August Featured Writer


Louisa told me that her best friend Robbie was seriously ill, tragically he had not been given any real hope by the medical experts and she asked “can you help?” I told her “although I can make no promises I will certainly do a healing and see what I see. Please tell me more about Robbie as it might help me to help him” Louisa explained “he’s been off his food, sleeping a lot and by the way, you do know that Robbie is a horse?”…

I had known Louisa for over ten years having met her through a friend of mine she was dating. As occasionally happens we had clicked straight away as good friends and although we didn’t see each other perhaps more than once a year, we kept in touch often via email. Louisa and I realised we did share many common threads in our lives, and although she and my friend had in fact split-up shortly after my meeting her, it had always been about the psychic connection and the easy friendship between the two of us and never anything remotely romantic. 

And so it was if she ever felt herself in the need of my particular kind of help she felt free to contact me to ask. Such a time was when she told me about Robbie, her best friend.

His body was wearing out it would seem. He slept a lot and had precious little appetite. She had already called in all the experts and unfortunately they had proclaimed his condition untreatable, telling her it would be only a matter of a short time before he passed. 

This is just about where I came in…

Louisa emailed, and subsequently we spoke. She told me everything about his condition and quite wrongly I assumed Robbie must be an old school friend or perhaps a relative, such was the level of affection she clearly possessed for him and the way she described her broken emotional state at the thought of losing him. I must confess to being a little shocked upon finally being informed I was to treat a horse!

Reassuring Louisa, and as usual making no promises as to any level of success I might achieve, I resolved to do a series of distant psychic healings for Robbie. At this point in my development I had never actually treated any kind of animal before, this was to be an entirely new experience and I sincerely had no idea what possible results (if indeed any) I might be able to achieve. 

I told Louisa we would talk a week from our last conversation, leaving me do my stuff in the meantime and then she would be able to bring me up to date about the situation with Robbie. 

Putting myself into my usual half meditative state, for the very first time I attempted making a psychic connection with a horse for a healing session. 

And found I was quite able to. Truth be told it wasn’t significantly different to psychic healing for a human…for the next six days my daily routine became at the same time to psychically connect to Robbie and gently work on easing his suffering.

After the week had passed the phone call came from Louisa. I waited with bated breath for news of my equine friend of a friend. She told me he seemed considerably more himself, he had started eating a little and to her delight she had been able to take him for a short walk in the paddock where he was stabled. She was under no illusions he was still in the twilight of his years, all she truly wished for was Robbie got to live out his final days without pain. 

Louisa got her wish. 

Robbie perked up considerably, as he was now able to eat properly, some of his former strength returned. Louisa was able to take him for a walk two or three times a week. They absolutely were the indeed best of friends; he would stroll beside her along bridleways and nuzzle her with his head.

Robbie and Louisa had all of that summer to share precious time together. He finally passed in late October of the same year; quietly he went in his sleep. Louisa told me she will always treasure that summer…

About Dean:   “What do you want to do when you leave school?”  This time the question came from a careers advisor at high school. Having less than eighteen months left to reside in the education system, I suppose it seemed an obvious question to ask. My reply stated I saw myself doing something creative, perhaps graphic design.

And for sure, I did. I indeed became a graphic designer for a little while. 

You will notice at no time here did I suggest (even secretly to myself) that I wanted to be a paranormal investigator or indeed an intuitive healer! 

It seems the Universe had other plans for me - you might call it my calling. 

I can say in all honesty I categorically never consciously set out to delve into the arcane, deliberately encounter the unseen; and yet throughout all my early life the experiences given to me made what I ended up doing almost inevitable. Oh, for sure I resisted my destiny. For nearly a decade I did my best to live the conventional life, I never particularly managed to achieve this, but I certainly did my level best! Those in need of healing still wound their inevitable way in my direction, no matter how much I attempted to pretend not to notice. 

I have always trusted we each have a calling in life, it seems my destiny found me, even if I did everything possible to avoid it for a little while! In the end I took the pathway before me into my destiny…whatever or wherever it took me, I trusted in my own ability to deal with anything, however bizarre, which came my way. And for sure some of it turned out to be seriously bizarre…