October 2019


"Apathy and Passion "

By Barbara Ann Guiney

Do you feel you are acting your way through your daily life? Are you too tired to become involved or care much about anything? If you don't care what happens anymore you are experiencing the higher realms for these feelings have a perfect and distinct purpose. You are detaching from the outcomes of your life and becoming apathetic. You are then much more in the moment.

In the higher vibrations, there are no agendas and plans. When feeling no attachments, having a good connection to Source with great trust, and a knowingness that everything is always in divine right order, you become aware that nothing really matters anyway.

In order to create successfully, we have to have no attachments. It is always precisely when we no longer care about having something, that it arrives. “The watched teapot never boils.” Isn't it strange that the areas in our lives that we do not have strong opinions about seem to always go along just fine? When we don’t get what we think we want we are forced to let go which puts in a place of acceptance. When things don't go our way, many times it is because we are not following our true self’s desires. We may be coming from a desperate or analytical self that is trying to solve a problem the way we think we should. Later we are usually glad that it never happened.

Being in a state of apathy, caused by never seeming to get what we want, puts us in a place where we can create just about anything. Being happy where we truly are always brings the next step of creation. When we have to have things a certain way, we block the universe from giving us something even better. It is when we are contented with simply being, that all our needs are met. 

Passion is a seeming contradiction because it is a very strong attachment.  However, what we are passionate about is in perfect alignment in every way with our higher selves. We usually experience apathy when we are releasing desires that are not from our true self and therefore don’t need them anyway. Passion comes from our true self whereas apathy does not.

Honor your state of apathy and know that it is great training for a higher level way of being. 

Congratulations, as you are learning the detached state of neutrality and choosing a life with passion. 

About Barbara:  Barbara Ann Guiney is a Canadian/American/New Zealander, an author of 4 books, a former Radio Talk Show Host, International Lecturer, Consultant Counselor, and Researcher in Natural Healthcare for more than 40 years.   Barbara has trained with and been certified for over 25 years as a Primordial Sound Meditation teacher by Dr. Deepak Chopra. She has also trained and been certified by Master Tom Tam in Ton Ren Chinese Healing, as a NLP Practitioner & Eriksonian Hypnotherapist.

Barbara is the creator of Soul Energy Clearing (SEC) and Universal Balancing and Link (UB & ULink). She has 2 CD’s and she has recently incorporated the BEMER vascular therapy in her practice since the amazing BEMER complements her training in natural therapies.