December 2019

Channeled from a Group of Ascended Masters


By Monica Dumont

We bring a message for peace, for it is our job, through our conscious awareness to work with all of you who are willing to listen and to embrace the teachings of the light – We are the Ascended Masters - And so we ask you to breathe into your spiritual heart and to expand your chest for without the breath, you are not able to energize your bodies properly and align them or attune them to the finer frequencies available to you all.

As you journey through your life, it is requested out of you to acknowledge aspects of yourselves, parts of yourselves that need to come into harmony with that which is called your spirit, your soul, your frequency. It is difficult for any individual to do so, unless the individual begins by having the desire to look within themselves, and to look at that which is called an injury within themselves, a part of themselves that needs upgrading, a part of themselves that needs understanding, love and kindness. And so as each and every single one of you become realized by understanding yourselves better through the multi-dimensional self that you are. You begin to become more coherent, you begin to unite more and more in a harmonized way with parts of you, with aspects of you, with other dimensions of you. This harmonious self, this actualized self, cannot come into its completion until you decide that it is time to do so and to aligned yourselves to harmonious energies such as the energy of PEACE so that your mind can be tranquil and can assist you into tapping and maintaining these frequencies in your everyday life so that you can begin to communicate and create in your world through this and in this way. Aligning you, aligning you, aligning you more and more to higher aspects of yourself, recalibrating, recalibrating, recalibrating all of you.

May peace be always a part of your life.

About Monica: Monica Dumont is a Divine transmitter, Healer, Regression Therapist, and award winning Author. As part of the soul lineage of the Elohim Orion, she works with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Divine Beings to assist in the Ascension and healing of humanity and the Earth. She works with people from around the world on a one-on-one basis as well as with groups. 

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