January 2020


"Ancestral Cycles"


By Aeolea Wendy Burwell & Peter Doughty

Cycles and circles and spirals are at the core of who we are, despite the fact that we have mostly lost sight of them. What you are about to read is intended to offer insights into ways to reconnect with your roots though the ancient art/science of Astrology. 

Over the past few articles we have begun our monthly focus on the Moon’s cycle from New to Full and back again. This is the fastest moving cycle in our heavens and the most readily accessible in the sky to even the most casual observer.  Since in astrological understanding, the Moon represents our emotions - and how we respond to the ebb and flow of everyday life - it is also the most easily observed internally.

As January begins we will be in between the solar eclipse on the New Moon on Dec. 26 in grounded, earthy, serious Capricorn (please see Ancestral Cycles Dec. article) and the Full Moon lunar eclipse in warm, nurturing Cancer on Jan. 10.  Eclipses most often occur in pairs and the time between them is highly charged with an atmosphere of impending changes.  Where they are visible on the planet is where they are felt most strongly (www.timeanddate.com) however their effects are in evidence everywhere.

Regionally we can expect a serious tone related to matters of hearth, home and even ancestry starting midnight on Dec. 26.  This could include the real estate market such as a reduction in construction projects beyond the usual seasonal dip.

With the Full Moon lunar eclipse on Jan. 10 at 2:21 pm EST, our focus we will be on a major shift in the economic and financial picture both locally and in Washington DC. After all this is traditionally the time when credit card bills start rolling in and the burdens taken on in an effort to have an affluent Holiday season come due. We are likely to see this intensify as a result of the eclipse.

The New Moon in early Aquarius on Jan. 24 at 4:42 pm EST begins a new cycle related to group energy and humanity as a whole.  We likely will see sudden challenges or breakthroughs. We may be presented with opportunities to shatter illusions and seek new understandings and behavior patterns between the sexes.  Artistic endeavors are strongly energized by an adventurous spirit and characterized by boundless changeability.  We are likely to find ourselves seeking a hard to define union with the cosmos.  Stay loose and open to what materializes in your imagination.

Mercury will be in Capricorn until the 16 of Jan. when it shifts into Aquarius.  The winged messenger expresses itself quite comfortably in this humanitarian air sign and we can expect communications to quicken.  This change in expression especially around group dynamics should be easily observable both personally and politically. 

Venus, goddess of love, harmony and beauty, continues to climb higher in the evening sky after sunset as she also journeys thru freedom loving Aquarius through Jan. 13. So for the first half of this month we will notice a certain detachment towards our objects of affection and primary focus is likely to be on group dynamics rather than one on one relationships.  We will be more willing to be more socially engaged with and appreciate people who are different. 

Then on Jan. 13, Venus will move into Pisces where she will stay until Feb. 7, and our hearts will be drawn into the spiritual realms.  Boundless love will be most comfortable in the spotlight.  Artistic and romantic endeavors will be highly idealized and caution should be taken to avoid deception if at all possible.

On Jan. 3, Mars moves out of the recesses of Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius, until Feb. 16.  Energetically we emerge from the emotional depths and take impulsive flight toward higher ideals and principles.  We will be moving on enthusiastic waves capable of taking us to new places without regard for personal sensitivities. And there is a restless need for exploration.

The slower moving pair of Saturn (with a 29-year orbit) and Pluto (with a 248-year orbit) have been moving closer together for the past two years, since Saturn entered Capricorn.  Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and Saturn catches up to it on Jan. 12.  The pressure symbolized by this combination reflects the transformative times we are all living through. For example two of their previous meetings were in 1982 and 1947 reflecting shifts in global power. (For deeper reflection please read Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas.)

The worldwide social upheavals reported on daily are also manifesting in our personal lives in direct proportion to how this planetary combination is impacting our own individual natal (birth) charts.  Those born near Jan. 12-15, April 12-15, July 14-17 and Oct 15-18 are likely to feel the impact most strongly but not exclusively.

Jupiter will continue to move toward them and will catch up to Saturn on the Winter Solstice 2020.  We will surely feel the energetic force of this impending union throughout the coming year. This is a dynamic combination of boundaries (Saturn) and no boundaries (Jupiter) that takes place in various signs every twenty years. This coming one is enhanced by the addition of other planets, the slowest moving and most powerful one being Pluto, representing deep, profound transformation.  

One facet of this energy relates to the chart of the United States in particular.  (Countries and events etc also have charts !) When our country was founded, Pluto was in late Capricorn and will return there in 2022.  In these years leading up to that exact event (and for some time afterward), we will experience ever more mounting pressure toward new models of business and government and our standing as a world power.

This combination of these outer planets is a rare convergence the meaning of which astrologers all over the globe have long been pondering and discussing.  Perhaps we are slated to witness the coming of the Aquarian Age. Surely it will be a paradigm shift beyond what anyone now alive has experienced. Personal and collective choices remain vital to the course of our planetary evolution. All manner of decisions, large and small, will contribute to the unfoldment of events. May we all choose wisely. 

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Aeolea Wendy Burwell has been a student of the celestial arts for over forty years, and is currently teaching astrology to eager students in her living room and wherever possible. (aeolea@juno.com)

Peter Doughty has nearly forty years experience studying and writing about mundane astrology, including his blog over the past seven years and recent book entitled Scenes from a Tapestry. (ZodiacalSpiral.com, zoidion@protonmail.com)

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