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We believe that helping others to create a vibrant and empowering spiritual life and practice is our current Great Work. We look forward to you joining us as we creating positive changes in our lives that affect not only us, but all life! Contact us today! Be Well and Blessed!



Mystical Tour - Stonehenge & Glastonbury 5/2021

Looking for 4 people to fill this trip for Stonehenge & Glastonbury England from  May 16 to May 23 2021. Bonnie Sandera Shamanic Practitioner is running the trip and can be reached at 585-301-6957

Follow the footsteps of Arthur, Guinevere, Saint Bridget, Pagans and Priests/Priestesses. Find the spirit of past merging with the present. Listen to the wisdom of the land, the roar of the sea, and the memories of the trees and perhaps touch the future inside crop circles. Learn about ley lines connecting the sacred sites around the world and feel their vibrations while standing on places of power. Connect with your higher self while connecting with these special timeless temples and let them guide you and whisper truth to your soul.

Includes 4 Star accommodations double occupancy, Breakfast, and Dinner each day except dinner on free day. Drinks are not included. All local transportation including to and from the tour. Fully guided tour and entrance fees. Non-refundable deposit of $200. Three payments are due, call Bonnie to set up the payment schedule.  

***Airfare and mandatory personal travel insurance is not included.

***Schedule may change depending on availability of sites.

***Roommates will be assigned if not requested.

***Hotel before Tour extra cost. It is suggested you fly in a few nights before to enjoy London. And get over jet lag. We will be staying at The Holiday Inn Camden Lock and you will book your own rooms.

***Don’t delay, as of 5/20/20 there are only 4 spots open, trip is capped at 14 people. 


Gallery Dates with Steve Albert

As we learn about Covid rules and regs information about in person or online with Steven will be announced.

Steven will walk through the audience and channel messages from the other side using his psychic and mediumship skills. There will be questions, answers, and messages from the other side. This group event is reading intensive. Steven will communicate as many readings as he can during the 2 hours. Attending the event does not guarantee a reading.

Steven Albert is a respected Psychic Medium who has done Readings and Paranormal Investigations for almost 20 years.

Steven specializes in spirit communication and psychic intuitive Readings. He has the ability to see and hears things that others cannot such as spirits and spirit voices (clairaudience). He also receives intuitive messages via feelings, images, and physical sensations (clairsentience).  

Tickets must be purchased in advance.  

You can find Steven on Facebook:

There is a charge to attend.  You can get your tickets in advance at - Just put in his name.  Or email


 Music, Meditation and Channeled Messages with David Young and Bani Aello. Tune in on May 3rd at 11 AM for our scheduled Sacred Sunday Service at:  or

To ensure your safety and concerns while Quarantine rules are in effect, we will still be hosting some of our Sacred Sanctuary events, but they will be streaming from FACEBOOK LIVE so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Be safe and sound, and find peace through the wonderful resources that have been made available!

If you haven't liked the pages yet, please do as we will be streaming our events from

For more info go to:

Learn more about the Sacred Sanctuary and the Temple of Purple Light.

Due to Covid please check their website for updates and if events are on line.



Join us for an exceptional evening! Together we will explore the foundations of energy medicine and quantum healing – and discover an acclaimed new energy modality known as Unity Field Healing (UFH) from its founder Dr. John Ryan

In our time together, you will also be introduced to the Sirian Blue White Collective (SBWC). The SBWC are a group of Ascended Light Beings who represent a collective consciousness supporting the work of UFH and human ascension. The SBWD will deliver a channeled message and provide a special energetic transmission to support those who are called to participate in the event.

The event is open to everyone but seating is limited – register today!

Scroll down to the Sirian Blue White Collective Ascension Transmission and click the Rochester link.

Sheila Tillich is the Rochester Host if you need more information please call 585-313-3996.

Kryon through Lee Carroll: There is a grand plan and 

Dr. John (Eli’ee) sees it. He sees fields that no one has 

seen yet – and he is right.





Hilton Garden Inn  155 East Main St  Rochester, NY 

October 2 - October 4, 2020 Fri 7-10PM, Sat 10 – 6PM, Sun 10 – 6PM

Cost: $777 Early Bird, $888 Regular Registration 

Register with a $277 deposit to reserve your space (Select UFH Practitioner – Rochester Event)

Joins us for this amazing weekend and become a practitioner of UFH

With this class you will be one of the first practitioners of this remarkable energy modality. Presentations to understand and perform energy healing and Unity Field Healing as a practitioner

Spiritual attunements to perform UFH Session 1-3

You receive certification and practitioner’s manual to practice Unity Field Healing with clients. You can connect with Dr. John Ryan’s website as a UFH Practitioner.

