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Created by Jordan David Pearce Duchnycz

Here is a great You Tube with many videos on all types of metaphysical and spiritual topics.  Since our mission to enlighten and inform, we will be posting at least one a month to be sure you have a great background in many aspects of metaphysics and spirituality.   


You can make a difference in the world. Tap into the truth of who and what you are and reclaim your power www.gaia.com/spiritscience.


Go beyond any perceived limits. Learn the truth of who and what you really are. Tap into the wonder of life and reclaim your true power www.gaia.com/spiritscience  This episode applies the concepts of chakras to the bigger picture in life. Patchman begins by applying it to America.   In contrast to most other countries like in Europe, America is very much a baby.  Most of modern America’s history has existed in the lower chakras. We’ve existed in a very materialistic world, heavily focusing on things like survival, food, sex, houses, cars and money.   This way of life was incredibly intense until the 1960’s, when the psychedelic revolution of free thinking and open love took place.   

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