"Cartomancy" by KJ Bushey


There is so much to love about the different types of fortune telling cards and the feelings they can invoke not only in the seeker but the teller as well. The thrill of the information the cards can reveal and how they convey the message meant for the person seeking information from the other side. As a Reader I am called upon to help people often looking for answers to either solve a problem or see what their future may hold to set them in the right direction or relieve them of a stressful situation.

In the 22 years that I’ve been reading for people I have been amazed at the different ways the cards have helped people and the Divine blessings that come through. While there are multiple forms and styles of fortune telling cards, everyone shares a variety of opinions about them from how to acquire a deck to how one should work with them. The truth is there is no right or wrong if it works for you in reading and being able to give a good message. Some believe the only way you should receive a deck is if they are gifted to you and others get a feel for the deck, they are drawn to but either way it is a personal choice and the reader who is comfortable when they are working with them. I have been blessed to have been gifted several decks from different friends and associates that all mean the world to me and I use them in a multitude of ways to connect with the other side and convey the seeker’s messages. More often however I will purchase cards that seem to call to me and help me deliver sometimes a more detailed and direct message. The cards to me are triggers that help me through the Divine and spirits to relay the messages that the seeker needs to hear to help and often heal them.

There is a great responsibility in being a reader that I take very seriously as what you may be telling someone could affect them in a variety of emotions. There can be a lot of fear in the information one might receive and that could be their fear of a teller giving them bad news or setting their fate in their mind as well as the religious beliefs they have been raised with. I often have people tell me they want a reading, but they are so afraid of what I may tell them and often finish it with, “like I might die or someone I love…” The truth is I am rarely shown such a thing I believe because the spirits don’t want to change the experience you were put here for and might change something at the end.

In future articles I will be discussing the different styles of cards and their uses and stories of mine I hope you enjoy. I also have video’s I may share for people interested in learning to read for others. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have and hope you will let me know if you have anything you would like me to write about and explain or share from my point of view.

About KJ:  Born and raised in the Rochester, NY area. I am a mother of two men and the grandmother of an inquisitive, amazing little boy. I am a Pyschic/Medium who enjoys the work I do through the Divine and spirits guiding me. I have been practicing for 22 years and have become known for my Tarot and Past Life readings. I started my business, Spirit of KJ in 2014 offering readings, cleansings, candle magic, and spiritual guidance. I love learning and expanding my knowledge through different educational opportunities. These opportunities have helped me give my clients a better experience. I truly love all aspects of what I do and look forward to sharing my views and experiences with you through my articles.   I am on Facebook as Spirit of KJ (Group or Page).  You can send any correspondence to Spiritofkj@gmail.com

KJ's website:  http://www.Spiritofkj.com