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Christine Ogasawara

To met Ted and hear about Ghost Hunting and his book come to Barnes & Noble @ RIT, 100 Park Point Dr, Rochester, New York 14623

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SHOW Basic Certification

September 15-16 2018

Total Wellness Center, Syracuse, NY, 5631 W Genesee St, Camillus, NY 13031 

What is the Class about?

What the SHOW Method teaches is, how to find and determine hidden stress factors above and beyond common sense lifestyle choices. Inflammatory triggers such as Allergies, Environmental Sensitivities, Detox difficulties, Emotional blockages, Infectious events and genomic stressors like SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). These smallest of mutations cause much of the metabolic difficulties people face. We find and determine these stress factors through MRT (Muscle Reflex Testing) and software analysis. We then learn through the SHOW Method how to modulate metabolic and inborn stressors at the functional level. The SHOW Method harmonizes specifically the ultimate stress factor, mutations and SNPs, which are errors within the DNA causing metabolic stress that leads to inflammation.

You will learn how to:

find stressors and prioritize their elimination, sort through thousands of stressors

put together effective energy treatments, communicate with the Immune System

harmonize SNPs, eliminate Allergies

muscle test (MRT), work with IMAET software, manage a patient

This 2-day certification seminar will earn you a SHOW Method Proficiency Certification.

For more info go to

Tracey Wright

About Consciously Awesome:

Consciously Awesome is a program, or a way to learn some incredibly expansive tools that are geared to supporting your personal, emotional, and spiritual growth in fun and easy ways. The Program, along with Conscious Meditation™, were both created (or rather divined) by Sheila Applegate, a Consciousness and Spiritual entrepreneur. 

Why consider this program for yourself:

My colleague, Mariesa Dranschak, and I are co-hosting a very small group of select individuals that want to take their life from humdrum to AWESOME this September. Let’s talk if any 1 of the following resonates with you:

Ø Wishing for more clarity in your life and with your life’s purpose 

Ø Ready to reconsider some of long held beliefs that no longer serve you

Ø Wanting to feel Uber confident with every decision

Ø Seeking more vibrant relationships

Ø Unsure of how to navigate the ocean of emotions

Ø Desiring more abundance in all forms: personal, business, financial, …

Who we are:

My Consciously Awesome colleague, Mariesa Dranschak, and I are both Certified Conscious Life Coaches under Sheila Applegate’s training. This is not an every-day, easy cookie cutter certification mind you! As a result, we are both very skilled at connecting with the core of who you are & in supporting you becoming the vibrant brilliant person you really already are on the inside. Think of a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon and soaring the sky in its new-found brilliance … it’s awe-inspiring, right?  This could be YOU!

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How to connect with us:

If any of the above peaked your interest at all, then take 30 minutes out of your day and schedule a FREE Discovery Session with me: What do you have to lose but everything to gain!

Beth Lynch, Medium and Founder of Inner Light Teaching.  As a medium for over twenty years she has helped families understand the communication is a natural and when we embrace this we live in a more peaceful and loving space. Spirit world is reaching out to us to help us understand and heal so we may feel their love from heaven. ing the relationship between the Spirit (relationship with God) and Self (personality). In the true understanding of this, one sets in motion the ascension of consciousness. The true purpose of why we are here. Lynch feels the communication of those in spirit is about helping us as a species evolve to our true and sacred expression.

Lynch is passionate about teaching meditation to all ages. She has recorded The Tree Meditation For Families CD to help bring family together using a journey into one of natures most beautiful creations and imagination. She is dedicated to guiding those to that place in the heart where the power of One's spirit is ready to light the way to sacred power and peace.

Visit or email for more on classes, events and services.



Paratalk Radio

Hosted By Santosha - September 29th, 2018

Develop your Intuition, Mediumship and Spiritual Connection workshop, taught by 4th generation-Lily Dale medium Rev. Gregory Kehn. 

Saturday, September 29th, 2018  10 am - 4 pm, $75.  

