March 2020

"Animals And Their Significance

With The Shift In Consciousness"

By Sean McCleary

Animals were introduced into world's contained in Universal Consciousness a long time ago. Animals were created before beings by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of assisting with the evolution of consciousness. When I mention the Holy Spirit in my work please understand that I am referring to consciousness which represents eternal love and eternal life.  He introduced this type of DNA into world's by using the elements contained in Universal Consciousness like hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and phosphorus. What also transferred into the creation of animals was very powerful eternal love. The reason there are so many types of animals is due to how many infinite types of combinations that consciousness, time, space, elements and evolution can be contained within at any given moment in Universal Consciousness and the world's that are contained in Universal Consciousness. Every world in every galaxy has a unique and special consciousness and represent living organisms. Life form is contained within the consciousness of world's and all of this exists so consciousness and love can be represented on a subatomic, atomic and molecular level within environments all the way up to a universal and infinite level. This activity represents the evolution of consciousness in existence. 

Animals were introduced into the consciousness of world's to assist with the evolution of love in consciousness. Fear has been contained in Universal Consciousness since Universal Consciousness was introduced; and different degrees of fear can represent the resistance to the evolution of consciousness.  Universal Consciousness was introduced out of Infinite Consciousness and contains eternal love; and the foundation for eternal love and eternal life in Universal Consciousness has been the Higgs field. Physicists have theorized this field of energy and have done some study on this field but don't understand what this field of energy does in reference to the evolution of consciousness. This field of energy has maintained a very powerful connection with Infinite Consciousness which Universal Consciousness is contained within. Universal Consciousness holds the body of galaxies everywhere which contain life in solar systems and world's and this is how consciousness evolves on a micro level; within consciousness that exists on a macro level. Before Universal Consciousness existed there was only consciousness measured by frequency vibrations, light energy, dark energy and eternal love. Eternal love has always existed because eternal love gives eternity a reason to exist.

On the most powerful fundamental level consciousness and higher frequency vibrations generate light energy and consciousness and lower frequency vibrations generate dark energy. Dark energy supports the foundation for the generation of more light energy in the consciousness because when this happens a sensation is produced in the consciousness which is familiarized as love. Love is experienced like this because when consciousness evolves and more light energy is produced; higher frequency vibrations transfer into the consciousness and the consciousness experiences this sensation as love. This also happens with dark energy but the sensation is different because the frequency vibrations are lower. The reason I mention frequencies is because this is how consciousness transfers.  There have been misconceptions about dark energy here in the human condition and it is not dark energy which causes the experience of separation in the consciousness; it's pressure that can become restricted within these vibrations and this restricts the evolutionary activity of these vibrations; which generates resistance to the evolution of consciousness. This is where fear comes from. Photons carry and distribute light energy and assist with the process of the evolution of light energy and love in the consciousness and evolve out of these frequency vibrations originally. Photons were necessary in Universal Consciousness because matter requires light energy and photons are building blocks in the evolution of matter.

Before Universal Consciousness existed; Infinite Consciousness had been exchanging frequency vibrations and generating eternal love and this activity has always existed. An evolutionary event through the process of conceptualization took place before 13.8 billion years ago and the concept of Universal Consciousness was introduced into existence. Everything in Universal Consciousness; you, me, stars, galaxies, planets, life etc. are all concepts. What exists at the very foundation of consciousness and energy in existence is the will of conceptualization; and this is for the purpose of creating and helping consciousness evolve. Universal Consciousness began with a concept and this was for the purpose of generating more love inside of Infinite Consciousness and this introduction was necessary because it has happened and exemplifies the evolution of consciousness and love. There was a process that took place before the actual introduction of the universe through expansion and acceleration. Physicists haven't been able to see, detect or measure this activity because their consciousness has not evolved far enough into the foundation of Universal Consciousness to allow them to see this activity. The foundation for eternal love and eternal life in Universal Consciousness is the Higgs field but human consciousness has not been able to access this field of energy because the type of fear they contain in the entire body. The entire body is comprised of consciousness and energy not just the brain because we all exist within the dynamics of consciousness everywhere. Human beings don't understand this either because of the type of fear contained in the human body. 

