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The Statler City Psychic Fair is the biggest Psychic fair in the region.. It is also a great opportunity for the public to meet and have personal readings done by some of the worlds most renowned psychics. Being held Sunday Feb 17th at Statler City 107 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202 from 1 - 6pm. Tickets are $5 and will include entry into the historic Venue, vendors and a meet and greet with your favorite psychic mediums. Private Readings are additional and will be avail at the venue when the day of the event!

Gallery group readings are $5 per person to gain entrance. 

Come and find out what messages are waiting for you from the other side!! 



Rochester Winter Parafest

For all things paranormal go to:


It’s time to come out of the cold and dark and join us at the Parafest which celebrates all things paranormal. Rochester’s 5th Annual Winter Parafest held at the Valley Oak Event Center 4242 Lake Rd Geneseo, NY on Feb 23 to Feb 24 both days 10-5pm. This event brings enthusiasts and celebrities together to raise funds for to benefit “Operation Build Up”. This is the only Paranormal Convention / Paracon in the Western & Central New York area. The event started in 2013 with a humble beginning and now it’s grown to researchers of the Paranormal (BigFoot, UFO’s, Hauntings) where fans spend two days discussing the mysteries and the unknown. 

Who are some of highlighted presenters? Travel Channel’s Mike King, Chief of Police on the hit show "Ghosts of Shepherds Town," SyFy’s Channel Chris DiCesare of "School Spirits," Discovery Channels Trent Nielsen & Melanie Rouscher from “ Naked & Afraid “, Daniel Klaes, Author and Owner of the infamous Haunted Hinsdale house & Vidi Space, Tony Deville, Spike TV & Paramount Television’s “Ink Masters Angels”.  

The Event will be rounded out with vendors of books, jewelry, crystals and stones, psychic readings and more. The cost per person is: Adults 12 and older $15 for one day, or $20 for the weekend. 

There are two events associated with the Winter Parafest at the Historical Avon Inn, 55 East Main Street, Avon NY 14414. 585-226-8181 (Tickets are purchased separately from Winter Parafest,) 

Feb 22nd 2019 at 6:30pm - Dinner & Meet-n-Greet with Stars from the hit TV Series “Naked & Afraid”, at the Historical Avon Inn. Trent Nielsen, Melanie Elizabeth Rauscher, Leah Chandler Cost: $65 

Feb 23rd 2019 at 9pm – Celebrity Ghost Hunt at the Historical Avon Inn with "Ghosts of Shepherdstown" Psychic Medium Lorie Johnson, Haunted Hinsdale Owner Daniel Klaes and “ Naked & Afraid” Star Melanie Elizabeth Rauscher. Cost $50 Tickets Available on

For more info about the event and tickets are available at or on the website 

Radical Forgiveness Class


Lightways Community

31 Market Street

Brockport, NY


February 23, 2019 Saturday 9 - 4:30pm  Cost: $125


In this workshop we will learn about the Radical Forgiveness* principles and how it is different than traditional forgiveness. We will look at areas of our lives where we struggle to forgive ourselves and others, and how to apply the Radical Forgiveness principles and worksheet to make significant shifts in our ability to truly forgive.

Some of the key concepts include: What if nothing wrong ever happened? What if we are here on earth to experience “separation” and thus turn to light and love for peace and happiness? What if every experience, emotion and situation is really a “lesson” our soul chose to learn and therefore up to each of us to face and resolve? We will explore these question and many more. All that is required is a “willingness” to see yourself, your life experiences and ability to forgive in a new, “radical” way!

Judith Andrew is the co-owner of Lightways Community, IET Angel Healing Master Instructor, Reiki Master, Earth Energy and Meditation Facilitator. She provides individual counseling, angel card readings and energy work by appointment. 

*Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self Forgiveness Books and Tapes by Colin Tippings


Holy Fire II, Usui Reiki Master Teacher Training

Come to Lightways Community

31 Market Street

Brockport NY

February 28, 2019 Thurs 6:30 - 9pm and March 2-3, 2019 Sat/Sun 9 - 5:30pm


Instructor is Judith Andrew, Holy Fire III Usui & Karuna Master Teacher

Pre-requisite: Reiki I and II Training (provide certificates please). Experience the Holy Fire Ignition (formerly Attunements). You will learn and practice Reiki II and Master symbols, deep meditations, use of crystals, advanced techniques, Reiki grid, teacher training, how to give & practice experiences, placements, and ignitions. Training manual included 

Must call 585-281-8650 to register.  Cost is $450


Radical Self-Forgiveness Class

Lightways Community

31 Market Street

Brockport, NY

April 13, 2019 Saturday 9 - 4:30pm


Cost: $125


Forgiving ourselves is often more difficult than forgiving others. Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance is about releasing and healing SHAME and GUILT. Learn techniques and strategies for self- healing. We will review the RF assumptions, basics and practice a life changing worksheet. Book is available at Lightways. Radical Forgiveness & Colin Tippings website has lots of free material! 


A Great Day at Lightways

Mantras and Malas


Facilitator: Judith Andrew

Sat, March 9, 1-3pm, $20

Beads & Mala supplies $25

Must call to sign up 585-281-8670

Mantras are usually Sanskrit sounds and phrases to bring healing, intentions, love, light or peace into your being. They can also be phrases like "May I be at Peace" for goals, intentions or healing. 

Malas are a string of beads, with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads. As you move your fingers around the beads, you repeat the mantra.  This is done daily or several times a day while repeating the sound or phrase 108 times for 40 days. 

Come create your own set of mala beads and learn a few Sanskrit mantras and then create your own personal mantra. 

After class have a spiritual reading with SnowOwl!.

Saturday March 9, 2019


31 Market Street

Brockport, NY


Readings with Snow Owl/Angela Lapple


March 9,2019 Saturday


Must call to book appt by calling 585-797-5874

With the help of the SnowOwl spirit, you may find a connection to your true sense of being.  By being exposed to who you really are, you may be able to drop all the preconceived ideas of who you thought you should be.  A session with this spirit helps to define who you are through 3 visions and a personal message.  The first vision describes you. The second describes your path as you journey. The third tells the story of how close you are to living your truths. The personal message tends to tie it all together. This may include a different perspective on how to approach life and its' challenges.  

Abundance Exchange:15 min  $30, 30 min $50,  60 min $80


dare to lead by Brene Brown Book Study


dare to lead Book Study

Brene Brown's newest book,

Thurs, April 11, 18, 25, 6:30-9

Cost is $50

ZOOM or at Store 

Lighways Community with Judith Andrew

31 Market Street

Brockport, NY

585-281-8670 Must call to Register

Read and practice new leadership skills and strategies, for both your personal life and work. Learn to take off the armor, live wholehearted, with vulnerability, authenticity, compassion, courage and connection! Release fear, anxiety, scarcity, and uncertainty. Proven research work environments include education, corporate CEO’s, medical doctors, nurses, aides, technicians, secretaries, retail, military, labor & factory. Book available at the store. 

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