September 2019

"Heaven and Hell" By John W. Green


As a young boy I attended Sunday School where they talked about heaven. It must have played on my mind as I clearly recollect asking my older sister, who was 18 months my senior, how do I get to go to heaven?  Now she was incredibly wise and seemed to know everything, or so I thought at the ripe age of 7/8 years.

I was informed that if I asked for forgiveness for all my sins before I died, the gates would be open for me. This was music to my ears as I did misbehave at times and had often been informed that it was hell for me.  My response was "this means that I can do whatever I want and just ask to be forgiven at the end".  She then said that if you died suddenly there wouldn’t be time. This was momentarily a dilemma to me, but I reasoned that as long as I was quick it should be OK.

It’s hilarious thinking back how my thought processes operated at that time, however it was a tremendous weight off my mind.

Many, I’m told, do believe in asking for forgiveness and I’m not at all suggesting that this isn’t a positive, as for some of us, the weight of our past actions can weigh heavily on our conscience.  However, it’s a dubious premise to say the least, that the heavenly gates will open no matter what actions you had previously performed.

So, is there a heaven and what are the entrance qualifications?  It makes sense to me that you would need to be an elevated human being and today’s world would be the arena to achieve that status.

We need here to have an understanding of the possibility that time is cyclic.  Imagine, if you will, a perfect Earth in total harmony.  Nature at its finest, a perfect climate, birds that sing and entertain us, flowers of such beauty and aroma, delicious fruits of many different textures and tastes.  There will be an absence of any creatures that cause harm to others, and given that we, the souls, will be completely pure, our bodies would reflect that.  We will have the ability to communicate using the mind, plus our intellects will be clear of any clutter so technology will serve us, not enslave us.  We wouldn't work per se just carry out our roles with love for all.  

There will be such abundance as consider how much wealth is currently used for the military, police, hospitals, natural disasters plus governments etc., so with the absence of vices none of these services are needed.  Our entertainment is by the means of using our talents as all will have a beautiful voice and acting abilities.

However, everything goes from new to old, so over a period of eons the Earth ages, as does the purity of the Beings that enjoyed its perfection . Every time we take another body some purity is lost and eventually we arrive at our present state.  Its interesting to note here that some ancient beliefs have some memory of this perfect era.


Where is Hell?  Not a lot needs to be said here as we only need to look around us.  So many are watching their families suffer through lack of food, medicine, illnesses, violence etc., even clean water is a huge issue.  Countless souls in the affluent countries are also suffering, and I imagine we all know someone close to us that are dealing with illnesses, depression etc.  Hell, is today's world and is the arena where we settle our karma.

Many years have passed since believing that I had discovered the easy path.  I’ve realized that the key to attain Heaven is by purifying I the soul, and that this is attained by practicing soul consciousness, performing right actions, and most importantly, connecting to the Source via meditation.

About John W. Green: I have studied most beliefs and taught meditation and self-esteem for over thirty years. I have run courses in prisons, universities, community centres and ran a meditation centre for a number of years. I believe that knowledge should be free and available to everyone of all beliefs.

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