October 2019

"I AM" Spirit Uranus Talks By Hanni Salovaara

My Self, I AM is the fundamental starting point of the love of the universe and the foundation of all existence. Like in your holy book, the Bible, God expresses Himself by the words I AM and with the help of it, God expresses Himself, for is there another way to express the infinite to the finite? Can the finite have words to express the infinite? Underneath everything there is reality, your fundamental and true being, your own core. By saying I AM, you are in touch with your own core, for reality, the present moment, IS. If you think what reality is: it simply IS and that will not change. My aspiration is that you will internalize and put to use this state, I AM. Then you can give up the delusion inside you and find your own senses in yourselves.

Do you think that on this side of the wall, on the visible side, is your true being? What is the core underneath all your layers, your true being? Truth and honesty simply ARE, and when you are honest, you are open to reality. Then you listen to the present moment and make your decisions from the present moment. I AM is connecting to reality, or to your own core, and when you connect to your core, you are in reality and in the present moment. In this way you move everywhere in I AM –state, or in yourself, and are capable of taking everything that you need. When man is in his own state and in himself, he will never hurt another person unless he wants to do it consciously. When man is in the guidance of himself, his own state will never restrict the state of another but only takes its own space. My intention is that you get into the I AM –state gradually as your senses keep sensitizing. Then you sense your own state and environment wherever you may be. Then you also act according to the principle of I AM, not in a state of “I take whatever is left”. Then your self is not in contradiction with the surroundings, and confusion goes away. I AM is aspiring at its own state, at living from the starting point of I AM, when contradiction goes away. Then, man himself takes his own space and place in himself and also in the world surrounding him, for man has a universal, fundamental right to it. Everything in your nature acts according to the principle of I AM: plants, animals, everything. Even the stars in the sky are in the I AM –state.

An illusion tells always that man is communicating through the outer world, not through himself. Then he takes information from the outer world and relates it to himself. When man is in himself, he, instead, takes information from himself and relates it to the outer world. He is then in the I AM –state: he does not get bigger or smaller, he simply IS. Channel this energy to the entire globe and to the people you want! Channel this energy to one another and to your body as well! By touching yourselves and one another, you transmit this energy to your body when it, too, can experience the state I AM. In this way the defects of the body, which are always apparent in man, are being repaired, and the whole, invisible to human eyes, gets nutrition. I AM –state is pure acceptance and love. 

About Hanni: She is from Finland and has a Master of Arts degree in Education. She spent seven years in a spiritual growth group led by a spirit called Uranus who was channeled by a trance medium. From her experiences she has written a book “Happiness Is Life Itself” (BookLocker.com, Inc. 2018). Her book was recently selected as a Winner in the 3rd Annual Body, Mind and Spirit Book Awards (CA, USA)

Hanni's blog: http://www.spirituranustalks.blogspot.com