July 2019

"The Safe Way to Enjoy a Crystal Elixir" By Leticia Ferrer-Rivera

During my journey through becoming a Crystal Healer I discover the beautiful and amazing ways of enjoying the benefits of crystals energy by infusing the water with their energy. I have also done an extensive research in this since the first few things I found out about were some dangerous ways of doing it vs the safe ways of enjoying it. I want to share these controversial discoveries with all of you in order to help you decide and guide you to preventing harming your body and health by making the right choice. Let’s start by explaining the already made bottles you can find  in the market as well as the one DIY method to choose from. 

Direct Contact Crystal Point Generator - The Gems Bottle Waters are a fashion now and they come in a variety of ways. The first one I want to discuss about is the one with the crystal point inside the bottle in direct contact with the liquid. This is a big “NO NO DO NOT DO IT!” As much as we love a crystal point generator and have it as a display or part of an altar, crystal grid or decoration, it is not safe in any way to drink water that has been in contact with a toxic crystal (including Quartz). Please make some research on this and the toxic crystals for us humans and your pets before buying a water bottle with what we call  “Direct Contact” in the Crystal Healing World. If you have already purchased one of these there are other ways you can upcycle this bottle with the beautiful tower and not losing your invested money such as creating a pretty “Succulent Bottled Garden” or use it for watering your non-edible plants instead! But by any means DO NOT DRINK FROM IT! Another turn off is that you will not be able to change the tower for a different crystal type. 

Indirect Source Crystal Chamber – If you are going to buy a water bottle with crystals this is the type you want to get. They come in two ways: The Flat Top Crystals Chamber and what I call the Egg-Shaped Crystals Chamber. None of the chambers have any holes or touch the   water in any way. Both styles and made for you to add the crystals in an enclosed glass chamber that unless you open the bottom of the bottle you will not be able to touch or change the crystal chips. Another advantage is that you can change the type of crystal chips you want in your bottle based on different healing benefits you are seeking. FYI - I do have these bottles available and sometimes for pre-order since they go fast and takes some time for them to arrive. I also use this type myself and I have even added some Lilacs in to the water for getting the benefits of both together, the crystal energy infusion as well as from the crunchy aromatic and yummy edible flowers. 

DIY Method for Making a Crystal Elixir  – This method you can do it at home if you want. First fill a bowl with the crystals of your choice based on intention and therapy you want to work with.  Then add water to another recipient from where you will be drinking from and   place it in the bowl with the crystals. Leave it there for some time you understand is appropriate for you, I recommend probably between 30 minutes all the way to two hours. Drink the liquid and enjoy! The down part of this method is that you will not be able to carry the crystals with you and you will just be able to drink the water after was infused and not a continuous passing of energy to the water as with the bottles I mentioned above from the indirect source method. In this case I recommend using the polished tumbles since they are more water resistant (in case you spill some water by accident) than the raw ones and easier to fit the other container that is placed in the center with the water. 

Finally, always make some research before ingesting anything as well as what are the Metaphysical Properties the crystals have so you can choose the perfect one for you. Just as in Magick, me as a Healer want to create consciousness in our community and we always wish the best for our customers. Remember that none of these Crystal Water Elixirs mentioned in this article are for a substitution of any medical treatment. This also applies to the crystals themselves. We are just covering a holistic alternative available for the ones who which to add it to their lifestyles. 

I hope you all have learned something out of this article and clarified at least most of your questions regarding the Crystals Elixir. Looking forward to contacting me for anything else you would like to ask me about this or anything else I can serve you with. 


Your Witchy Dancer! 

About Leticia:  Leticia is Certified Master Tarot and Crystal Healer. She has a very unique Crystals Tarot that she casts which include stones, crystals and fossils and holds a certificate as Crystal Caster Practitioner. She has been doing Dreams Interpretation since she was seven. Leticia is also a Wicca Priestess from the Solitaire Tradition and comes from a long generation of Witchcraft and Mediums on both sides of her family, especially from the Ferrer side from Barcelona, Spain.