Hosted by Santosha Holistic Center, 22 Lafayette Blvd., Williamsville, N.Y. 14221, near the Thruway.   

To register for class, email owner Angie Abt, or call/text 716-930-5011.  

Understand how and why you need to use your intuition. 

· Recognize your own intuition. 

· Understand multiple ways to develop and strengthen your intuition. 

· Connect and communicate with your Spirit loved ones, Guides, Angels and Animals. 

· Recognize the influences of Spiritual beings that are working with you as you continue to grow. 

· Be comfortable with accepting and utilizing God’s energy and guidance from Spirit in our lives. 

· Build your trust and confidence while using your Spiritual gifts to help others bring harmony, healing, and balance to their lives.

This workshop will be highly experiential, with personal coaching from Greg during the exercises. 

Divine guidance is available to each of us. Open to all skill levels.

About Rev. Gregory Kehn

Rev. Gregory Kehn is a fourth-generation Spiritualist Medium. As early as age 5, he provided messages of healing to those around him, under the guidance of his grandmother, a Cherokee Native American, and his mother, who were both Mediums. As a student of internationally known Trance Medium Dana Bailey, Greg officially started giving messages at Inspiration Stump, Lily Dale at age 8. Currently a registered Medium in Lily Dale, Greg has served for over 47 years and continues to be a guest on TV and radio programs. He continues his lifelong dedication to Spirit and the healing Community by teaching workshops and Spiritual Development classes online and in classrooms around the world. 

Strings of Light - Christina Ivana

Strings of Light by Christina Ivanna - Harp Healer

Last summer I went on a pilgrimage to the Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Colorado to create a CD.  A CD of harp healing sounds that was made in this fabulous, amazing venue with acoustics that are incredible.  The string reverberations were glorious. It was fabulous! Playing with The Tank was special.  Listening to The Tank's harp sounds reverberating was thrilling. I am so glad I made the trip and plan to return.

As a harp healer, I am always looking for ways to enhance and increase the healing sounds I create.  I feel the material I recorded at The Tank is the beginning of me taking my harp music to another level. When I began my work as a harp healer, I felt it made a difference but that so much more was possible. My work has grown and the experiences with those that come to me have been gratifying and exciting. I am collaborating now with other musicians and exploring different ways I can present healing harp sounds to individuals and groups. I plan to include use of color, crystals and movement in my sessions in the future.  I can feel my work expanding as I open myself to new ways of playing with my lovely harp.

If you'd like to puchase her new CD or have questions about Harp Healing you can reach Christina Ivanna at the ONE Wellness Center at 2349 Monroe Avenue Rochester NY 14618, by phone at 585-645-4221 or by email at

And now you can purchase her CD at these sites: 

IET Training Certification Classes

September 15, 2018 Basic IET Training
Our basic training class is a one day class that provides you with:

  • Attunement to the Basic IET® energy ray that will activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory block.
  • Location and use of the IET® energy integration power points.
  • Introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map.
  • Increase in your ability to be an energy intuitive and “read” energy.

*This is the first of three IET classes. For those who wish to continue their IET® training, you would then take IET® Intermediate Level and finish with IET® Advanced Level.Price includes Workbook and Laminated Guidesheets.$125 at registration + $126 at class Early Bird – $237 at registration Register by September 11Note to those who would want to review my classes: $0 for my former students $75 not former student. Must provide proof of eligibility by Certification. Bring your own manual
September 13, 2018 Advance IET Training
Our advanced training class is a one-day class that provides you with:

  • Attunement to the Advanced IET® energy ray which unlocks the 5th DNA pair and activates the energy of your soul’s purpose
  • Ability to do a “Soul Star” clearing to activate your soul’s purpose.
  • Use of the Heartnet process to manifest your dream.
  • Use of the powerful energy wave technique to clear resistance.
  • Build Heartbeams to anchor angelic energy into the Earth.

