October 2019

"Why Neutrinos Behave The Way They Do & What They Represent"

By Sean McCleary

I just read an article that had been posted in the media about the advancement of research on the existence of neutrinos. I do work in evolutionary cosmology and the evolution of consciousness and wanted to explain some information about neutrinos which are referred to as "Ghost Particles". There is actually a reason that neutrinos are referred to as ghost particles and it has to do with the activity of the introduction of the big bang. Scientists are discussing now the possibility of dark matter existing before the big bang. The Methuselah star's matter was calculated to be older than the big bang. Now there was a recent article on a theory called CCC which stands for Conformal Cyclic Cosmology which was theorized by Roger Penrose; which means the universe iterates through infinite cycles.

What is actually the case is this universe came from a larger body of consciousness and energy. I utilize 4 primary components in my work to discuss the nature of the basis for evolutionary activity in the cosmos. These are; consciousness, light energy, dark energy and pressure. There has been a lot of resistance in the scientific community to the proposal of consciousness being a primary element contained in the framework of existence everywhere; but there is a reason for this as well. I will explain why this has been happening further down in the article. Energy contains frequency vibrations and this has already been established here in the study of quantum activity. Energy contains frequency vibrations because this is how energy itself experiences evolutionary development. These frequency vibrations represent thought. This is necessary for the purpose of conceptualization. Conceptualization exists at the most powerful quantum level within these frequency vibrations contained within energy. This drives evolutionary development; and consciousness and energy need to be the basis for evolution everywhere to ensure the integrity of infinity. 

The most powerful will in existence contained within evolutionary development is thought or consciousness to exist forever; and this is contained within the dynamics of everything. Before this universe existed there was thought and light and dark energy everywhere. Thought and higher frequency vibrations represent light energy and thought and lower frequency vibrations represent dark energy. This is how light and dark energy exist.  This thought, vibration and light and dark energy had always existed; and this is why the concept of infinity exists within the consciousness itself. An evolutionary event took place over 13.8 billion years ago and this thought that existed everywhere made a decision to combine the two frequency vibrations of light energy and dark energy together with conceptualization and the first introduction of matter took place with the Higgs boson. The Higgs boson contains the thought and energy from the source that introduced this universe and the identity of this universe itself. That's why the Higgs boson is the fundamental particle.

The Higgs boson contains the highest concentration of thought, energy, infinity and evolution; because this form of matter represents the source of where this universe originates from and the evolution of the universe itself. Subatomic particles have to represent every form of activity that has taken place in the universe because they belong to these aspects of time and space. The Higgs boson represents the beginning of the universe, the foundation for evolutionary activity and the basis for the identity of the universe as well. After the introduction of the Higgs boson there was a formation that took place like a child in the womb of a mother and this is also how reproduction was introduced into existence. Reproduction on Earth is a representation of matter and evolution of the early formation of this universe and the introduction happening in time and space. This is why there is discussion now among the scientific community on what Roger Penrose theorized as Conformal Cyclic Cosmology. It was actually an early formation and introduction of the universe which happened; which somewhat simulates another universe.

The early formation of the universe contained Higgs bosons and due to the conceptualization of life being introduced in the formation the frequency vibrations began to change and the evolutionary development of the universe began producing subatomic material from the convergence of the frequency vibrations that contained thought and light and dark energy. Pressure was introduced into the formation as well due to the mixture of light and dark energy with different states of evolution happening. Because light energy contains higher frequency vibrations and dark energy contains lower frequency vibrations; when converged with different types of evolutionary development there is different degrees of polarity that occur which generates pressure. There was evolutionary development happening which represented force and there was resistance occurring in the formation due to the uncertainty of change in the state of evolution itself. The reason is; this formation of consciousness and energy had previously belonged to this larger body of consciousness and energy and a new development was taking place in existence with the introduction of the universe. 


Contained within the formation there was very powerful evolutionary force and very powerful evolutionary resistance. The resistance to change in evolution transferred into energy and this transferred into some of the subatomic material that was being produced. This is how antimatter was introduced into existence. The resistance contained within the formation that generated antimatter was thought, frequency vibrations and light and dark energy that was transferring back towards the source of the introduction in the formation. This was supposed to happen so when the introduction from the big bang took place there could be a source of connectivity between the universe that was being introduced and the source that was introducing the universe; so a transfer of thought and energy could be maintained and there would not be a complete separation between the universe and the source of thought and energy which introduced this universe. When evolutionary development became powerful enough and the resistance level dropped significantly a large amount of matter and antimatter collided creating an explosion which caused the big bang to occur. 


