September 2019


"Ancestral Cycles"


By Aeolea Wendy Burwell & Peter Doughty

Cycles and circles and spirals are at the core of who we are, despite the fact that we have mostly lost sight of them. Our intention here is to offer ways to reconnect with our roots though the ancient art/science of Astrology.

Our current month essentially begins with the New Moon in Virgo on August 30, heralding both the sense of the end of summer as well as contributing to a more grounded approach to our lives. The initiatory energies of this New Moon (emotions) will energize the planetary line-up of Mercury (communication), Mars (action) and Venus (attraction), already in practical Virgo for the first two weeks of September. We will all have access to the organizing energy to do what needs to be done.

These new efforts, however, run the risk of becoming too big too fast as the Full Moon in Pisces approaches on the 14th. There is the temptation to let relationships turn analytical to the point of critical as we become increasingly focused on the details. Joining in this lunation conversation (aka full moon) will be three additional celestial companions: Mars, Neptune and Jupiter, adding a strong tendency toward volatility at this time. 

Neptune — the planet of ideals, faith, dreams, illusions, delusions — and Jupiter — the planet of jovial expansion, religion and philosophy — have been talking to each other twice before this year: in January and June. They are both in signs they rule, making them a more natural fit and their emphasis more noticeable. These are signs that they each occupy -Pisces and Sagittarius - that are known for changeability, and can lead to murkiness or indecision. Now in September they will reach a culmination in their third and final contact. This time their focus on, and sometimes conflict with, bigger-is-better idealism has Mars adding some action, maybe even some fire, in the mix.

We can watch for this to play out in the collective political scene in events such as the next Democratic debate, the UN climate summit and legal challenges to not only our country’s current administration but also in other nations around the globe. (Brexit and/or Brazil anyone?) International tensions are very likely to continue to heat up as well. And we can see the turbulence play out in our personal lives if we are observant.

Another arena of notable turbulence is likely to be a spate of wild weather during this month which constitutes the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. For many centuries, planetary patterns have been linked to weather events. The Farmers’ Almanac, for example, has been using an astrological formula for its forecasts for over two hundred years. The combination of the Virgo New Moon with Mercury, Venus and Mars repeats the planetary pattern that occurred at the time of Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico in 2017. This recurrence alerts us to the potential for a storm of similar significance.

One day after the Full Moon, on the 14th, Mercury and Venus both move into the sign of Libra, emphasizing the desire for fairness in communicating what is of value to us. And one week later on the 23rd, the Sun also ingresses (goes into) the sign of Libra, marking the Autumnal Equinox and the steady march toward longer nights and the shortest day of the year. 

By the time of the New Moon in Libra on September 28, there will be four heavenly bodies (Mercury, Venus, Sun and Moon) in this sign that seeks balance and fairness and beauty. This emphasizes the need for give and take, especially in partnerships of all kinds. The process is one of seeking clarification of one’s own needs and desires through interaction with another. The craving for understanding that is so integral to Libran energy will catch our attention at this time, requiring us to go deeper in our preparation for the more internal time that is winter. 

Copyright 2019 by Aeolea Wendy Burwell and Peter Doughty.

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