"You Shall Reap Whatever You Sow in February 2019"

By Joelle O'Toole aka Waxy

February 2019 is an unusual month by astrology standards. For the entire month there will be no planets moving retrograde, they are all racing through the sky at full speed, imploring us to be extra focussed and ambitious throughout.

Now, for those of you who are unaware of what a 'retrograde' is, it simply refers to how a planet is moving in comparison to where the earth is in its orbit around the Sun. As Mercury's orbit is between ours and the Sun, there are 3 times a year where overtake it, hence this is what we refer to as a 'retrograde' period.

Oftentimes Mercury retrograde is dreaded, as it is so incompatible with modern life; the fact it interferes with communications, travel, and creates misunderstandings can cause us to make mistakes. Something most people's lives have little room for these days.

Prior to the computer age, Mercury would have caused just as many problems with the postal system, clocks, and responsibilities.

What is overlooked however, is that all planets during their retrograde periods, operate in a different way which is equally valid to our lives, should we choose to recognise it!

Mercury retrograde can help us to be more creative and introspective, if you need to edit, or revise some work you have done, then choose a Mercury retrograde period. If you want to learn a language or find a new way to communicate entirely, again start under a Mercury retrograde. Equally all of the other planets have their own shades of depth when retrograde and the outer planets spend around a third of the year going backwards!

To have an entire month with no retrogrades is, indeed, unusual. February is going to be fast paced and intense. Now whilst it can be tiring to have all these weeks of endeavour and so little repose, it is also an amazing opportunity to put ideas, projects and plans in place which can fruit as the year passes.

March is going to be an important month anyway, with Uranus moving in to Taurus for a period of 7 years. So much will change with our finance systems and how use and invest money during this time (more about that in a future article).

So this is a period in which we should really look at what we want to procure in the coming months, grow our ideas and sew some seeds. A lot can be accomplished this year. With Saturn and Pluto still in cahoots in Capricorn for another year this is a period of hard work and achievement anyway. Of which there will be a culmination of great change in 2020, but again, I shall explain more about that when it's relevant.

For now, utilising the Capricorn energy is key. Capricorn is the most high achieving sign in the zodiac, it even sits right at the top of the chart, representing culmination, career and attainment.

From 3rd/4th February up until March, Venus will be traversing through Capricorn, bringing a creative and softer tone to this rather dry sign. As it meets up with Saturn on 18th February, commitments in love are well featured, and new relationships beginning at this time will have a grounded, mature and long-term feeling about them (unless Uranus in transit is dominating your chart at the moment, which would overpower this affect).

Further on, when Venus meets up with Pluto on Saturday 23rd January passions will run high and this could be a very exciting weekend! Pluto is far more about attraction and chemistry than relationships and love, but one can lead to the other when Venus is in the picture. Regardless, most of us enjoy the depths of emotions possible when these two meet up.

Interestingly Neptune is hanging around right in the middle of Pisces, the sign it rules, for all of February. Neptune is about our dreams, desire, fantasies and all that is intangible. Functioning alone, it can be like a choir of angels but quite often working at a cross purpose to the day to day lives which consume us. As Saturn, also in its own sign, is at mid-Capricorn for the entire month also, these two planets are having a rare conciliatory phase. Representing, as they do, such different areas of life; Saturn dealing with all that is constructive and physical, frequently seems to disapprove of the airy fairy ways of Neptune.

They do however, form a nice little connection (called a sextile) from Pisces to Capricorn and actually as a team they are indomitable. After all what use is a dream and an amazing idea, without the constructiveness to build it in the real world? How useful is a responsible, and hard working life, without the beautiful transcendence of great music or an absorbing movie?

On a personal level the melding of Saturn and Neptune can help us to keep a foot in both worlds, which is always the kind of balance which brings the most health, happiness and success.

This is a powerful period, and after the tumultuous energy of January, it may feel a little pressurised. Just be aware that things will calm down going forwards, but the potential to build something meaningful and prosperous during the early part of this year is unusually auspicious. Make it work for you!

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About Joelle/Waxy: Joëlle O’Toole aka waxlobster is an innovative UK based astrologer who was initially influenced by Jonathan Cainer (RIP) who she became friends with.  She has been working with astrological charts now since 1999 and has focused a lot of her attention onto the healing potentials of astrology; working to unravel the subconscious drives which hold many of us back in life.  Her specialism is in synestry, the art of relationships and she can advise her clients on the differences between companion soulmates, karmic soulmates and twin flames from personal experience.  This article about Chiron delves into the deep vulnerabilities we have as humans which block us from reaching our true potential on our life paths and in our love lives.  Joëlle is available for personal astrological readings, relationship readings, long-term forecasts and psychic tarot readings also.  She is a reiki master, can read auras and also works very closely with nature and the animal kingdom.  

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