There was a lot more matter than antimatter in the formation because evolution is more powerful than the resistance; so this allowed for the formation of this universe and the introduction of life. Life for this universe actually began in the early formation with the introduction of the Higgs boson. The formation took place with conceptualization; there was an increase in evolutionary activity and development with the introduction of more matter and a higher concentration of light and dark energy and vibrational frequencies. The big bang took place so light and dark energy could fuse together within the frequency vibrations and another form of thought and energy could be introduced as a structure inside of this larger body of thought and energy. This was so this universe could experience a new development of life with the introduction of matter and this ultimately would increase the power of the larger body of consciousness and energy that this universe is contained within. This is how and why reproduction exists and the continuation of life occurs within the dynamics of the universe itself. This universe was introduced with the basis of the advancement of life itself; which means the advancement of consciousness and energy.


The reason that the scientific community resists the proposal of consciousness being a primary element of matter and energy is due to Earth's location in time and space. Earth is located in a region of time and space that is 13.51 billion years old. Because this universe contains thought within these frequency vibrations; this thought and energy stores memory. Earth is located in time and space where the memory is stored of the early formation of this universe and the initial introduction with the big bang and Earth is supposed to be in this location for a reason. Life and the evolution of consciousness needed to be introduced into a location in time and space close to where the origin of the introduction of the universe took place so the universe itself could experience a more powerful development in evolution; with the activity of life existing close to where the introduction of the universe took place; because previously there had been no life in this location and it was necessary that this happened so this universe could experience a higher degree of evolutionary advancement. 


There was supposed to be scientists here studying the behavior of matter and energy so matter and energy could experience evolutionary advancement in this region of time and space. There was supposed to be resistance to the proposal that consciousness exists within the framework of matter and energy on Earth so the resistance that was experienced in the early formation and introduction of matter into existence for the first time could experience evolutionary development and advancement. The reason this happens is because scientists themselves represent life and life experiences evolutionary development and advancement. There are other forms of thought, energy and matter on a global level that represent the evolutionary development of exactly what took place with the early formation and introduction of this universe because we have to here on Earth. You have probably heard before that we contain the universe inside of us or we are the universe experiencing life. This is exactly correct; but because of Earth's location we are the universe experiencing the most powerful level of evolutionary development and advancement. 


Like I mentioned before subatomic particles have to represent the activity that is occurring in time and space or what has occurred in time and space previously. Something very powerful happened when the big bang took place. The early formation of the universe underwent a very powerful change and advancement with the introduction of the big bang. The advancement came from a very powerful convergence of thought and light and dark energy when fusion happened with the big bang itself. The fusion that occurred with the big bang generated more power in evolution with thought, light and dark energy and the introduction of matter. Thought, light and dark energy being introduced into a new form called matter in existence was the advancement of evolution in existence. This is why the universe was introduced as well; so matter could be represented in a structure of a new development of time and space. A new introduction of a construct of "time" was also an advancement because what had existed before was thought, light energy, dark energy and infinity. A new construct of time was introduced so everything could evolve with an incorporation of this construct within the dynamics of infinity itself which would generate more power within this infinite body of thought and energy that the universe is contained within. In other words time was introduced to create more power within the evolutionary development of infinity itself. 


Thought, matter and energy contained within the universe has an extremely powerful desire to exist forever within the dynamics of time and this desire or will is what produces more evolutionary development within the existence of infinity itself. When the big bang happened the thought and energy in the formation became completely unaware of what was happening for a moment. The big bang represented a very powerful change in the evolutionary state of thought, energy and matter which were contained within the formation. This is how death was introduced into existence. Death is different than what human beings currently perceive of what is happening in Earth's environment. Death is extremely powerful here on a global level because Earth is located close to where the big bang took place. Life is being introduced on a global level within fractions of a second and death is following close behind. This is very powerful activity that is taking place in time and space and this represents the evolution of the activity that took place with the introduction of the universe with the big bang. 


When the big bang took place there was thought, matter and energy contained within the formation that represented life from the introduction of the Higgs boson and other subatomic material; that went through a very powerful transition with the explosion. Life was being experienced right up to the moment of evolutionary change with the fusion that occurred with the explosion. Life lost awareness for a moment when the explosion happened and life transitioned into a state of change with the explosion that occurred. Thought lost awareness for a moment then the introduction of the universe took place. This is what has been happening with living organisms on Earth consistently. When the experience of death happens here; the resistance contained in the body and consciousness (which are one in the same) which is represented by pressure contained within the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy in the body is released and the identity of the individual which is uncompromising in time and space is transferred into the frequency vibrations of the Higgs field. When this happens the individual accelerates with the universe and redevelops along the way and enters into a new state of evolutionary advancement and development into a different location in the universe; which is in the Whirlpool galaxy. They arrive safely into world's contained in this galaxy. 


