August 2019

Discussing with Oneself - Spirit Uranus Speaks

By Hanni Salovaara

Discuss with yourselves more and listen to yourselves more, for all information is inside you and is able to come out. Trust yourselves, your inner state and your inner voice! If you have problems, turn inside, discuss with yourselves and quiet down into yourselves for there is a countless amount of advice inside you. When you turn inside yourselves and quiet down, the advice comes from there. You have open doors into yourselves, and when you use these doors and go in through them, they open more and more all the time. You can practice discussing with yourselves whenever you want, and with practice, the bond only gets stronger.

You can sit, lie or stand and you only breathe in and out very deep three times. If your mind is very vivacious, concentrate only on your breathing for a while. Your question has to be as clear and individualized as possible, and you just repeat this question peacefully in your mind at the pace of your breathing. At the same time, concentrate on your breathing when it calms down, balance is found, and you move into your center. Repeat the question in your mind for a while and then let your mind drop out of this question. Concentrate on your breathing again and let everything rise and move freely. End the exercise with three very deep breaths.

If you want a more extensive benefit of this exercise, get a notebook and write down your question before starting this exercise. After the exercise, you write down the emotions, the thoughts and all that rose into your mind. When you write down a question on paper, it clarifies and strengthens, and when you write down what moved and happened in you during the exercise, insights are born. After this, when you look at the words you have written down, everything is activated, and the pieces settle in their places. When you discuss with yourselves and ask yourselves questions which can concern anything, the answers come in their own way. Whereas, if it is completely blank and answers do not come, you are not ripe for the answer. When you write down the discussions, you can always return to these questions and answers, when the notebook acts as an adviser to you. 


This exercise is, in its own way, also meditation which deepens your connection to yourselves. In this way the connection works more easily and faster in everything and everywhere, also at another time than during the exercise, for with this exercise, you connect with your own adviser. 

About Hanni: She is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. She spent seven years in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus who was channeled by a trance medium. From her experiences she has written a book “Happiness Is Life Itself” (, Inc. 2018). Her book was recently selected as a Winner in the 3rd Annual Body, Mind and Spirit Book Awards (CA, USA)

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