**Prerequisites: Completion of Basic Level IET® and Intermediate Level IET®.Price includes Workbook and Laminated Guidesheets.$133.50 at registration + $133.50 at class Early Bird – $252 at registration Register by October 9Note to those who would want to review my classes: $0 for my former students $75 not former student. Must provide proof of eligibility by Certification. Bring your own manual 

Learn More

For more information about classes go to

Santosha Events

Mediumship Demonstration – Readings Gallery Style

Join Registered Lily Dale Medium Sharon Hill & Medium & Santosha Owner Angie Hewett-Abt for a demonstration of Public Mediumship done “Gallery Style”. Messages will be given the way they are at Inspiration Stump in Lily Dale.

Sharon & Angie will connect with your loved ones who have crossed over to the “other side of life” and with your Spirit Guides and give short messages to those in the audience.  

September 28, 2018 Wednesday 6:30-8:30pm.  Cost is $25. 

Past Lives Experience Class

Join Registered Lily Dale Medium Connie Griffith, BS, MBA

Are Past lives really connections to previous life experiences in Earth Time? Or are they omnipresent experiences we can tap into to learn more about our present lives? 

Whatever your belief, we do have the ability to travel out of time and into another experience - Past, present, & future!

In this gently led class you are guided to meet your Spirit Guides and to attain a state of awareness of other lives through time, to understand your life challenges and triumphs, and discover ways to fulfill your life mission.

Meet your Spirit Guides Receive their loving messages

Travel through Past lives for teaching & healing  

Experience other lives as a tool for self-awareness

September 26, 2018  6:30 - 8:30pm. Cost is $45


Rev. Connie Griffith, BS, MBA, Lily Dale Registered Medium:

She is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing & Prophecy. Connie is ordained as a Spiritualist Minister & is a healer and Registered Lily Dale Medium. Hundreds have participated in the Past Life Experience Workshop & have reported many Ah Ha’s of awareness!

Register for either class at OR call or text: 716-930-5011

Additional Information

Are you ready to learn to use the power of your inner mind to help heal chronic pain, injury, and illness as an adjunct to medical treatment?

Somatic healing is a profound dimension in hypnosis therapies for the treatment of injury, pain, and disease. This program is taught in training centers throughout the world.

Somatic Healing consists of powerful processes: The Golden Sun, Alchemical Healing, Hypnotic Movement, Access your Inner Healer, Color Healing.

Each class includes at least 4 opportunities for every participant to experience a healing from David Quigley and the group.

This is open to everyone! No prerequisite.

Dates: Friday through Sunday, September 28 through 30, 2018, 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day
Cost: $475; bring a friend for free
Location: 4 North Main Street, Pittsford, NY 14534
Information: For more information, please contact David Quigley
Registration: To register and arrange for payment, please contact Kim Guche
Contact: Kim Guche at or 585-703-8377
David Quigley at or 707-888-8403

Dave Oshana Event

Free Life Mastery Series

Wed September 26, 2018  Quaker Meeting House,
1837 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103

Everyone is welcome.

Free entrance (appreciation and donations are accepted but not expected)

Arrive 6:45pm. Seating is limited.

Lecture will finish by 9pm followed by questions and personal meetings for registering for Intensive and Retreats

Enjoy the Experience of Being Fully Human and Transcendental with Enlightenment Transmission 

Would you like to be transported to heaven and have your feet on the ground at the same time?

Now is your turn to directly experience the amazing benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission and find out why others are so enthusiastic.

An Enlightenment Transmission happens when there is a connection between a person’s inner Self and their everyday self. This phenomena is pleasurable for others and suddenly encourages one to have personal inner connection with their deepest Self. From this enjoyable connection comes true love, life and laughter and a full connection with others.

The purpose of this Introduction meeting is to share the experience of the Enlightenment Transmission, to provide an update about valuable new developments in Enlightenment Transmission Teaching, to meet interested participants both old and new and to share the deeper aspects of the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

Meet Dave at this free Introduction on September 26th to prepare for 7 Intensive Days in beautiful Mid=Coast Maine between Saturday, September 29th to Friday, October 5th, 2018.

For more info go to 

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