December 2019

During a reading with a psychic medium I was told that I should write for my magazine. I am the creator and Head Lady In Charge for ROC Metaphysical. The message was a big push from my deceased father who was an English teacher. He lived in California and his dream was to be a movie or tv script writer.  His message was that I should be writing too. Who would have thought I would get guidance from the other side. After some consideration I said OK. 

I have read thousands of books, watched videos, and have taken loads of classes to have a metaphysical understanding of the world and how we humans work.  With all that and maybe my age I think I may know just a pinch of what is needed to be the best human I can be.  But, I have to say sometimes I am stumped and have no idea how to react or handle a situation.  Welcome to being a human!

I saw this on facebook (see below) and it was thought provoking. I totally identify with the first sentence. The second sentence, not so much. It may be one of my human lessons to learn when you think you’re right and how to manage people/feelings with opposing points of view. It’s a challenge when I have information to share and want to have a positive interaction with someone who thinks differently. Maybe I have the teacher gene and I have to let go of the need to share new thoughts. I get frustrated when people are not open and allowing. Uggh! 

This is my struggle and I acknowledge I need to work on this. How about you? Do you struggle with discussions especially with difficult people and having an expectation of a positive interaction or response? Have a comment? Email me at

                  “Open minded people don’t care to be right; they care to understand. They 

                    know it’s more important to see where someone’s coming from then it is 

                    to change their mind.”