December 2019

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Guided by The Archangels, I began working with clients from all over the world.The Angels have told me that I AM a bridge from the Angelic Realm to this 3D Human Realm. They have asked me to call myself an Angel Medium.  
I AM A Certified Angelic Life Coach, an Ordained Minister, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts  and a Master of Fine Arts in painting. 




Leticia has studied at Magicka School from the United Kingdom and has taken several courses in spell casting and Tarot with Marcus Katz. Leticia is a member of the International Tarot Association and is currently studying Metaphysical Studies and a PhD in Holistic Life Counseling. She is also a Clair-Sentience, Clair-Audience and Clairvoyant. Leticia has a BA in Criminal Justice and Graduate Studies in Education of the Performing Arts with a Major in Dance. 


We are the only metaphysical store serving the west side of Rochester. Items include many different stones and crystals, smudging tools, banners, books, CD's, candles, incense, tarot and angel cards, meditation tools, Earth Mother items, jewelry and more!

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, and special events to support your spiritual and personal growth. 


I am a psychic/medium who has been spiritual and intuitive my whole life. My spiritual awakening occurred in August 2005 after the passing of my grandfather. His death helped me discover gifts I had since childhood and develop them into powerful tools for myself and others. 

I am an intuitive, which allows me to feel what others feel. This helps me guide clients through situations with the assistance of their Spirit Guides and mine. Messages are delivered to you with the highest and best intentions based upon your current path in life.


Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Reiki, and Weight Management

ONE Wellness offers: 

Acupuncture, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage, Reiki, Crystal Bed and Weight Management.

These services are readily available with our holistic practitioners to create wellness within your body. Aromatherapy, Coaching, Counseling, Hypnosis and Polarity Therapy.

We specialize in non-invasive practices to help you find balance in your own life.  

Angel and Stone Readings, a Crystal Bed, Harp and Color Healing, Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, and Spiritual Direction.

ONE Wellness Center offers these services to assist in enhancing your spiritual connection.


 Steven Albert is a respected Psychic Medium who has done Readings and Paranormal Investigations for almost 23 years.Steven specializes in spirit communication and psychic intuitive Readings. He has the ability to see and hears things that others cannot such as spirits and spirit voices (clairaudience). He also receives intuitive messages via feelings, images, and physical sensations (clairsentience). He also has the ability to Channel spirits and let them talk.