January 2020

"The Message of The Body - Spirit Uranus Talks" By Hanni Salovaara

A responsible self listens to the body and guarantees to the body its basic needs: sufficient nutrition, exercise and rest, for interaction is always continuous and reciprocal. The same laws prevail in everything but they are only manifested in different forms, and man often analyzes too much and cannot see the deepest reality which is correspondence. When he is aware of this, the whole is clear, and he is well. He can then listen to his body and respond to its needs, and when man responds to the needs of the body, the body responds to the needs of man maintaining his well-being. In addition to this, each body also needs tenderness to open up and to be well. Tenderness in itself is a very healing and opening energy, for it is one manifestation of love. Touching is always healing caressing, and every body needs touching. It is very healing both physically and mentally, for there is no greater healer than love.

Very often a person who has not been touched tenderly is afraid of touching and his own body which has remained strange to him. A child learns through touching to sense and feel his own body, to perceive it and to enjoy it. Very often, in your world, the needs of a child are taken very good care of, but the meaning of tenderness and touching is not realized. Then the child will not get a connection to his own body, for a distinct body image will not develop or take shape for him. The image remains very incomplete and, along with that, also the body and its functions remain very strange. That which is strange is always scary, and when the body remains strange, all its functions are in their own way confusing and scary. If there is no connection to the body, there is no comprehension either as to what happens in the body when one becomes ill. Then every little illness is a threat which must be nullified. 

In your world, illnesses are very much over-treated because the message of the illness is not realized. Does the illness want to tell that man has strained himself too much? His body cannot go on anymore but needs rest. Or does the illness want to tell that man carries inside him an emotion which he cannot accept? In your world, a lot is locked in the body, for example sorrow which hampers the functions of the body and causes illnesses gradually. An illness is the body’s way to get into consciousness and tell about its existence, for every illness is always a message of something to man and always tells him something about himself. The message may come from quite a distant past, so man has to ask the state what it wants to tell. If man concentrates on the state even only a few times, the message will unfold and the information coming from there is already in itself very liberating, no matter what the emotional state, thought or image is. One only lets everything come and happen.

Your world cannot really listen to the body, for your world is a world of the intellect, and the intellect does not contain tenderness in any way. The intellect only touches for a specific reason. This kind of a state is often transmitted in some form from one generation to another because the parents themselves have not experienced touching. The problem of your world is the lack of loving oneself, and actually that is the only problem you have. Your world has not learned to love one’s own body, or to rejoice and enjoy it, so it cannot communicate with it or understand it. If your world could do this, one would not need so much sorrow, suffering or illnesses. When one realizes this, it is fully possible to alter the state merely by loving one’s own body and becoming its best friend. In this way alone, man can attain physical and mental health and progress to a happy and balanced life. However, your world does not realize this and cannot utilize this information, for you always seek treatments from outside of yourselves, you turn to a doctor and medicines and you believe in them more. If your direction was different, you would believe in your own hands, your own feelings and your own love; then you would be able to discuss with your body and receive its messages and notifications. Then it would be possible to change situations, and one would not need becoming ill, doctors or outside services on that scale, for one would listen to and understand the messages of the body, and one would respond to its needs, when many illnesses would be stopped before they begin. The body would not need an illness if it could rest when it has been strained too much, for everything would be in balance then. Still, people develop in their bodies even very serious illnesses because of fatigue alone, for if man does not have a connection to his body, he cannot receive or comprehend the body’s message of fatigue. The body is then for him a separate and strange unit which he cannot understand; he continues the same way, when the body has to overdraw its resources manifoldly. It always results in a collapse which appears at first as small ailments but man does not, however, hear these messages but goes on the same way. Ultimately, the state will hurl the body completely out of balance, when man is susceptible to serious illnesses but even at that point, he does not hear or understand but keeps going on and produces in himself, by himself, even a very serious illness.

About Hanni: She is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. She spent seven years in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus who was channeled by a trance medium. From her experiences she has written a book “Happiness Is Life Itself” (BookLocker.com, Inc. 2018). Her book was recently selected as a Winner in the 3rd Annual Body, Mind and Spirit Book Awards (CA, USA)

Hanni's blog: http://www.spirituranustalks.blogspot.com