December 2019

"Astral Projection Guide - Article 2" By Yvette LeBlanc

Every word in this article is the truth and not exaggerated in any way. 


We tend to dismiss the stories of astral projection (aka astral travel and out-of-body travel) recorded in ancient and more recent history as fiction. However, I know from personal experience that astral projection is real. We all have the power to have these amazing adventures. We just need to recognize that we do and then focus on doing it. 

I am certainly not alone in this day and age in discovering that we live in and have unique bodies on many different planes from the dense physical to the very high spiritual along with many places in between. When these unique bodies are working in harmony, new levels of achievement and happiness are ours for the asking. 

There are some who discredit astral projection because scientific testing cannot verify it. The reason is that when we leave our physical bodies we leave the physical world behind. Out physical bodies and not our astral bodies were created for the physical plane. When we project, we are usually in what is called the astral plane. Sometimes we come close to the physical, but we are not in the physical. Distortion of the physical realm is very common.

The more you focus throughout your day on beautiful, swirling rainbow-colored lights and the holy and happy feeling it brings the easier it will be to astral project to beauty and love. I believe color is a gift from God to help us return to Him/Her. If misused it will help us experience one of the many Hells or places in between instead.

Astral travel happens in that moment between waking and sleeping. If approached from the sleeping state, it’s called a lucid dream. To project from this state I suggest you start by laying with your head pointing northward to take advantage of the magnetic pull of the Earth on the north/south axis. Just like how a compass works, if you place a blade of grass in a cup of water on a level surface, the grass will move to this north/south axis. Why not take advantage of this energy? I believe it gives us more control while sleeping.

Pray for guidance before you go to sleep and you will have many interesting, sleep-time adventures. Assert out loud that you want to be in control of your dreams and remember them and each attempt will become more and more real. You can also ask for guidance or solutions to problems and amazingly you will receive it.

The following is one of my favorite methods to have an out-of-body experience starting from the waking state. Get comfortable, either from a sitting or laying down position. The straighter your back is the more you will be in control. Breathe very deeply through your nose until you are very relaxed. Lightly massage your face to bring on an even more relaxed state. Be very centered in the present moment. Visualize beautiful rainbow colors.

Mentally embrace a tall tree. Remember the wonderful feeling of its quiet and holiness. Pretend to climb the tree. When you get to the top remember what a cool breeze feels like and let that breeze fill you. Let it bring you to any other place you desire to be or sometimes just stay right there. Just know that you are in control.

If you so choose, project to your concept of Heaven. Don’t make my mistake and feel not worthy. We are all creations and part of God and that doesn’t change no matter what we’ve done or become on the Earth plane. In Heaven you will find beautiful rainbow-colored light that is alive and vibrating with love. Become part of it and you will grow spiritually. It’s an awesome, life-changing experience.

If you focus on astral projection, you can do it. We all can. The following are some of my experiences..

After my normal preparation routine, I just focused on my crown chakra. (The Hindus teach that a chakra is an energy point.) After a while with no effort the screen my closed eyes make also moved upward. I saw swirling, beautiful colored light, very hard to describe. I recognized it as being part of me so there was no feeling of not being worthy. It is the energy that keeps our heart beating and enables us to think, reason, and move about. There is no better place to be. I stayed for a long time. It was hard for me to return to the physical but I seemed to have no choice.

I had meditated in the early morning but did not have an experience. It disappointed me. However, the following seemed to be an unexpected gift that made my early morning effort very worthwhile, something like a delayed reaction.

In the physical, I was exercising in my living room and had just stopped to catch by breath and so laid down on my couch. As soon as I closed my eyes I was climbing a huge rope with large knots in it. The knots were spaced close enough so that I could use them to help me climb upward. After a short time the rope swayed and brought me to a Heaven world.

Even though the trip was beautiful, I saw some of my own negativity as gray stone-like objects. When I focused on them wondering what they were, they seemed to be trying to drag me back to the physical. There were lots of angels and holy people trying to help me. I knew I needed to control my focus. They held my hands so that I could stay. We were surrounding a large white light with gold. It was awesomely holy. I truly did not want to leave. With their help I believed I could stay. However, the experience did not last long.

What brought me back to the physical were the thoughts of how I would put this experience into words. However, I can still see and feel a faint trace of one of the angels in the background of my many distracting thoughts.

What are angels? Are they holy people on the other side? Are they creations of God who have never materialized in the physical? Are the ones I saw in the shape I expected them to have or is that their normal shape? I did see what appeared to be large wings, but I’m not sure because they were not extended. I wonder. All I know is that angels are real and that’s what is really important.

Most of the time I’m a vegan. Once in a while I cheat and have a piece of cheese or something containing an egg. This one day I ate a sandwich containing a couple of slices of Swiss cheese which I was craving. That evening I had a very lucid dream of a cow staring straight into my eyes.

I have been praying for guidance. I want my desire to dwell in Heaven to be more intense because I keep getting distracted by mundane matters. My prayers were answered.

I hadn’t projected to an object in a room in a while so that is what I chose to do today. I selected my china closet as my destination. On a scale of one to ten for such astral projection I was about number seven. I could see it pretty clearly in my head. But then a sphere of white light surrounded by the gold appeared. Of course, projecting inside that light was much more enticing so I centered on that instead. I shortly arrived at a Heaven world where all I saw was beautiful, individual, swirling sacred light. I realized this light was alive and contained different beings. I felt wonderfully happy. I felt I was recognized and they were glad I was there. This was home.

Sadly this experience did not last long. It was like a message that this is what Heaven can be if I choose it to be.

By the way she was dressed it appeared that the time was long ago or maybe it was another reality. I cannot tell. I have found time to be an illusion and reality is where we have our focus.

I’m not sure if this young girl was one of my incarnations or not. She was wearing a beautiful, light-blue dress. She was very pretty and did not want to leave her physical manifestation. They placed her body in a coffin and closed the lid. It was dark and so she left.

Last night I saw a flash of blue light in the physical. I remembered what it looked like later and embraced it inside of me as I projected inward. It became my Heaven.

About Yvette: I’m just a regular person who has stumbled upon some easy methods for astral projection.  As a young child, many vivid dreams of jumping down my front-hall staircase without touching the stairs and floating over a grassy hill gave me a firm conviction that I was like Peter Pan and could fly. And guess what, we can all fly and I can tell you how.  During my mid-twenties, while giving myself self-hypnotic commands to relax, I very unexpectedly, while fully awake, floated above my body for a few moments. I was a sphere of energy and light and could see in all directions at once. This earth-shaking experience started my quest for knowledge and thirst for more such experiences. Due to the kindness of my spiritual guides, I have now had many exciting astral projection and inner world adventures. I feel compelled to share this wisdom and my stories, both awesome and difficult, with you.  There are many wonderful, enlightening books on astral projection. My guides have helped me write one of them. It’s called “Astral Projection Guide” and is available on Amazon. To visit the sales page click on this link below.

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