"Cartomancy" by KJ Bushey

Traditions and New Beliefs 

People fascinate me with their sometimes-strict traditions and beliefs they use when working with their decks. Many readers are born to families that taught them the tradition while some learned later in life from others or through research and desire to venture into the occult. I think sharing some may help us to understand if they are struggling with their cards.

In the Hispanic traditions I have been taught to use water. Placing a bowl on the table will help to pull the negative energy out of the room to keep the reader focused better and the querent carrying any negativity more at peace. I use this method myself and when you are finished you must throw the water outside to rid the negativity and not release it into the building to cause havoc. 

Crystals are another important item for most readers I know. The significance to the stones can be protection, help with connecting to spirits and a feeling of peace for everyone involved in the readings. I like to keep amethyst and rose quartz on the end of my table for the querent to be able to hold if they are feeling anxious and I choose to hold often angel stones or Herkimer Diamonds for a higher connection. I always keep a large clear quartz on my deck to clear my deck after the readings and before the new reading while others may choose a different stone as it is all a personal choice. 

When a new deck is purchased and or given you will find a vast variety of beliefs used before and readings. Smudging the deck with sage, cedar or cinnamon can be very common as they are used to clear homes and anything that could have negative vibrations attached. I have seen cards anointed with oils and kept in containers with special water in another compartment or sprayed with Florida Water and other blends. There are some who believe they must sleep with the decks to create a true connection. Charging the deck in the light of the full moon with crystals is a very important practice to maintain a closer connection to the universe and spiritual beliefs but whatever they choose is unique and important to give the best experience for anyone involved. 

While I am sure there are so many more, I haven’t even touched on I respect and enjoy learning everyone’s choice. Please find me on Facebook on the group Spirit of KJ or the page of the same name and on my website www.Spiritofkj.com. If you have any questions, please reach out in an email to spiritofkj@gmail.com. Thank you.

About KJ:  Born and raised in the Rochester, NY area. I am a mother of two men and the grandmother of an inquisitive, amazing little boy. I am a Pyschic/Medium who enjoys the work I do through the Divine and spirits guiding me. I have been practicing for 22 years and have become known for my Tarot and Past Life readings. I started my business, Spirit of KJ in 2014 offering readings, cleansings, candle magic, and spiritual guidance. I love learning and expanding my knowledge through different educational opportunities. These opportunities have helped me give my clients a better experience. I truly love all aspects of what I do and look forward to sharing my views and experiences with you through my articles.   I am on Facebook as Spirit of KJ (Group or Page).  You can send any correspondence to Spiritofkj@gmail.com

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