"The Ocean of Silence" by Hanni Salovaara

– I ask you to focus your mind on the word LIGHT. Concentrate on the word very intensively and try to create an image of light. Go inside this light and surrender to the light. Alone the thought “Light, I surrender to you”, will help the thought to be realized. 

Breathe in very slowly and breathe out normally through the nose. With every inhalation, concentrate on the word PEACE and pronounce it slowly in your mind. 

Create an image in your mind or in your thoughts: “I want to the ocean of silence”, and repeat this image with every inhalation. Let an ocean of silence emerge before the eyes of your soul; it has no beginning or end, it is infinite, it is the beginning of everything and the end of everything. When you have got into this image, step into this ocean of silence and surrender to it. Your energy field becomes united with this ocean of silence, loses its contours and ceases to be. It is in everything and everywhere. You are completely conscious all the time and you breathe with every inhalation silence into your being. Silence fills you, and everything else loses importance. There is only the ever deepening silence which opens you.

In this silence, you can call forth anything, happening or individual with which or whom you have had problems. Everything is energy and this energy form will appear to you in this silence. You can ask this energy form what the meaning of this energy is and why you have attracted it to your life, and the energy will answer you. You can ask the energy what is the best and the most loving, practical way in your life to balance this state. When you want, you can form a friendship with this energy form, when it begins to serve you with love and is reflected from you as love for this energy. In this way it creates balance. If you have formed a friendship with this energy, enclose it in your heart. The center of love of life lives in the heart and it receives this energy form and transforms it into love, power and forgiveness.

Focus your mind on the words I AM LOVE, and repeat these words in your mind. Let these words get free, and free your mind. Finally, breathe in three times very strongly and breathe out strongly through the mouth.

About Hanni: She is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. She spent seven years in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus who was channeled by a trance medium. From her experiences she has written a book “Happiness Is Life Itself” (BookLocker.com, Inc. 2018).  Her book was recently selected as a Winner in the 3rd Annual Body, Mind and Spirit Book Awards (CA, USA)

Hanni's blog: http://www.spirituranustalks.blogspot.com