An individual attends a funeral. Part of their consciousness says "I hope they go to a better place" or "they are in Heaven now with God and Jesus". Then another aspect of their consciousness says "My God they get buried and never exist again or R.I.P. This type of fear is mainly stored in the subconscious energy which is all over the body and the subconscious energies primary purpose is to store something called "fear and dark energy" which is pressure contained within the frequency vibrations of dark energy. This type of fear is the fear associated with the uncertainty of death. Human beings contain a concept of non-existence in their consciousness and entire bodies. This type of fear is the most powerful fear in existence because it suggests a complete separation from eternal love. This is actually where black holes come from in Universal Consciousness. This type of activity transferred from Universal Consciousness into human beings. This is only an illusion and cannot happen to any living organism because everything comes from eternal love, eternal life and eternal consciousness. One of the reasons that people contain fear like this is because the scientific community primarily focuses on the behavior of matter and energy and not consciousness. Panpsychism is trending now in the scientific community and this is due to the evolution of consciousness on Earth. 

Soon with the Shift in Consciousness the human race will be introduced to the existence of consciousness everywhere. Science was supposed to happen exactly the way it did so scientists who contain consciousness themselves could focus primarily on subatomic, atomic and molecular activity with evolutionary development and assist with the evolution of this type of matter in Earth's consciousness. Scientists contain love and consciousness and without knowing it they have been helping with the evolution of matter into Earth's consciousness and Universal Consciousness as well; in order for the Shift in Consciousness to take place. Religious people have been assisting with the evolution of the Holy Trinity's consciousness; who love Earth and all the inhabitants with all their heart and the metaphysical and philosophical community has been helping with the evolution of consciousness. All of these aspects have been working together to ensure the evolutionary development and advancement of planet Earth. But this type of fear that exists in human beings is the most powerful fear in existence and this fear repels the vibrations from the Higgs field away from the body. The human body repels the very foundation of eternal life, eternal love and eternal truth away from themselves because fear stored in the body like this is a type of pressure system as well within light and dark energy in the body. Other living organisms on Earth like animals are different because of the way they exist and this type of fear stored in their bodies isn't quite as powerful as human beings considering the type of dynamics in human consciousness when it comes to all the experiences associated with life and death. 

Human beings contain a lot of different aspects of fear that are incorporated into Earth's environment and there is a constant flow of different stimuli associated with the life of a human being. Animals exist in a more simplistic way in reference to their relationship with the environment. Living organisms on Earth contain very powerful fear in their consciousness (bodies) but there are different degrees of fear which represent the experience of separation in the consciousness. Fear is pressure contained within the frequency vibrations of light and dark energy. This pressure transfers into dark energy easier because there is more dark energy in existence and the vibrations are lower; so it's easier for pressure to transfer into dark energy. What this is referred to is "fear and dark energy". Pressure that expands and accelerates comfortably with time and space in the consciousness and the vibrations of light and dark energy represents fear that is contained in the consciousness and experiences evolutionary advancement easily. This type of fear does not cause the fight or flight mechanism to respond in ways that fear where pressure becomes restricted does; because when resistance to the evolution of consciousness occurs it generates activity in this mechanism.  Then there is fear that can become restricted within the vibrations of mostly dark energy and this restriction in pressure causes separation in the evolutionary activity of the vibrations of light and dark energy in the consciousness. This represents the resistance to the evolution of consciousness and can cause very powerful experiences of separation. This type of fear can be very destructive and has been exemplified in the human condition as hatred, evil, indifference, conflict, anger, rage, resentment, violence etc. The reason this happens is ultimately because the consciousness perceives this experience as a separation from love contained in time and space everywhere else except where this resistance is being experienced. 

