March 2020

"Take Care of The Body - Spirit Uranus Talks" By Hanni Salovaara

The most important thing is to respect one’s own body and listen to what it needs, for it itself knows best. When one listens to one’s body, one gets a more and more distinct and stronger connection to it, when also the message can move more and more distinctively and strongly. It is very important to oxidize one’s body on a daily basis, for every cell in man’s body needs oxygen. Man’s body needs oxygen for the combustion in order to get the nutrients for its use; the whole body entity needs a sufficient oxygenation so that the metabolic waste could become differentiated too. Oxygenation is a foundation stone for body’s health, and if man does the oxygenation during natural light, exercising outdoors, his energy field receives this light as well. The energy field also stores this light, when it affects the body all the time.

Another important foundation stone for the well-being of the body is a sufficient cleansing or drinking clean water, for clean water does not produce any nutrient but only takes away with it. It is like taking a shower for it cleanses the body and helps it be better. Too small amount of clean water in the system causes many problems like fatigue and momentary states of imbalance. Everything is in connection with everything, for the spirit expresses the balance of the body, and the body expresses the balance of the spirit, when they are continuously each other’s computer terminals, whether man wants it or not. They express all the time man’s overall state and mirror each other’s state. Drink daily two liters of clean water, oxidized in natural light and preferably blessed. In this way you maintain cleanliness, health and life in your body, and also the metabolic waste can move and go away freely. Water also helps and maintains the combustion, for water transports oxygen molecules in the body; also man’s digestion and bile alone need this amount of water daily in order to be able to work for the best interest of man. Your world does not understand that the most essential thing in man’s functioning is the functioning of his digestive system. It is the basis of everything, for if there are disturbances in digestion, they cause disturbances gradually in all the other functions of the body as well. So this is extremely important for the balance and well-being of the body.

People say: ‘But I do drink enough juice, tee, coffee, alcohol’, but they still avoid clean water because they do not realize its importance. The task of liquid is to rinse toxics from the body and cleanse the body, but if there are liquids moving in the body which contain toxics in themselves, the amount of toxics doubles. This toxic liquid poisons the body more and more while moving, for the mucous membranes of the body are in constant contact with this amount of toxics and suck it in themselves, and finally the body is slowly poisoned instead of being cleansed. This is a very important thing, for it maintains balance and health in the body. A balanced body creates a balanced mind, and a balanced mind maintains a balanced body. Furthermore, decrease the use of salt to a minimum, for there is more salt than man needs in everything and everywhere. If you start observing what you put in your mouth, you will notice that there is very often salt in there in some form. Man gets an enormous amount of hidden salt, and if the salt man uses as such is added to it, the amount during a day is huge. In small amounts, salt is very important and it maintains bodily functions but in large amounts, it turns against the body, poisons and obstructs the lymphatic system and, through that, the metabolism. 

Everything that contains white sugar poisons and obstructs the body, for sugar is a very bad neurotoxin which affects man’s nervous system. Man becomes addicted to it, for his nervous system gets used to it and needs it, when it affects man’s mind and his whole causing insecurity, mood swings, imbalance, anxiety and worries. The list is endless, for the state of the body is reflected on mind in many different ways and it always affects everything. The nervous system regulates and maintains body’s well-being, and white sugar, either as such or in products, is an enormous toxic to this regulatory system. If man can understand and internalize this and curtails the use of salt and sugar to a minimum, he will notice how it will serve him in the years to come, for it maintains balance, health and well-being in him. Furthermore, eat enough wholegrain products so you will maintain the well-being of the intestines; also avoid white flour, for it paralyzes and poisons, in its part, bodily functions.

It is also important to man to have a sufficient amount of rest during which his etheric body is able to mend itself, for if man wants good things and balance into his life, his energy tries to heal itself then. Sufficient rest then gives a possibility for it, for in rest and silence, the body is able to generate healing energy in itself and communicate with the fundamental aspiration inside man. If the aspiration is balance, growth, healing, goodness, it multiplies itself with the help of this energy which, for its part, communicates constantly with the energy streams of the universe. This is like concatenation as a result of which man’s energy body can multiply and unite itself. Your world is not aware of the importance of rest, and people often cause themselves unnecessary problems and illnesses because they abandon rest. When people feel the need to rest, they quickly find something necessary to do, when it gradually leads to the weakening of the energy body. Man creates his well-being in every moment with very simple things, and he himself has the most important keys; he himself has everything he needs, and only he can use those keys. Only man himself, and no one else, can make a permanent change in his life, for he himself is responsible for his own life and well-being. 

About Hanni: She is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. She spent seven years in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus who was channeled by a trance medium. From her experiences she has written a book “Happiness Is Life Itself” (, Inc. 2018). Her book was recently selected as a Winner in the 3rd Annual Body, Mind and Spirit Book Awards (CA, USA)

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