"Sacral Chakra" By Cherry-Lee Ward

The Sacral Chakra is located two inches below the belly button, it is our emotional center and governs our appetites and desires. As the source of creation on many levels, it is the place of sexual union. The Sacral Chakra determines how comfortable we are with our selves and regulates the flow in our lives. This center is also about boundaries.

When this center is in balance, we experience emotions across the scale in an appropriate manner. We allow fear and anger to flow through and out of us and we find greater access to joy and peace. We find pleasure in experiencing a full range of what life has to offer. When we are in touch with this center, we can use our emotions to guide us in creating the life we want. This is the location from which we “birth” new and unique projects. It is the place of “fertility” where we find creative solutions and new plans for our lives and work. And as the sexual center the Sacral Chakra pairs with the heart during union with another. With a healthy Sacral we maintain personal boundaries, yet are generous and live with ease and pleasure.

When this center is blocked, we can find ourselves unable to feel in response to our life. Some people think that’s not all bad. Be reminded that joy is under those feelings we might view as less attractive! A block in this chakra leaves us unable to see creative solutions to issues in our lives. This allows fear and anger to run amuck. Sexually, an out of balance Sacral Chakra can cause us to confuse sex with love. We can find our emotions, our desire for love and our spirituality overwhelmed by our desire for approval and recognition in the world. If this occurs, these suppressed emotions turn into protective layers over our bellies – also known as fat. With a dysfunctional Sacral Chakra, we have unclear, rigid or nonexistent boundaries. As you can guess, this is the most damaged chakra in our society.

Other activities you can do to support the Sacral Chakra: laugh out loud, do gentle yoga or take a bubble bath. It’s helpful to appreciate the food you eat, choose nourishing foods and eat slowly. You can also listen to your favorite music, feel the rhythm in your body and move with it.

So, if you’re feeling that you’re bloated, blocked, or that your boundaries have been violated and you want to get back in the flow: journal to get your feelings on paper, take a bath, wear orange and drink lots of water. Find the pleasure that is available to you in small ways every day.

More Information & Ways to Support the Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange

Wear orange clothes, paint your toe nails orange, or buy orange flowers at the store to honor your creativity, sexuality and emotional core

Element: Water

Take a restorative bath or go for a swim

Sound: The flute

Also, the sound “oo” as in “flute”. Chant this in the car or listen to flute music.


Carnelian – Vitality, promotes trust

Citrine – Intuition, creativity and abundance       Brown Jasper – Detoxification

Moonstone – Soothes/balances the emotions     Coral – Life and blood force energy

Amber – Protection and promotes good luck

Wear a stone necklace, bracelet or carry a small stone in your pocket. 

Archetype: The Jaguar 

To get in the vibration of Jaguar, take time to observe. Feel your paws on the ground. Be alert and feel your power. KNOW that you can act with great speed and efficiency when the time comes.

Organs, Systems and Aspects of the Body Governed: The reproductive system, the urinary system, the circulatory system, and the lower back.


It is safe to feel my feelings.

My creativity flows easily.

I love and approve of myself.

I have wonderful gifts and abilities. I feel sexy today. 

I am alive and joyful.

Essential Oils:

Geranium – stands for constancy and availability. It reduces inner conflict and is recommended for mending a broken heart. It helps reunify the body, soul and spirit.

Clary Sage – allows for the stillness of joy. Allows you to be fully present.

Jasmine -- an aphrodisiac. Supports the connection between spirituality and sexuality. Helps with self-confidence, sexuality and optimism. It is antidepressant and anti inflammatory. Relieves guilt, low self-esteem and residual emotional abuse.

Sandalwood -- Awakens divine sensuality. Increases intuition and imagination. Brings spiritual abundance. Aligns the heart with sacral feminine energies and the root chakra’s male energies. 


Really taste your foods. Be grateful. Honor that deep feeling of satisfaction.

Liquids – drink lots of water, juice and tea. Eat soup.

Sweet Fruits: melons, mangos, strawberries, passion fruit, oranges, coconut

Honey & Nuts: almonds, walnuts etc.

Spices: cinnamon, vanilla, carob, sweet paprika, sesame seeds,caraway seeds

Orange Foods: orange bell pepper, carrots, pumpkin 

Belly Breath from the Chakra.

- Lie on your back (or sit with legs crossed comfortably)

- Place a blanket under knees or neck for comfort.

- Close your eyes -- place your hands lightly on the belly just below the navel.

- Breathe in slowly. Feely your belly expand and round.

- Exhale slowly and feel your belly begin to flatten.

- Focus on your Sacral Chakra and visualize its bright orange-red energy flowing from this center, warming your body, mind and spirit.

About Cherry:  Cherry-Lee is an indie shaman, a keeper of the lush feminine energy of Goddess and a visionary.  The traditions of old are in her bones – yet her approach is contemporary and down to earth, full of wisdom and laughter. Drawing from different traditions, Cherry-Lee weaves together classes and client sessions using her own inner wisdom. She offers support in connecting with the earth and the heavens, bringing healing to the body, mind and spirit.  She helps clients, students and readers to consciously co-create a life of choice, abundance, love and joy.

Over the past 30 years Cherry-Lee has studied ways to improve and heal her life – she believes that we change the world most effectively by changing ourselves. She has used her Masters in Education to teach primary through graduate school.  Bringing her educational skills to the healing arts, she has taught classes in healing and spiritual growth extensively since 2005 and has students across the United States, Canada, England and Australia. As a mentor, she loves supporting fellow healers as they deepen their work and shine more brightly in the world.  Cherry-Lee is a lifelong learner who has received her Master Practitioner in Energy Medicine and Luminous Healing Certification (Shamanic Healing) through the Light Body School. She is a Healing Touch Practitioner with training through the Healing Touch Program. She has completed the first spiral of the Priestess Training Program at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury, UK and is a Sister of Avalon.

Cherry's website:  https://cherry-leeward.com/ 



ROC Metaphysical interviewed Cherry-Lee who is one of our newest contributors. She has studied Peruvian Shamanism along with other healing modalities.