August 2019




This I Believe

I believe that goodness is the

root and core of all of life;

an act of kindness 

is the best reaction to any action;

there is no separation between myself

and my fellow living beings;

a benevolent river of consciousness exists

that holds us forever afloat in our experience;

each time we respond to an encounter

it is from a choice of fear or love;

we live to the best of our ability,

receive and give in our own capacity;

with love, trust and allowing

everything can be sorted out.

I believe in openness, in being vulnerable,

and in making a practice of our shared breath.  

By Carolyn Casas


About Carolyn:   Carolyn Casas is a student of metaphysics, Science of Mind, Quantum-Touch®, life and possibilities. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher. Carolyn co-founded a women’s circle in her area to help raise money for Guatemalan women to start small businesses. Carolyn can be contacted at


Beauty Of Life

Return to as a small child...look around and learn from nature...see the sky...feel the breeze...the sun on your back...the stars at night...infinity within and without...such beauty...such beauty

By Dean Fraser


Trust in You

What is false and what is real?
Can we really trust the way we feel?
Are perceptions the ultimate illusions?
Our minds creating the greatest delusions?
Books partially helping in growing
Better attuned to our inner knowing

Re-learning all knowledge once we knew
The energy of pure love to eternally renew

Anti-war requires a war to exist

Pro-peace and war will desist…

By Dean Fraser – The Quantum Poet

About Dean:  I started my journey into the poetic spotlight as part of underground bohemian collective The 4 Poets, writing poems for various events gave me a unique opportunity to gain insight into what makes a poem work live and often far more importantly, exactly what doesn’t!  As is the way of life, change happened, which saw me have my Beatles moment and leave The 4 Poets to explore within my own creativity, to finally write for the sheer pleasure of telling stories which rhymed (sometimes!).

Dean's website: