CRYSTALS: A Guide to Using the Crystal Compass for Energy, Healing, and Reclaiming Your Power

By Aisha Amarfio 

Crystals are teachers. They conduct and transform our energy to help us to discover our true selves and attain our natural state of peace, quiet joy, and inspired creativity. Designed to accommodate the beginner crystal practitioner or merely someone who is interested in learning how crystals work, CRYSTALS guides the reader through every step of the process. The author has a popular practice in London, where her clients have described her work as “life changing,” “transformative,” and “a total game-changer.” Aisha provides readers with her expertise on crystals, while offering guidance on the selection process with The Crystal Compass. 

With the knowledge Aisha shares, you’ll be able to use these healing stones to: Transmute stress, tension, and disharmony Unlock your internal wisdom and intuitive power Nourish your health and vitality Reclaim your power and follow your soul path Cleanse, protect, and purify your spaces.

About the Author: Aisha Amarfio Aisha is a shamanic healer and energy medicine practitioner, with a busy clinic in London. She trained as a Reiki Master and is also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mast NLP Practitioner. She later embarked on a 5-year journey of training in the shamanic healing arts. Aisha's work has been commonly described as life changing. She has helped hundreds of clients to overcome chronic issues or blockages and to experience spiritual self-discovery, transformation, and inspired creativity from the heart.