August 2019

"Finding Your Destiny" By Georgia Woodbine

One might ask, “How do I discover a greater meaning for my life?” Are you living the life you were born to live?  Whether you want to believe it or not; we were all created for a purpose and greater good.

Finding your destiny requires stripping yourself of every preconceived notion of what you think will truly make you happy. Our happiness can only be found in the things that give us great excitement and anticipation for the next day. It doesn’t have to be a mystery, once we are willing to commit to making life changes and learn how to harmonize the rhythm of positive words, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Many times in life we get uncomfortable with the unknown.  We always want to see what’s in front of us before we take any action steps.  Feeling uncomfortable is a good sign.  It means you have now become aware that there is something out there greater than anything you have ever experienced before and you’re ready to tap into it.  It’s the beginning of your  journey to walk in a new dimension of self discovery.  

To find your life's purpose is to feel passion, enthusiasm and happiness with the gifts and talents you were born with and be able to use them to add value to others.  Few people ever really tap into their purpose in life and spend years doing things that are not connected with the divine calling for their life.  Often times it may take a dramatic event that makes you start to question your existence.  Start to develop a mission statement for your life that will help guide you towards your destiny.   The key to finding your destiny is to let go of your past painful experiences, fears about your future and focus on dealing with your present circumstance.

To create the life you want and live in your highest potential takes ongoing faith, courage and perseverance. Renewing your mind daily and re-discovering your hidden talents can unlock the key to your creativity and passion. Once you surrender and allow your spiritual self to lead you, the universe has no choice but to help you by providing the resources, information and energy to assist you in reaching your purpose. You have the power inside of you right now to rewrite the script of your life.

Tips To Finding Your Destiny 

• Determine what’s important to you: Examine what you value  

• Set your dream scheme - Create a vision board with pictures of all the things you want to accomplish 

• Silence Your Mind  – Take a moment daily to silence your mind racing and visualize where you see yourself 

• Organize Yourself - Keep a daily to-do list and plan your schedule the night before 

• Stay Focused - Find your purpose and discover what activities energize you

• Follow Your Passion - Love what you do and know why you’re are doing it.  

• Be Patient -  Never worry about the timing of where you are in your life.  All things always work together for 

        our good when you are aligned mentally, physically and spiritually (mind, body and soul)

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About The Georgia : Sparking an inspirational phenomenon wherever she goes, lifestyle and transformation coach Georgia Woodbine shares her strategies for success. Widely known as a dynamic and entertaining speaker and a highly sought after trainer, she has helped to motivate and inspire an entire generation.  She has been a guest speaker at The Learning Annex, Jacob Javits Convention Center, 103.9FM, 98.7Kiss FM, Power 104.4FM, Sirius Radio XM, and featured in Daily News, Huffington Post, Rolling Out Magazine, The Journal News and Amsterdam News. She has authored several books, including: How To Make Big Bucks Without Selling Your Soul, Jewels of Inspiration and Reflections, How To Choose Your Career Path, How to Attract the Right Man into Your Life, Minute of Motivation, and has produced cutting-edge informational audio programs and workbooks, including: Make it Happen, Live By Your Design and How to Write the Book Inside You. She developed a curriculum based on her book How to Choose Your Career Path: Charting Your Success, and lectured at numerous school districts and colleges to help prepare students with employment tools and life skills. In love with life, she enjoys being an empowerment advocate for others to find their true purpose. She continues to capture her audiences with her message of hope, inspiration and the power of intention.   Her passion continues to touch countless souls in their pursuit of happiness. 

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