the most easily observed in a personal way.

On March 9 the Full Moon in earthy Virgo will amp up our emotional focus on getting the details of our lives correct and properly organized altho we might be working in a fog. Be alert for overly critical tendencies. Those born Mar. 6-12 and Sept. 9-15 are apt to be most affected.

March 24 marks the start of our next lunation (moon) cycle with the New Moon in headstrong Aries. The admirable willingness to embark on new ventures without knowing the hows or the outcomes will be strongly activated. People with birth dates Mar. 21-27 and Sept. 24-30 will particularly notice this. 

This New Moon occurs after the Spring Equinox on Mar. 19, which is traditionally seen as the true beginning of the new year both astrologically and historically (named Nowruz in the Persian culture) . For several reasons, this is a period that is ripe with potential. We do need to act on that potential of course for anything to grow.  

The Vernal Equinox is a turning point in the sense that the increase in daylight, which began at the Winter Solstice, now begins to slow down. The next turning point will be the Summer Solstice on June 20, 2020 when our days again start to shorten. This is a seasonal shift that has long been a point of great celebration for our ancestors and continues to be pivotal even though our basic survival needs have changed through time.

Mercury’s retrograde journey, which brought it briefly back into the air sign of Aquarius, comes to a halt on Mar. 10.  It will revisit the same area of the zodiac and by Mar. 16  Mercury will re-enter Pisces. Communications could get clouded with emotions once again.


Our galaxy’s Goddess of Love, Harmony and Beauty, Venus left dreamy Pisces back on Feb. 8 and marched into fiery Aries where she will be through the first week of March.  Her softer side is harder to find but wearing red and being impulsive will be much more in evidence. So much depends on the details of our personal chart, yet we can all watch her expression of feisty Aries energy. 

Venus’ actual visibility in the sky has recently been quite dramatic: On clear nights she is dazzling any and all who look for her in the western sky after sundown. She will continue to be bright and beautiful until mid-May; make sure to gaze upon her. And if you’re up early in the pre-dawn hours, look to the south east for all the Capricorn planets - visible through spring - especially Jupiter.  This beneficent giant is hard to miss in the morning sky.

Then on March 5 Venus will move into luxury-loving earthy Taurus, a sign she has a natural affinity with, and we will all have access to a more sensuous approach to life. The tendency for a more deliberate, slower approach to food and fun may be infused with lightning strikes of genius as Venus interacts with Uranus a few days before and after Mar. 8th.  Whether it’s a welcomed disruption or not, it can’t help but be sudden and unexpected.  Be on the look-out for possible surprises in aesthetic, financial and/or ecological arenas. 

Fierce warrior Mars joined the large, historic planetary lineup in purposeful Capricorn on Feb. 16 and remains there through Mar. 30. It will increasingly energize the on-going overhaul of our culture and all our institutions already in progress by transformative Pluto, structural Saturn and expansive Jupiter. It does not have to be harsh, but it might be.  Where it falls in personal charts will dictate how we experience these energies within our own individual lives, but it’s unlikely to be missed. 

An indication that we may experience a big event on the world stage, related to a nineteen-year cycle of the Moon, is also present at this time (March or possibly early April). Previous such events include 911 in 2001 and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011 near Fukushima. Perhaps this one will involve the virus that emerged in China in late 2019, though more likely it will be something completely different that takes the world by surprise.

The dynamic density of this lineup in Capricorn lifts a little toward the end of March, when first Saturn moves into humanitarian Aquarius on Mar. 22 where it stays until July 1.  And then Mars follows into this intellectual air sign from Mar. 30 til mid-May.  Perhaps the economic and political upheaval that have characterized the month of March eases somewhat when April arrives.

As we segue into Spring, we are likely to enjoy the easing of some of the intensity that has marked this first quarter of 2020.  Our cultural upheaval will continue a bit more quietly until July, as this task-oriented period yields to an interval of integration. It remains important to have a plan.

About Wendy and Peter: If you are curious about how the current planetary configurations affect you through your own astrological chart, the authors welcome the opportunity to assist you. 

Aeolea Wendy Burwell has been a student of the celestial arts for over forty years, and is currently teaching astrology to eager students in her living room and wherever possible. (

Peter Doughty has nearly forty years experience studying and writing about mundane astrology, including his blog over the past seven years and recent book entitled Scenes from a Tapestry. (,

They have recently started to write together and are both available for individual chart consultations in person or over the phone.

Copyright 2019 by Aeolea Wendy Burwell and Peter Doughty.

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