December 2019

Who is Sarah J'Vine?


Brisbane Australia-based Sarah J’Vine creates soothing, romantic ballads of rhythm and light, aimed directly to relax the mind and body so the soul has free reign, mining the same shamanic vein as Lisa Gerrard and Deya Dova.

Sarah had a near death experience in her early 20’s and witnessed a spiritual realm that was foreign to her intellect, yet somehow familiar to her being. Her brush with death enabled her to witness the higher realms that had previously been foreign to her, activating psychic gifts and spiritual insights which she now emparts on her clients, as she taps into the subconscious mind to uncover the entirety of themselves, as a spiritual, intellectual and sexual beings.

She became known for her light language readings, which consist of Sarah sitting with her clients until she discovered and delivered a personalized song for them. This service became booked out months in advance by hungry soul seekers who couldn’t wait to hear the melodies and messages which hovered over them, waiting to be translated. “Often the Spiritual body gets neglected because it can’t be seen and understood on familiar terms,” Sarah asserts. “My intent is to be a conduit for that authentic connection to spirit, so one can fall madly in love with their inner and outer worlds, seen and unseen.”

The idea of doing this work on a bigger scale began to take root in early 2018. Sarah began to entertain the notion of delivering these light language songs to a broader audience, endowing listeners with a tool to integrate this kind of connective presence into their everyday practice. Sarah worked diligently to interpret her light readings into English, making sure her lyrics clearly reflected the downloads she received in meditation, while producer Gladius Musica honed in on the correct moods to design the accompanying soundscapes. Reproducing the sounds Sarah heard was a formidable task, as every note seemed to be connected to a feeling, story or message from spirit. Once complete, the album was further infused by Sarah’s energy, imbued with the highest intention to serve as a healing tool for listeners. 

The resulting recordings, Embracing Eternity Within, encourage one to connect with their highest self as they surrender to the sounds of light. This journey will bring the listener to the higher vibrations of unshakable love, cultivating a true spiritual connection within themselves.

Embracing Eternity Within will be released on November 22, 2019.

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