December 2019

Greetings, greetings, greetings, it is with honour and joy that I am able to connect with you all this way.

For you are all supporting me with my Planetary Ascension and the more of Humanity that are willing to step out of the 3rd dimensional timeline and into the higher frequency with their consciousness means greater healing is available for me.

The animal and the mineral and the plant, and all the other kingdoms, are ascending also but affected greatly by humanity’s morphic grid manifestation.

Yes there will be those who continue to chose to stay in the 3rd dimensional timelines, but know that chaos will start to ensue for those whose frequency is not working for the light.

As at the end of any cycle I am shedding, collapsing that which there is no longer a purpose for within my vibratory holographic field.

I am opening the door for those who are ready to step through into the New Earth vibrations, who are ready to bring in the change, herald in the new light codes and who are ready to work in harmony with the Elemental, Nature and Galactic kingdoms.

Are you ready to dissolve and detach from the fear matrix?

Are you ready to step out of blindness and open your eyes through your clairvoyance to see the new possibilities that I am allowing to come onto Earth to bring forth the joy, to bring forth the upgraded template missions?

Are you ready to support me? Do you feel the call within your heart?

For I am calling to you now.


About Alphedia:  Alphedia Arara is an an author, writer, spiritual facilitator and spiritual/psychic channel. I live in Scotland with my husband Auraengus, our son Auriel and our Oscar fish. I run Elemental Beings with my husband Auraengus Kenchington who is a homeopath, Merlin Vortex Healer and amazing cook!   My mission is to assist in bridging the communication gap between the elemental, devic, nature spirits, animal, angelic, crystal, goddess, ascended master and star being galactic realms. I am a telepath and clairaudient meaning I can hear beings in other realms and I help people to communicate and open up their sixth sense to get messages from these beautiful light beings as well as wisdom to assist the planet at this time.

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