This moment that I am describing about death which is a change in the evolutionary state of a living organism that was introduced into the universe with the big bang was introduced into the universe and exists within time and space; and is represented by certain frequency vibrations and energy. This is where neutrinos come from. Neutrinos were introduced into this universe at this exact moment that the change in the evolutionary state of this universe was taking place. That moment transferred into universal evolutionary development and this aspect of the universe is very powerful in this location of time and space because of Earth's location. When this moment of change and transition occurred thought lost awareness and light and dark energy fused together in a very powerful way. Because of the transition that was taking place it meant that evolution itself was changing and there was no resistance involved in the process. This is why neutrinos have no charge. Believe it or not this is also why they are referred to as the "Ghost Particle". This description of this subatomic particle was formed in consciousness here so a more powerful form of evolution can take place on Earth; and this is happening now with Earth's evolutionary development. This is why there is so much discussion on the neutrino right now in the scientific community.


The term Ghost Particle is in reference to the experience of death. This term actually evolved into the consciousness of the scientific community so the consciousness and energy associated with death in the universe; particularly in this location could evolve into the activity in the scientific community and help this aspect of the universe evolve into life here on Earth. This is what is happening now is these two elements of thought and energy are evolving together. These two aspects which are life and death were introduced into existence and transferred outwardly with evolution with the introduction of the universe and have remained separate entities in the universe from the beginning of the introduction. Now what is happening with evolutionary development is these two aspects of existence are converging back together because they both came from an infinite source in the first place; and everything has to evolve back into this state. The difference now is this universe contains matter and existence was changed forever with the introduction of matter; which will generate more power within this infinite source of consciousness and energy. This universe was introduced to advance the evolution of thought and energy by introducing matter into existence in the form of living organisms and a diversity of other systems which contain life. The Higgs boson was recognized first here in Earth’s environment as the evolution of life from the early formation of the universe. Neutrinos are becoming more popular now in scientific research because the consciousness and energy of death is converging into life with evolutionary development. 


Neutrinos can pass through matter unimpeded or undetected because they represent this form of consciousness and energy. Neutrinos can pass through matter without being affected by it also because of what they represent; because the matter which they transfer through represents the evolutionary activity of life itself in the universe. The matter that they transfer through contains frequency vibrations that represent the evolutionary development of conceptualization or thought. When neutrinos were formed the frequency vibrations of thought that were being generated in that moment lost awareness and this is what transferred into this type of matter known as neutrinos; so when they transfer through matter the frequency vibrations in the matter they are transferring through don’t affect or change the state of the neutrino. This is why they remain “ghostly” and are very elusive. Life and death are converging together in Earth’s environment through evolutionary development. This is what happens when a living organism on Earth experiences death is they transfer into another location in the universe into world’s in the Whirlpool galaxy. Because the experience of death transfers into the living organism they contain this other element of time and space; therefore remain eternal. They are returned back to the source of the introduction of this universe. This activity is emerging and evolving into this region of time and space in the Milky Way galaxy and within Earth’s existence. 


Many have called this the Shift in Consciousness and others call this the Apocalypse. There is nothing to fear with the term Apocalypse. Apocalypse means a revealing of information and a transition into a heavenly state. The heavenly state comes from the evolutionary development of the source which introduced this universe; which is contained within the Higgs field evolving into Earth. This is what is happening now and very remarkable changes are upon us now. My work involves introducing or revealing information that human beings have not previously been exposed to before. This is because consciousness and energy are evolving here in Earth’s environment and new information will become integrated into human consciousness here through evolutionary development, activity and advancement. This is what my work is about is; introducing consciousness into the evolutionary development of matter and energy into the scientific community on a very powerful level. The empirical evidence of my work is evolving with myself and my work itself and soon the scientific community will be exposed to this proof because my consciousness is going through a very powerful state of evolutionary advancement now.   


About Sean:  I've been writing extensively in Metaphysics for about six years now. The primary reason that started me on this literary endeavor was when I heard about the shift in consciousness. I have always sought out and tried to incorporate spirituality in my life to enhance my experience here. I guess you could say I've been an explorer of divinity. In 2010 I saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy. In 2012 I heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. I knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that I had been researching and writing about. Since that time I've have utilized different aspects of subject matter pertaining to science and divinity to formulate important and powerful conclusions on what philosopher Thomas Kuhn referred to as the Paradigm shift. I have just finished a book called "Earth's Miracle Through The Paradigm Shift" which I am seeking publication now. I feel as though my unique approach in writing have defined the shift in consciousness in a very spectacular way, that can appeal to a broad range of audiences considering the diversity of the subject matter I include in my conclusions.   

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