March 2020

"What's Going on For March 2020?"

The March Full Moon is called the Worm Moon. 

The first super moon for the year will occur on March 9.


Moon graphic from: The Farmer's Almanac 


Vernal Equinox 2020

This year in the northern hemisphere the Spring or Vernal Equinox falls on the 20th March. The equinox marks the day when day and night are the same lengths all over the world, with the word equinox literally meaning equal night‚in Latin.

The spring equinox marks the change of the seasons and as the northern hemisphere begins to tilt towards the sun, our days start to get longer and our nights shorter. In the northern hemisphere, we enjoy the arrival of spring and the promise of warmer days. To our friends in the southern hemisphere, however, this marks the changing of their seasons to autumn.


The equinox does not always fall on the same day each year due to the fact that the earth orbits the sun on a slightly elliptical path, meaning that the spring equinox can happen on either the 19th, 20th or 21st of March. Although many cultures celebrate the whole day as the equinox, the equinox is, in fact, technically the specific point in time when the sun crosses the equator.

In the northern hemisphere, the March equinox is traditionally celebrated as a time of rebirth with many different cultures celebrating spring holidays and festivals such as Easter and Passover around the time of the equinox.


Ostara - The Next Pagan Holiday

The name Ostara is the root of the word Easter. It is debated how far back the Pagans celebrate Ostara, and whether they celebrated the festival at all.  Pagans who have celebrated Ostara will have rituals about fertility, nature and new growth. It's a time to celebrate the first day of Spring and to give thanks to the God and Goddess.

Easter is basically the festival of Ostara. What is Ostara? It is a pagan holiday that is still celebrated on March 20. It was used to celebrate the Spring Equinox, also known as the beginning of the Spring season. Ostara was a fertility goddess who was celebrated by the growth of new life.  The connection between Easter and Ostara’s focus on the growth of new life is quite similar. 

The connection of rabbits and easter eggs don't seem to have a connection but looking back at the Ostara celebration it makes sense. The rabbit because of its high reproductive rate, was seen as Ostara’s sacred animal. She also gave a special bunny the power to lay multicolored eggs. Children would also present eggs to the goddess to as a sign of fidelity. Ostara was so delighted by it she would have her bunny helpers return the eggs in baskets to the children. The ritual was adopted by Christianity.  The priests who were trying to convert pagan children would offer money for the eggs, which evolved into the finding of eggs or – Easter egg hunts.