There are a lot of examples on Earth which represent the resistance to the evolution of consciousness like this; but all of this resistance will be transferring out of Earth's consciousness and life on Earth with the Shift in Consciousness approaching. The Shift in Consciousness or Apocalypse is very real and this is what my work involves. Animals don't contain a lot of the different types of fear or restriction in pressure in their consciousness that human beings contain. This means that their consciousness has been able to interact with the energy contained in the Higgs field in different ways than human beings and they don't experience the same type of resistance in consciousness. Animals have been helping love evolve in Earth's environment and other world's contained in Universal Consciousness. Animals are contained in world's to assist with the transfer of eternal love from the Higgs field and into the environment. Interaction with animals causes the resistance to the evolution of consciousness in human beings to evolve. A great example of this is the adoption program that inmates in prison have with cats and dogs. Some of the inmates in different institutions have been involved with the interaction with animals as a therapeutic process to alleviate stress and discomfort associated with their experience. 

Love and fear have both been contained in Universal Consciousness since the introduction took place around 13.8 billion years ago and understanding this aspect of evolutionary development isn't that difficult. Before Universal Consciousness existed there was Infinite Consciousness and eternal love everywhere and matter had not been introduced into existence. The conceptualization of Universal Consciousness took place and this includes the introduction of matter. Infinite Consciousness took consciousness which had belonged to Infinite Consciousness and had always existed and created a new development in evolution. A very powerful change in the state of consciousness took place. Because matter was being introduced into existence and the formation of a body which contains galaxies was necessary it meant that Universal Consciousness had to begin a life of his/her own and experience evolutionary development in a completely different way than what had always existed. There was an early developmental stage that Universal Consciousness went through and this is when fear was introduced to existence. This early developmental stage is also why reproductive activity exists with living organisms in Universal Consciousness. The fear came from the uncertainty associated with the new development in evolution and because Universal Consciousness had to begin a life of his/her own it meant that with introduction that an experience of separation happened. The most powerful aspect of this consciousness and energy associated with this experience of separation with the new development in evolution represents death. This is how the experience of death was introduced into time and space was from the change in the state of evolution that Universal Consciousness went through with introduction. 

Eternal love and eternal life were also introduced because Universal Consciousness comes from eternal love and eternal life. Universal Consciousness has an identity as well and this identity comes from the conceptualization process and contains eternal love and eternal life. This is what the Higgs field represents and the Higgs field has maintained a consistent connection with Infinite Consciousness so Universal Consciousness and life contained within Universal Consciousness can continue experiencing evolutionary advancement with the transfer of love into consciousness. The Shift in Consciousness is about a very powerful increase in the transfer of consciousness and love from the Higgs field into everything contained in Universal Consciousness. Everything contained in Universal Consciousness is joining Infinite Consciousness and the experience of separation which has existed for over 13.8 billion years is being eliminated forever. It's just time for this to happen and soon Earth and all of the inhabitants will begin experiencing this transfer of energy. Animals everywhere have been helping with the transfer of eternal love and eternal life into consciousness contained within world's because they don't experience the same type of resistance that beings contain in their consciousness with the Higgs field. Love has been transferring into world’s in a very powerful way everywhere due to the population of animals and other living organisms in the environment. Animals have helped save the human race. Soon the human race will understand the importance of animal consciousness and what they have done to facilitate the change in evolution for existence and the introduction of eternal love and eternal life everywhere. 


About Sean:  I've been writing extensively in Metaphysics for about six years now. The primary reason that started me on this literary endeavor was when I heard about the shift in consciousness. I have always sought out and tried to incorporate spirituality in my life to enhance my experience here. I guess you could say I've been an explorer of divinity. In 2010 I saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy. In 2012 I heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. I knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that I had been researching and writing about. Since that time I've have utilized different aspects of subject matter pertaining to science and divinity to formulate important and powerful conclusions on what philosopher Thomas Kuhn referred to as the Paradigm shift. I have just finished a book called "Earth's Miracle Through The Paradigm Shift" which I am seeking publication now. I feel as though my unique approach in writing have defined the shift in consciousness in a very spectacular way, that can appeal to a broad range of audiences considering the diversity of the subject matter I include in my conclusions.   

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