The Thoughtful Psychic by Iris Waters

We hear a lot about goals and goal-setting this time of year. Many of you have made New Year’s Resolutions either now or in the past. This is a type of goal. 

What are goals? They are a standard of which we hope to achieve- whether it be weight-loss, better grades, a better job, etc. Some goals are much easier to achieve then others, some are short-term, some are long-term, some require the assistance of others, some are achieved by our own efforts. 

The fact remains, however, that some of the goals we set for ourselves are not achieved. Why is this? It may be that we realize that our goal is simply unattainable or maybe we lose interest in achieving this goal. Another reason for goal failure is that we might have set a goal that someone else wanted us to achieve and we were not fully invested in it. 

I believe that lack of personal investment in a goal is one reason that a goal might fail. Think about it- why do you want to get that better body or better grade? Is it because you truly desire it or is it because someone in your life thinks that it’s a good idea? Maybe there are unresolved feelings pushing you into something but your heart really isn’t in it? 

Think back about past goals that you have set for yourself. Were they successful or not and why? Thinking about these things will help you to better understand yourself and set yourself up for success in future goal-setting. 

Setting goals can be a very positive way to continue moving forward in life. Take your time and think about what you really want to achieve, then get going!

About Iris: Iris Waters has been a student of the metaphysical her entire life. She is an aspiring psychic medium who enjoys creative writing and inspirational writing through spirit.

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