January 2020



Only Love

No expectation.

Only love and 

a life-affirming trust

that accepts each hour

opening as it will.

A practice of 

being more than doing,

of allowing 

rather than tolerating.

Judgments of this is good,

that is bad melt away,

replaced by 

this is interesting;

I wonder where it will lead.

Benevolent guiding,

messages in bottles

found and followed.

Only love

and more precious love.

~ Carolyn Casas

About Carolyn:   Carolyn Chilton Casas is a Reiki Master, practitioner and teacher, a student of metaphysics and philosophy. She is so thankful for life, the precious gift of healing energy, the soul-stirring desire for writing stories and poetry that is evolving with Reiki as part of the package, and fellow beings who share the journey. Carolyn can be contacted at ceccasas@aol.com.