If you have questions please call Sheila Tillich at 585-313-3996.

Kryon through Lee Carroll: There is a grand plan and 

Dr. John (Eli’ee) sees it. He sees fields that no one has 

seen yet – and he is right.


The Angels Are Coming - August 9, 2020

A “Gathering of Angels” idea was initially presented to me, Vicki Snyder-Young several years ago by the angels. I was given direction that I should host the angels and people of like mind who work in all capacities with the angels. In 2018, I began a Sunday Angel Type Service called “An Hour with Angels” and found this to be very uplifting; it was during this monthly service that I was given the name and more details on how to proceed with "A Gathering of Angels". 

This will be a gathering to promote  love, education and inspiration from the angels.

 I am thrilled to assemble this event and am looking for all kinds of angel workers, angel artist/crafters, teachers, messengers, healers etc. Contact me at for consideration and more information. I will need to know what service you provide, a test may be required, along with angel approval as this event is at their will and are guiding me on the energy to build ~ Many angel blessings- Vicki

Join us as we gather to call in the angels to uplift and educate our community with messages, healing and workshops.

Enjoy time with Angel Messengers, Psychics, Mediums, Harp, Crystal & Energy Healers. Plus check out the wide array of vendors with unique items.

Admission is just $5.00 and includes:

Free presentations and workshops through the day

A guided meditation area offering different meditation techniques every hour

A supervised kids table with fun activities

Refreshments for sale:

Cash and Carry box lunches     Assorted snacks    Coffee, soda and juice bar

There is plenty of FREE parking and an elevator for accessibility

For information, contact Vicki Snyder-Young at 585-461-2669


For more info check the facebook event page - 


  They're coming on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 

Event Begins at 7:30pm
$45 General Admission
$75 Premium Meet & Greet with choice of seats - limited to 20
payment due at registration - no refunds

To Register - Must have tickets:

This event is held at the Double Tree Hilton

1111 Jefferson Rd, Rochester, NY  14623
Please do not call the hotel for tickets

All proceeds to benefit the 

Historic Hydesville Schoolhouse Restoration Project

Sponsored by The Journey Within North


Join internationally renowned psychic mediums Lisa Williams & Mavis Pittilla for an evening of love and laughter as they connect with loved ones, offering messages for audience members and helping to bring closure for those in need.

Welcome to The Journey Within North Spiritualist Church


The Journey Within North Spiritualist Church

182 Lincoln Rd Newark NY 14513


Church Services held on Sunday 10:30 AM


Rev. Janet Nohavec

God has blessed us with our new home.  Every day I thank him and all of those who helped bring this dream to reality.  With this home comes great responsibility to steward it wisely.  If you haven't gotten involved, please consider doing so, our foundation is strong because of our members.  The hawks that circle this property remind us of our freedom to search for the truth within our own hearts.  This new year brings so many new exciting visiting mediums from around the world, the very best.  One of the greatest things about our church is our members' generosity and compassion - our Hands of Love program has helped many.  Do not forget to celebrate your life, to follow your dreams and to remember to love with every ounce of your being.  Come visit our church and share in our great joy.

Check out the ROC calendar.  The Journey Within is offering many classes.  

Cross Promotional Partners

Haunted Journeys 

As Founder and President of Haunted Journeys™, Maria is inspired in community collaboration within the paranormal field, enhancing public awareness for the contributions and benefits of the haunted tourism industry.  High in Maria’s focus with the work she applies, is historical preservation. From there, their motto was created ... "A Haunting is History seeking to be Heard." She believes soundly that Historic Preservation should never be overlooked as a Economic Driver, but as a solid foundation of its existence. 

As a Registered Nurse, her paranormal experiences with the after-life were enhanced working with gerontology and the death & dying stages of life.  Later as the marketing manager of one of the most haunted inns in Florida, Seven Sister Inn, her curiosity for scientifically approaches were further intensified. She saw there was purpose for their messages.

Want to know more about haunted attractions, houses, tours and much more go to the site. 


Pearls Of Wisdom - A site for Inspiritual quotes, sayings, stories to awaken our consciousness to uplift, heal and feed the soul for self growth, inner peace & global peace.  Buddhist Wisdom, Native American Wisdom, Peace Pages, Empowering Women, Inspiritual Song Lyrics, Soul Shoppe, Healthy Living.

Go to the site - 


 Alternatives for Healing is a leading holistic and alternative medicine directory for finding practitioners, natural products, books, CDs, DVDs, stores, magazines, classes, schools, retreats, videos, newsletters, blogs, articles, and talk radio.

image285 Holistic, Spiritual & Self-Improvement Resource.    


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