October 2019

"An Intro to the Nakshatras" by Robert Rittel

An introduction to the Nakshatras, the lunar mansion of Vedic Astrology   Jyotish or the study of light is enrichment to the human mind; it is the instrument for emotional and spiritual progress. In the Vedic philosophies the moon is the signification of our emotions and the mind, because we all making our choices by the way we feel about thinks. The moon and the lunar mansion or Nakshatras are a unique and powerful tool to understanding our real motivations. The moon's movement considerate as the natural satellite of the earth and the impulse to all the elements of water movement are the most evident waning and waxing indication creating the first calendars of a month. The soul recognizes emotions through our senses and we feel a sensation in relation with it.   

Vedic Seers knew that our souls traveled to the world of our celestials sphere after death and bring cosmic influence from past lives to the present. The moon considerate as the comic doorways has brought forward the total emotional experience of our previous lives to the present and challenges us with the karma which tests our emotional intellect and provides us with the gift of ancient knowledge. 

The lunar mansion will provide a spiritual perception of our soul's journey and will project divine forces and heavenly influences. The word Nakshatra translates as to approach, worship or attain, then from the sages point of view, life is a appreciation to the divine order and becomes a prayer in it self. The lunar mansions dispense the fruits of karma, or our spiritual labor in this life. Discovering one's moon Nakshatra and its qualities is an important tool of self discovery and useful for all counseling therapies.   

Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal fixed star and is astronomical correct. Understanding which Lunar Mansion your Moon is in at birth gives vital information to your personality, emotional equilibrium and purpose in this life. The planets at the birth, the moment one takes its first breath, gives the collective imprint from previous incarnations. This will include such things as, relationships in general (parents, children, romantic/spouse and social), as well as work and career-related issues, fortune and spiritual progress, to be experienced this lifetime. This sensitive manifestation has of course a lot do to with how one create an individual perception. Some are very logic thinker and acting mechanically, others are very intuitive and creative and acting more sensitive to circumstances. Those emotional influences are changing through the year with its solar influences as well over decades in maturity. Meaning that some souls will struggle in conditioned education system and far happier in later years to create a field of knowledge which they are drawn to. All planetary influence has a positive and negative impact on the individual perception and emotional influence. The emotional and intuitive blueprint or Vedic astrology is of great help in understanding oneself, especially how one receives and digest outer emotional influence. Emotions when kept hidden become like stagnant water and turn indigestible, but when released free, then it becomes liberation. In Vedic astrology the Moon rules such things as peace of mind, comforts, fortune, wellbeing and mother or contentment. In addition it indicates the extent to which a person will possess common sense (as apposed to pure intellect) as well as memory, stability, general health and happiness. Generally the Moon will indicate the ease with which success will be achieved and will contribute to the overall emotional equilibrium of the chart. One can observe the influence of the Moon at oneself quiet easy, by new Moon or the darkest nights of the month, one feels more introverted, while during the full Moon our social tendencies become more active. Generally, someone with a waxing Moon in their birth chart will be more outgoing and confident and will attract attention, whereas someone with a waning Moon will be more reflective and reserved. The Moon is used in Vedic astrology to determine the best time to start new ventures of any sort. Like in Bio dynamic Farming, where seeds should be planted during a waxing Moon, as this indicates growth and expansiveness which is highly favorable. Conversion of "Invisible to Visible" basically means a very strong connection between materialistic and spiritualistic world - The prime motive of our human life.  

About Robert: Robert Rittel, born in 1960 in Koblenz, Germany was raised in a St. Franciscan orphanage. As a trained chef I travelled many countries and today I know that it was a search for the deeper meaning of life and its mysterious wonders.  In 1996, I came to South Africa, got married and as all reasons create consequences, I met some inspirational people who pointed me to my spiritual inheritance. By studying Astrology it created the passion and love for the ancient knowledge of the Vedas. Vedic Astrology provides a refined understanding of the soul’s purpose and opens the doors of perceptions towards our spiritual and real circumstance.