"A Healer's Prayer" By Dr. Seema Khaneja

I felt inspired to share a simple prayer that has become part of my daily routine – and one that I find myself sharing often with my clients. It is the Healer’s Prayer and it is taken from Chapter 2 of A Course in Miracles.

A Healer’s Prayer

I am here only to be truly helpful.

I am here to represent Him Who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,

because He Who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes

knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.

Let us take this prayer line by line so we can see how it could be helpful in many different circumstances.

I am here only to be truly helpful.

The key thing to remember here is that when we are facing a complex situation- often we have an agenda in mind about how we can be helpful, or what ‘should’ happen, or what ‘could’ happen. These concepts and ideas fill our mind. This internal noise and clutter prevents us from being present to what is before us. We disconnect from the NOW. So, we find we cannot really be truly effective because the only power we ever have lies in the HERE and NOW.

Also, how often do we really know what would be ‘truly helpful’ in any situation? For example, perhaps we are trying to talk to our teenager or our significant other about an issue. Yet no matter what we say, or what we do or don’t do, we cannot seem to resolve this problem. Maybe we feel frustrated. Perhaps we feel like we are not being heard. This prayer invites us to step back, and ask, what does it mean to be ‘truly helpful’ here in this situation? What would feel ‘truly helpful’ for me in this situation? What am I really asking for in this situation? This small step of stepping back can allow a spaciousness from where new, creative solutions may present themselves. We may receive insights and approaches that perhaps we have not considered before.

I am here to represent Him Whom sent me.

If the words ‘He’ or ‘Him’ do not feel comfortable, feel free so substitute Love or Peace or Joy. Or Source. Or whatever word resonates for you. Do not let the words prevent you from trying this prayer out. The words really do not matter. But this prayer can help you find a quick way to come fully into the present moment – and connect to the profound, deep inner wisdom that we all carry within our hearts.

In my coaching practice, I remind myself of this prayer when I begin a client session. I realize that ultimately it is not what I know or don’t know, what I think or don’t think, but rather the Inner Wisdom within me- that also lives and breathes within the client before me – that is truly in charge. I trust this Inner Wisdom implicitly and so I step back and allow this to lead the way. This line also reminds me that I am here to extend the Peace, Love and Joy that I truly am. This same Peace, Love and Joy exists within my client. There is nothing to fix – only healing to be allowed to flow freely.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do because He Who sent me will direct me.

When we face a challenging situation in life, we often feel that it is we who need to ‘figure’ it out, plan it out and do everything. Our society trains us to be independent and self-reliant. Yet more and more, I find that if I can step back and allow the Inner Wisdom to guide me, the path can be much easier. I am amazed and delighted each time at how the perfect words are Given to me that serve to facilitate powerful shifts in my clients. It is a deeply humbling process! I can also rest in assurance and safety that I am never alone. I can access this Source within me always to guide, support and nourish me as I coach my clients.

I am content to be wherever He wishes knowing He goes there with me.

Often, we may find that those we love are not living in the same physical or geographic location where we are. Or it is the nature of our work that we need to travel and be away from our loved ones. This prayer reminds us that wherever we go, wherever our loved ones go, this space of Love, Peace and Joy goes with us. No one is ever alone. We are always connected- not only with Skype, Zoom and FaceTime but also with the powerful inner connection of Love, Peace and Joy.

When we feel helpless and want to be helpful to those facing a challenging situation far away, this prayer can help remind us that no matter the physical distance, the inner connection is constant, steady and true. We can give our attention to this and allow the healing to flow across the miles.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.

As caretakers, healers or other ‘helpers,’ we often may be serving in an old paradigm based on lack and sacrifice. Many of us have been taught that we need to put others first and then attend to our needs. This is a such a prevalent part of so many cultures. Yet I believe this way of being is receding to allow a new paradigm to emerge – where everyone is included in healing and in the experience of Love and abundance. No one need be excluded. In Love there is no lack and no limitation. This final line reminds us that the healing we offer is the same healing we receive if we allow the Inner Wisdom to direct our thoughts, words and actions.

I see this every day in my coaching practice. I will be healing through a particular issue and find the very next day, a client ‘presents’ a similar issue that they were grappling with that week. The form may look different yet the content is similar. As I allow for my own healing, I share this with my client and so we truly heal and grow together. What a blessing to share in this deep healing work with so many others!

I do hope you will try this prayer out and please write back and let me know how it goes for you. You can write here or you can post on our Coaching for Inner Peace Facebook page too!

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