February 2020

"Tips To Improve Your Breathing" By Bob Frissell

Most people are not very good breathers. Circular Breathing not only harmonizes the energy in your body immediately, but is also the best way to breathe all the time.

Circular Breathing is relaxed and does not produce hyperventilation. What it does do is open the energy channels of your body. The bliss you feel during a Breath Alchemy session is a result of your spiritual energy flowing freely. Suppression of emotions requires inhibition of breathing. Every time you integrate a feeling, your breathing improves automatically.

Circular Breathing does not produce hyperventilation and does not get you “high on oxygen.” The marvelous, blissful feelings you experience through Breath Alchemy come from resolving suppressed emotions and restoring your connection with your spiritual essence. Breath Alchemy makes you feel good in the same way that prayer, meditation and forgiveness make you feel good, but very physically.

Breathing exercises that give no focus to integrating emotions are very limited in their ability to make permanent improvements to the breathing you do normally. This is because suppression of emotions requires an inhibition of your breathing. Integration of suppressed emotions makes it possible to breathe more freely, because after integration, you have no covert payoff in continuing to inhibit your breathing.

A few years ago, I had a client who is an extremely successful entrepreneur. All his life he was severely asthmatic. After just a few Breath Alchemy sessions with me he was able to give up his medications and inhalers for the first time in his memory. I have seen Breath Alchemy produce similar results many, many times.

I have a friend who has suffered his whole life from chronic apnea, which affects him both when he’s asleep and when he’s awake. Breath Alchemy has not completely cured his apnea, but he says that during the day he can feel apnea consciously and take a full breath. He says it has dramatically improved his life.

Another client friend reports that he has successfully stopped taking antibiotics for chronic sinusitis.

In his words, “My sinusitis is almost non-existent; I’ve had only one sinus infection with a fever this year (2016). I had at least four cases last year taking antibiotics after all four, and I had at least two weeks of fever.”

He told me, “It’s like a miracle, I really expected to get sick by now, and I haven’t. Nobody gets rid of this, I’ve never heard of anybody with chronic sinusitis who has gotten off everything!”

I have personally used Breath Alchemy to heal what was a lifetime worth of allergies. As a child I was once diagnosed as being allergic to just about everything. I suffered severely from hay fever, so spring time was a miserable time of the year for me. I am and have been for some time, 100% healed.

Breath Alchemy improves your breathing in at least three important ways:

1. It gives you training and concentrated practice in proper breathing.

2. Each integration clears the energy pathways in order to make breathing more efficient.

3. Integration of emotions makes you want to breathe more fully throughout your life.

People with various kinds of breathing difficulties usually notice immediate and lasting improvement in their breathing as a result of Breath Alchemy. People who already have excellent breathing also notice improvements as a result of Breath Alchemy.

The foundation of Breath Alchemy is a simple exercise called twenty circular breaths. This is a simple yet powerful exercise that you can do on a daily basis.

 You can find a video demonstration here : https://bobfrissell.com/blog/everything-you-need-pitih

About Bob Frissell: Bob is the founder of the Breath Alchemy Technique and is a teacher of thirty-six years. His books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. In addition to Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, he is the author of Something In This Book Is True... and You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. 

His books are published in twenty-five languages and are available in more than thirty countries. Musicians have credited the ideas presented in Frissell's books as a source of inspiration for their own creative work. This list includes Tool (band), Danny Carey, and Gojira (band).

 Frissell has been a featured speaker at the Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in Bangalore, India; the fourth annual Symbiosis Gathering at Yosemite; the Prophets Conference in Tulum; and many New Living expos. He has also appeared on numerous talk shows, including The Jeff Rense Program, Red Ice Radio, Far Out Radio, and has been a three-time guest on Coast to Coast AM. He has presented his workshops throughout North America, Australia, and Europe. 

On a personal note, Frissell is a nature enthusiast. He loves to hike and all manner of cats, squirrels, ducks, wild turkeys, deer, and redwood trees catch his eye. He lives in Sonoma, California.

Bob's website: https://bobfrissell.com/