August 2019

"Proprioceptions & The Planetary Yoga’s of Vedic Astrology"

By Robert Rittel

Proprioception is the sense that lets us perceive a natural flow, the sense or conscience feeling of movement like juggling or playing music without thinking.  It encompasses a complex of sensations, including perception of joint position and movement, muscle force, and effort. Proprioception translates from Latin as unconscious perception of movement and allows the body to control its position for optimal locomotion and to locate internal and external space.

The Sanskrit word “Samadhi”, literally means “to direct together”, and is the state in which the body perceive the union with soul. It is an experience of divine ecstasy as well as of super conscious perception and awareness. 

The Vedas tell us as that everything in the Universe is awareness. We all have that self awareness to a greater or lesser degree. Samadhi is beyond the normal mind and intellect, which makes describing it very complex and can only be fully appreciated by direct experience. The Vedas explain that at times, periods occur when we loose all perception: in this state, the concepts of time and space are altogether different. For a minute, an hour, or more you are in another world. Now you see that practically everything happens spontaneously, thoughts and ideas do not affect you. You remain undisturbed, and your inner being functions in a dynamic and confident manner.

The mind moves beyond the outer layers of objective realization to the subtle aspects of awareness and the creative abstract qualities such as beauty, love, sound, texture, form and flavours begin to be understood. Even unrecognized spheres and circumstances can be kinaesthetically realized. The pain in a lost limb, the mother's sense of something being wrong, and of course planetary influences triggered by the motions of the moon. 

This Samadhi is known as cosmic consciousness, where the mind becomes fully awake and is in a state of witnessing the awareness of the divine within oneself. Planetary yoga’s or union are planets in signs and astrological aspects which are influenced by each other. The effect of a planetary Yoga, good or bad, will manifest in one's life - determined by birth, transits and planetary periods.

The effects of these yoga’s depend on several combined and interrelated factors and is very complex as well. The basics are malefic yoga’s and beneficial yoga’s. Medical Ayurvedic knowledge therefore considers that astrology plays a very important part in diagnosing the body and its gunas or element qualities, combined with time and planetary aspects as crucial. 

Human life falls under two grand divisions, which are fortunes and misfortunes:

Beneficial planets like Jupiter and Venus establishes beneficial cosmic inheritance such as luck, creativity, charm and public appreciative influence but, also creates malefic tendencies of waste, ignorance, envious relations, sinful nature and other unpleasant aspects. While malefic planets like Mars and Saturn create forces of sorrows, troubles, ill health, physical and mental deformities and accidents, however it is creating at the same time the power of courage, contentment, will of determination and powerful leadership qualities. 

Those qualities in connection with Proprioception create a constant maternity, where our movements, actions and ideas that we carry out become an awareness of learning that needs constant balancing. With every new understanding, the experienced wisdom becomes more profound and we realize the foundation or pattern of circumstances in its originality of energy. That divine superstructure and eternal spring, from which these drops of conscious nectars are drawn is a language which arose from the very nature and its laws creating adaption and potential. The natural law of balance comes with the solution to the circumstance.

Terrence Stanley Fox from Canada, an active teenager involved in many sports was only 18 years old when he was diagnosed with bone cancer. Four days later his leg was amputated six inches above the knee. Terrence starting running with a prosthesis to raise more than $24 million for cancer research. He called it the ‘Marathon of Hope’ which drew international attention.

In Terrence’s birth chart the planets Saturn and Mars creating a very malefic Yoga: Mars energies in athletic prowess and the force of Saturn established circumstances for the loss of his leg, but the spirit and determination opened the doors of awareness for greater visions and good. 

Imagine the planets, like our local Moon, waxing and waning light and strength through the constellation passing other planets establishing a powerful cosmic timer and observer. The micro/macro cosmos in its constant maturity provides the introverted and extraverted synchronising balance, the source and vortex of potential. 

The cosmic Proprioception reveals itself in Samadhi and its meaning to direct together, providing the solution of awareness. By understanding the laws of nature one can adapt oneself to these. The nature of light and the radiation of celestial entities are astrologically speaking ‘enlightenment’ which means that its manifestation resulted from the refinement of the soul through many lives. 

Our sensitive nature and strength, our bio-psychological sphere of individuality is thus influenced by light of nature. The light during the day and through the year changes and so the individual soul, with it’s enlightened properties, establishes its purpose and maturity.  

The planetary influence reveals itself through basic characteristics and becomes a living force with functions, deities and history in your life. 

The ancient seers of Vedic astrology provided us with an extraordinary knowledge of the universe which creates the ‘clarity’ and experience attained by studying the planetary Yoga’s, that one comes closer to the ultimate cosmic awareness and is able to create an accurate interpretation. 

About Robert: Robert Rittel, born in 1960 in Koblenz, Germany was raised in a St. Franciscan orphanage. As a trained chef I travelled many countries and today I know that it was a search for the deeper meaning of life and its mysterious wonders.  In 1996, I came to South Africa, got married and as all reasons create consequences, I met some inspirational people who pointed me to my spiritual inheritance. By studying Astrology it created the passion and love for the ancient knowledge of the Vedas. Vedic Astrology provides a refined understanding of the soul’s purpose and opens the doors of perceptions towards our spiritual and real circumstance.