A Shift

I believe I have been handed

a sacred baton of grace;

a tectonic plate shifted

in my being.

It feels easy, like 

the warm coming 

of spring, an awareness

more concrete

of the moment 

I am living,

less desire 

to rush forward. 

I want others to share in

what I feel.

~ Carolyn Casas



Sacred Presence, receive

heartfelt gratitude 

for feet on the earth 

and the euphoria this brings;

the journey of love 

in all its eclectic forms;

prolific health and strength 

and energy oftentimes reserved 

for the young;

a clear faith in integral goodness;

the undulating beauty of our world –

eyes to perceive and legs to roam;

a heart to sense Spirit’s spark

in another’s eyes;

peacefulness that has become 

a default setting;

the manna of a divine purpose - 

my swirling lodestar,

the wonder and miracle of 

healing vibration and light;

the solace of quiet mornings

lulled by joyful contemplation;

the muse who gifts me

openness and creativity;

angels who hold my hands,

whisper softly, point out a path,

and keep me out of harm’s way.

~ Carolyn Casas

About Carolyn:   Carolyn Casas is a student of metaphysics, Science of Mind, Quantum-Touch®, life and possibilities. She is an Master Reiki practitioner. Carolyn co-founded a women’s circle in her area to help raise money for Guatemalan women to start small businesses. She also raises funds for an organization in Nicaragua that supports children for their education. Carolyn can be contacted at ceccasas@aol.com.