August 2019

The Thoughtful Psychic by Iris Waters

Fear is an emotion that we have all dealt with. This emotion can be expressed in many ways. It can be a motivator or, in many cases, can be a deterrent to action. The feeling of fear can cause a great deal of anxiety to the individual who experiences it. It can be difficult for that individual to pinpoint where the root of that anxiety truly lies. If this is you, try to think about a situation that you encounter that brings up these feelings and think about what might be triggering them. This may give you insights that will allow you to better deal with these feelings and not let them overwhelm you. By gaining knowledge and being proactive, you learn new responses to situations and gain mastery over situations that you have previously feared. While these feelings may never leave you completely, they no longer rule your behavior as much. 

About Iris: Iris Waters has been a student of the metaphysical her entire life. She is an aspiring psychic medium who enjoys creative writing and inspirational writing through spirit.

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