January 2020

Templar and Rosicrucians

The Inner and Secret Part of the Temple Order

By Domizio Cipriani

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What happened after the death of Jacques de Molay

On 13 October 1307 the King, fearing that the Temple Order would no longer submit to his wishes, did so (as told by DUPUY: condemnation des Templiers, p. 10) that all the Templars were arrested, sending to his officers his letters containing the arrest and arrest warrant for all the militiamen, with the precise order that all these letters be opened simultaneously on the same day and at the same time, under the penalty of being subjected to his indignation. All this was implemented, also towards the Grand Master of the Order who was in the Temple of Paris. “The King instantly took possession of the Temple, moved into the see, put his treasure and the papers of France, appropriated all the rest of their possessions.” Many Templars suffered the torment, and many times confessed ignominies even to stop the suffering of torture, a witness who declared this was one of the superiors of the Order, PONZARD de GYZIACO who admitted: “that they had been tortured in many places, that everything they had confessed had been for fear of death” (Op. cit., page 44).

Thus over the years, of bubbles in decrees, from councils to councils ... Philippe and Clement V tore the temple to pieces.

The March 11, 1313, still describes DUPUY (page 66): “the two prisoners (Jacques de Molay and the brother of Dauphin de VIENNOIS) were burned alive on the island in front of the AUGUSTINS of Paris where they endured death very constantly.

Historians like MARIANA and Paul EMILE remember that the Grand Master said something about death. And, the sure thing that happened was that in the same year, Pope CLEMENT V died on the 12th of the calends of May (20 April 1314), and that PHILIPPE the BEL, falling from his horse in the forest of Fontainebleau, died on 29 November, without having had time to reconcile with GOD.

We know however that in these years of trials, from 1307 to 1313, the Templars were not treated everywhere in the same way, in LONDON, well protected in their Commends, 230 militiamen, mostly coming from the high nobility, lived in great opulence.

EDOUARD, KING of England, had not yet confiscated their property. Condemned in Lombardy, they were declared innocent in Ravenna, in Bologna and in SALAMANQUE. The German writers reported (MUTIUS IN CHRON, book 22 p. 211 and SERARIUS IN CHRON MOGUNT book 5 p. 850): "that Pope Clement V sent the Archbishop of Mayence the bull of condemnation of the Templars to publish it, and that having gathered the his cleric to make this publication, Hugues WALYGRAFF or COMES SILVESTRIS, one of the first of the ORDER, accompanied by twenty armed Templars, entered the place where the Archbishop was holding his assembly. The astonished Archbishop received them humanly, Hugues assured them that they had not come to do violent acts, he nevertheless said what they had heard said in anger: that they had gathered to publish the bubble against them; that there was an order of condemnation by Clement to the future Council under the next Pope. The Archbishop fearing to be captured by these armed Templars under their cloaks, promised to read the contents to those who wished, but Hugues invited him to do it at that time, and so it was. Once heard, it was understood that it contained their defenses and the injustice used by their enemies, that everything the witnesses heard against them was false, that miraculously their clothes were not burned.“ (Condam. Des Templiers, page 69).

In Aragon (Op. cit., page 57), the King camps around the castle of MONCON, the main fortress of the Temple, Barthelemy de BELUIS defends the position, but is besieged by ARRAULT de LUNA, governor of Aragon. After a long resistance, the surrender happened, other fortifications fell in their turn. MIRAUETE, CANTAVIEJA, CASTELLOT; the survivors are taken prisoner and the Pope instructs the Bishop of VALENCE to instruct the process.

The letter n ° 142 contained in the “Registre du trésor” speaks of the TRAITE ENTRE LES GENS DU ROY ET LES HOSPITALIERS, touching the assets of the Templars, the Pope recognizing the frank will of the King asked him to help and favor the Hospitaliers in taking possession of Templar assets. Thus it was that the Hospitaliers, by virtue of the Bull of Union and the orders of the King, became owners of the assets of the Temple in the Kingdom of France (DUPUY, pages 70 and 73).

The act was ratified on February 14, 1315 between King LOUIS le HUTIN and FOULQUES de VILLARET, Grand Master of the Hopital.

Finally in France, many were the Templars who managed to flee to Spain, Portugal to England and Germany, many took refuge in monasteries and others even asked for admission to the Order of the Hospitallers. Among the fugitives we also find the founders of the Order of Freedom Friars of the Rose Croix: Gaston de la Pierre PHOEBUS, Guidon de MONTANOR, Gentilis de FOLIGNO, Henri de MONTFORT, Louis de GRIMOARD, Pierre Yorick de RIVAULT and Cesar MINVIEILLE. Warned by the chaplain of the manor of la BUZARDIERE near MANS, our 7 Templars hurriedly turned towards DINARD, then in the direction of SAINT-MALO where they embarked at night on a fishing boat that led them to English soil. The LONDON Commandery received them fraternally and hosted them.


AUTHOR’S NOTES:This work which clarifies the true history of the Templars and the Rosicrucians from 1317 to the present day took shape following the teachings of Roger Caro and Pierre Phoebus. Our illustrious predecessors have done considerable work in analyzing and cataloguing an innumerable quantity of ancient parchments and manuscripts. The work reveals some philosophical and alchemical knowledge of the Order of the East, inside the Order of the Temple, unearthed today in the “Grande Maison Metropolitaine d’Initiation” in the good lands of the Principality of Monaco, above all thanks to the help of the Emperor who I would like to personally thank for his precious teachings and his sense
of brotherhood and friendship. The time is ripe to really know the HISTORICAL facts of this great knowledge learned from the TEMPLARS during their stay in IRAN with the ISMAELIT or NAZIREI, tribe that gave the native to Jesus. The purpose of this work is only to bring clarity and justice to the unjust persecutions suffered by our illustrious predecessors and to convey their spiritual values in a more understandable way, WITHOUT WANTING TO INFLUENCE the beliefs and religious faith of the readers that must be maintained and practiced.

The purpose of this book is to bring clarity once and for all into a galaxy of Orders Neo-Templar, Masonic Lodges, Masonic initiatory bins or associations with self-proclaimed grand masters self-proclaimed from nothing, without any legitimate knowledge or transcendence, created solely for social avarice, for business or to collect money.

CONSCIOUSNESS - NOTHING MORE - AS IT WAS for our illustrious predecessors.

All the royalties of this book, like all those of the previous books published by the author, and by the other Great Officers, will be totally devolved to charity to help children in the world with the NGO “Amade Mondiale”.

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About Domizio:  Domizio grew up in Milan at the age of 29 years, where he carried on the family business in the real estate development. Semi-professional sportsman, Enduro Motorcycle and rally raid pilot, Martial Arts Master with three black belts in different disciplines. He was always being attracted by the pursuit of gnosis and truth, and this is also due to the weight of its name. At age of 29 years-old, he moved to Monaco to develop his work even in the financial field, where founded the company with which it now works as an international financial consultant. In 2010 had the great honor of being able to reactivate the Order of the Knights Templar of Monte Carlo and he was appointed due to his background, Grand Magistral Prior. This assignment really changed his life, giving it a universal guideline that he can follow with confidence, dealing with humanitarian work and creating an academy of study in order to pass on to others the gained knowledge, the so-called fourth street. He got to meet many teachers along the way, gaining considerable experience and being able to live the deep emotions that lead him to be thankful for every moment of joy that lives every day in harmony with the invisibles universe around him. As described in the book, he felt motivated to relate these experiences to share with everyone else.