June 2019

The Thoughtful Psychic by Iris Waters

What excites you in life? Use that to help you find your direction in life. Think about the activities that you most enjoy and find ways to incorporate them into your life. Searching for a new career? What do you need from that career besides financial gain? Do you like working with people? Do you enjoy working independently and managing your own time instead of having someone always looking over your shoulder? Do you like variety or do you prefer something more structured? Make a list and begin to move forward. Even if your options are limited because of where you live or because of life's responsibilities, don't give up. Send your needs and goals out into the Universe and affirm and believe in all the possibilities! 

About Iris: Iris Waters has been a student of the metaphysical her entire life. She is an aspiring psychic medium who enjoys creative writing and inspirational writing through spirit.

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