"Who is Braco?" By Matthias Kamp, MD

In times of crisis - the miracle of a special gift: Braco and his silent Gaze

The corona crisis is hard on some people's souls. One initiative gives support to again find one’s inner balance, peace and optimism with the help of one man: his name is Braco. As a matter of fact, since starting his work in 1995 he has given thousands of people around the world a better life thanks to his special gift. He does not pass on any new teaching or wisdom, he helps people in groups of more than 1000 visitors in silence, without words: through his Gaze. Visitors report that they have experienced miracles through his silent gaze. What he shares in silence through his eyes cannot be seen or heard, but, as visitors report, can be felt by the heart. Some Scientists speak of a special energy, a consciousness that through him and his eyes reaches people and can bring about transformations. 

Almost 100 DVDs testify to improvements with mental and physical, but also financial and job-related problems or in family matters or marriages, as reported by people after an encounter with Braco. Celebrities like Naomi Campell, Donna Karen, Andie MacDowel and others attended his events. There are impressive scientific theories and books have been written about Braco and his gift. Stanford Professor emeritus William Tiller, known for his research on consciousness, considers Braco “the leading figure of the new paradigm”. In 2012 Braco received an international peace award for his work from a UN organization in New York, the Peace Pole. A prize previously awarded to the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa.

Since the beginning of the global shutdown, Braco and his Gaze have been available to be experienced every day between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time, EDT) with sessions beginning every 30 minutes. Each sessions begins with a short introductory presentation, followed by a video clip and finally Braco steps in front of the camera. Access is free for everyone via or YouTube: Braco official channel

My fellow physicians and I were able to experience this special energy for ourselves at events with Braco in various major cities in Europe and also online. The impressions that I am going to share in this article result from conversations with visitors, and I have seen grown men cry tears of happiness after an encounter with Braco's Gaze. It is indeed astonishing how a simple Gaze, even online, directly into the camera and transmitted free of charge worldwide via live streaming, changes people and gives help in times of crisis. Braco just looks quietly into the camera for a few minutes and many a sensitive visitor, in front of his computer screen thousands of miles away, reports of an energy, a force that flows through him, dissolves heavy thoughts and feelings and creates optimism and joy out of thin air.

Others feel a noticeable strengthening of the soul, an expansion of consciousness, an "illumination" of the soul or describe experiences that, as one scientist said, are reminiscent of Kundalini awakening. Others feel nothing in soul and body when experiencing Braco's Gaze, but report changes in the hours and days following the encounter. Still others need multiple encounters to experience something. Everyone is different, but it can be said that the majority of visitors perceive changes at the events with Braco. The well-known Romanian neurologist Prof. Dr. Dumitru Constantin Dulcan used an event with Braco in Bucharest, Romania to perform a survey with 1500 participants, 90% of whom described a change of their physical or mental wellbeing after Gazing with Braco. This also applies to people who did not know Braco previously and found out about an event with his Gaze by coincidence.

All of the scientists who wanted to explain what they call the "Braco phenomenon" presented impressive theories, but ultimately had to admit that the invisible that Braco shares through his eyes cannot be explained. Some visitors to the events speak of a feeling of unconditional love in their hearts when they experience Braco’s Gaze. Braco, who has experienced the help and improvements in the lives of people around the world through his gift since 1995, speaks with great respect about that which is present in his Gaze. He is a highly educated man from Zagreb, Croatia, who laid his successful professional life to rest when he recognized his gift in 1995. Since then, he has been traveling tirelessly by invitation to congresses and events in the US, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Australia, Israel, almost all European countries, etc. and shares his Gaze globally via the internet. You cannot measure the invisible reaching people through his Gaze, but it is apparent in the numerous reports of improvements in various areas of life. With the silence of his gaze he seems to have found a language that unites people from different religions, cultures and walks of life.

Braco's Gaze online daily from 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time, EDT), sessions beginning every 30 minutes on and YouTube: Braco official channel

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Testimonials of visitors: 

Theresa, US

“My life has profoundly changed since I began gazing with Braco. This energy healed my body, it has re-arranged and straightened out relationships so that only the most positive are now included in my life. It has even taken care of the financial aspects. There is no part of my life that has remained untouched, and I am so deeply grateful for the many blessings and shifts that have graced my life! There just are no words to express this gratitude!”

Steven, Australia

“His energy is intense. Only just heard about Braco and wow... Not seen anything like it before.”

Dr. Lucia, MD, USA

“I have never experienced such a strong positive energy in the presence of any other human being. I have great respect for the work of Braco and I am aware of many other doctors interested in spiritual healing who also have a deep respect for him.”

** Editor's note: He was here in Rochester, NY.  It was a two day event, full to capacity.  People that I knew said they felt a shift or change.