December 2019




It feels right to be thankful

for the grace of gifts given 

and received.

Forevermore, the velvet

soothing of love.

Existence in its entirety

craving to be known.

Breath and sighs, the wonder

of a complying body.

An essential spark 

that eternally nudges, 

gently impels, 

in a labyrinth

towards communion.

Trust in wholeheartedly allowing

an uncharted course.

Thank you, I sense 

your innate presence.

It sustains me, always.

~ Carolyn Casas

About Carolyn Casas: Carolyn is a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher and a student of metaphysics and healing. She co-founded a women’s circle in her area to raise money for Guatemalan women to start small businesses. Some of her favorite endeavors are writing stories and poetry, reading, spending time with family and friends, volunteering and playing beach volleyball. She lives on the central coast of California and can be contacted at