"An Opportunity for Profound Forgiveness"

By Patricia Cota Robles

As I begin writing this Newsletter, I just want to acknowledge YOU for your willingness to be the Open Door for the incredible influx of Divine Light that is blessing Mother Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her at this time. My heartfelt plea is that you too are experiencing on a conscious level the incredible multidimensional shifts of consciousness that are occurring within the hearts and minds of the masses of Humanity. On a daily basis, I AM witnessing the wonders that are being cocreated through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth. The Company of Heaven has affirmed to me that due to YOUR selfless service in the Light, these shifts of consciousness are happening with tremendous speed in even the most asleep or resistant people.

I want you to know that it is not going unnoticed that your dedication and your service to the Light are being accomplished in the face of the horrific adversity which is surfacing all over the planet to be transmuted back into Light. Your ability to focus on the Light in the midst of outer-world chaos is a vital part of the training you went through for myriad lifetimes in preparation for this Cosmic Moment in Earth’s Ascension process. That is why you are now awake and fulfilling your facet of the Divine Plan in spite of the difficult challenges that may be surfacing in your own life.

Prophets and seers in Ages past foretold of this moment when they proclaimed that in the not too distant future, “All that is hidden must be revealed.” This is that time. That is why every day it seems as though the media is bombarding us with mind boggling things that reflect the most immoral, distorted and corrupt nature of Humanity’s fallen consciousness. When we witness these events it is easy to get discouraged and to feel like all of our Lightwork is in vain. Fortunately, nothing is farther from the Truth. These terrible things are surfacing now to give us the opportunity to witness and to transmute back into Light the catastrophic results of the thoughts, feelings, words and actions we have expressed over aeons that are not based in Love.

As a word of encouragement, the Company of Heaven is reminding us that the people who are wreaking havoc on Earth and those who are intricately involved with the atrocities that are surfacing to be healed involve a minuscule fraction of the 7.5 billion people evolving on this planet. The vast majority of people embodied on Earth at this time are genuinely striving to create lives for themselves and their families that are safe, secure, peaceful, prosperous, healthy and happy. Those same people also compassionately desire those very things for their sisters and brothers in the Family of Humanity.

It is because of this innate goodness which is pulsating within the deepest recesses of the hearts of the masses of Humanity, that our Father-Mother God have issued a Cosmic Dispensation that is allowing our I AM Presence and the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame Archangel stationed within every person’s aura to bless us with a Gift of unparalleled Divine Grace. In order for us to comprehend the true significance of this Gift, Our God Parents are reminding us that, “Divine Grace is a Gift of Forgiveness beyond what we have earned.”

About Patricia: Patricia is co-founder and president of the nonprofit, educational organization New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose, which sponsors the Annual World Congress On Illumination.  

Patricia was a marriage and family counselor for 20 years. She now spends her time freely sharing the information she is receiving from the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth.  

Patricia is an internationally known teacher and author who has taught workshops in 20 countries, and offered FREE Seminars in her hometown of Tucson, Arizona and throughout the USA for the past 33 years. She has written 11 books and produced CDs, DVD's, webinars, teleconferences, a weekly radio program, a free monthly email newsletter, global meditations, and YouTube presentations, all of which are designed to help Humanity add to the Light of the world.  

Patricia's website - https://eraofpeace.org/