"The Other Sixth Sense: Our Emotions"

By Tammy Colvin

We live in a vibrational realm. Everything has a vibration, down to the atomic and subatomic level where some parts of matter cannot even be pinned down beyond a probability of where they might be. So even the smallest parts of everything are continually moving and vibrating.

All of our senses are translators of vibration. Our eardrums literally vibrate as waves of energy touch and move them. Our eyes interpret a spectrum of light vibrating at different frequencies so we see light and dark and a spectrum of colors and shades. Our nose translates the vibration of molecules into fragrances and smells and helps add dimension to our taste which translates and interprets vibration into flavors. Our sense of touch translates vibration into sensations, pleasurable and painful. All of these senses help us interpret and navigate the physical world around us.

There is another sense we have to help us navigate our physical experience: our emotions. We tend not to think of emotions as an additional sense, but they are powerful tools to help guide us towards joy and satisfaction and away from anything less. Our emotions are connected to our intuition. Our intuition is steady, wise, constant and is guidance from our Inner Being, our soul. Both help to guide us towards what makes us joyful and makes our life meaningful and away from that which is dangerous, will make us unhappy and lead us in difficult directions. They work in concert to help us. 

So everything is vibrating. How we interpret and receive those vibrations, which changes as our vibration raises or lowers, is how we experience our physical world. When our vibration is higher, lighter, more joyous, we radiate positive energy that attracts to us things of a similar high vibration. It opens our ability to receive more ideas, inspiration, more things that make us happy and make us feel light and joyous. Our ability to see and recognize the good all around us is multiplied and so good leads to more good and more inspiration.

When our vibration is lower, and we are experiencing feelings like frustration, anger or fear, our energy is heavy low and negative. Not only do we feel badly, but we tend to see our world through the lens of frustration, anger or fear and we tend to see what we are feeling because it is attracted to us. Our ability to see, let in and experience good things is squeezed off as we are focused on what is wrong and how badly we feel. The good things are still there all around us, but we cannot even see them because of our focus on the negative, where our energy is vibrating.

In terms of how we feel, first there is a vibration. It is a vibration we are both receiving and radiating. Where we are on the vibrational scale determines the level we are vibrating at, and like vibration attracts like. You can also think of it as a mirror, because whatever energy we are sending out is mirroring back to us through our feelings and what we are experiencing. So we are vibrating at a certain level, receiving and radiating that vibration. How can we tell where our vibrational level is? The next thing that comes after the vibration is a thought. The thoughts we get are received, and the nature of the thought depends upon the vibration that generated it. And following close after every thought is an emotion. This feeling is our internal reaction to the thought and the vibration it is based upon. Our feeling tells us where our vibrational level is. If the feeling response we have is positive, or happy, this is our guidance system giving us a thumbs up in reaction to how our inner being sees this thought. If our feeling response is negative, it indicates there is something not in line with our highest selves and that some adjustment needs to be made, either in our choice or in how we are looking at a situation, in order to improve the vibration, then the thought, and then the feeling.

By paying close attention to our emotions and seeing them with a little bit of objectivity as the incredibly accurate guidance they are, we can become more aware of our own vibration and purposefully release the heavier negative and allow our vibrational level to rise. Our intuition is the voice of our Inner Being, helping guide us towards what we desire and away from what we don’t. Our emotions are our clear indications of where we are vibrating on the energy scale and reflect what we are attracting into our experience moment by moment. They work in concert to help guide us along our path. Natural fluctuations in our vibrational level are part of being in this physical experience. How we view these ups and downs can help us feel better faster. Accepting this allows us to go with that natural flow, be gentle with ourselves, and to honor how we feel, because those amazing emotions are helping us find our way to all we desire.

About Tammy:  Tammy is a Manifesting & Self-Love Coach who helps others feel their way to a joyous life. She lives in Upstate New York and is mom to one incredible human teenager and a handful of delightful furry people as well. he has been a spiritual seeker for a lifetime and has been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction for over 10 years, finding it an empowering & liberating tool for self-growth and self-actualization.

Tammy's Website - http://goodfeelingsmatter.wordpress.com