Poetry by Carolyn Casas

This I Believe

I believe that goodness is the

root and core of all of life;

an act of kindness 

is the best reaction to any action;

there is no separation between myself

and my fellow living beings;

a benevolent river of consciousness exists

that holds us forever afloat in our experience;

each time we respond to an encounter

it is from a choice of fear or love;

we live to the best of our ability,

receive and give in our own capacity;

with love, trust and allowing

everything can be sorted out.

I believe in openness, in being vulnerable,

and in making a practice of our shared breath.

~ Carolyn Casas



Mysteries swirl about,

in and through,

around my living,

too many to comprehend

a master plan.

How weak I feel

against the pull, the weight

of pain, sickness, death.

If only I can hold steady,

this too does pass.

Shrouded meanings sought

but seldom glimpsed,

mostly guessed.

I want to trust enough

to love what is.

~ Carolyn Casas

About Carolyn: Carolyn Casas is a student of metaphysics, Science of Mind, Quantum-Touch, life and possibilities. She is a second degree Usui Reiki practitioner. Carolyn co-founded a women’s circle in her area to help raise money for Guatemalan women to start small businesses. She also raises funds for an organization in Nicaragua that supports children for their education. Carolyn can be contacted at ceccasas@aol.com.