November 2019

"Astral Projection Guide" By Yvette LeBlanc

Every word in this article is the truth and not exaggerated in any way. 

Many years of having extraordinary astral adventures along with some personal guidance from my own guides received during astral projections, visions and lucid dreams have led me to some unexpected and very unorthodox beliefs about what life both on Earth and the other side is really all about. I am very grateful to be able to share some of my stories and instruction with you. I am not special. We can all do whatever it is we strongly focus on including astral projection.

Through your own adventures to the astral plane you will have a very new perspective of life which you will discover is nowhere near what it appears from the physical world to be. You will also become free from the fear of physical death. There are many healthy and safe pathways for you to choose that will help you become free. Let me show you what has helped me.

Be careful not to watch a violent television show or read a violent book right before your attempt because you will probably go to violence instead of a positive place. A nice walk first in Nature is my best advice but certainly not necessary. The holy feeling you get from meditating on some part of Nature from a blade of grass to a tall tree can be your stepping stone by bringing the memory of that feeling with you as you begin your astral projection.

A good shortcut to the very relaxed state necessary to astral project is to start by gently rubbing your face up and down and then rubbing the rest of your head.

Always ask out loud for assistance from a high and holy spirit, strong emphasis on “holy.”

Both Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism teach that we all have many energy points called chakras. To astral project I find it very helpful to first meditate on four of the higher powerful ones. Three are located along the spinal cord, one just above the head. It helps me if I visualize a white sphere of vibrating, live energy in each of the following places. I like to start with the heart chakra located at the very center of the chest. I color it surrounding the sphere of white with pink and find love and happiness. This start to my meditation  always brings a smile to my face. Next I go to the throat chakra. Most psychics see blue there; I color it blue but also surrounding a white sphere and find the power to accomplish the positive. In the center of my head I find the color of golden yellow surrounding the white sphere. Golden yellow is known to bring wisdom. Just above the top of my head I visualize only white, vibrant, live energy because white is made up of all the positive colors of the rainbow. This is our connection to God. God is everywhere. However, we have all left spiritual energy behind to experience the Earth plane. Meditating here is an easy place to reconnect. This energy can be brought down to flood our bodies with God’s holy love, power and wisdom. It’s just there for the asking to heal and strengthen.

Always start with a deep, spiritual meditation like the one described above. Astral projection will begin from either the waking but deeply relaxed state or a lucid dream because it is that precious time just between waking and sleeping where your adventure to other realms begins. 

There are many simple and straightforward methods to astral project. Let me explain.

To astral project from the dream state on purpose, as you doze off to sleep pretend to hold onto something that you easily remember the feeling like a stick of wood or a piece of metal. You could also pretend to dance like I do. Once you start dreaming take control of your dream by moving about. When you’re ready, if you choose you could jump into the sky or walk to a door and open it. If you have a destination (like Heaven) in mind, you will find yourself there. It’s that easy.

Once in a while dancing when lucid dreaming brings me to a time in another incarnation a very long while ago when I danced and sang with others around a large bonfire because we were so happy and grateful for its warmth and protection. It is always an awesome adventure for me.

If instead you choose to do a full-bodied projection. Imagine you are a balloon and pretend to fill your entire body with white-colored air. Let it sparkle with all the positive colors. Feel the air fill you from your toes to the top of your head. Don’t forget your arms. Then pretend to gently float upward. Forget about your body and just think upward. It might happen right away or it might take some practice but you will find whatever you want or expect to find.

Attempt to move about in your projection by taking steps or moving your arms. Even though in the astral plane you usually cannot be able to touch and feel things, the memory of what things feel like helps tremendously. To walk remember how your feet feel when you are walking in the physical. With practice, you will be able to take some control of the scenario and events. I recently had a projection where I was walking on my kitchen floor and could feel my feet. I stumbled and felt the pain. When I came back to the physical, the pain was gone. It was very unusual, but it did happen to me.

This one started real soon.  As I was meditating on my heart chakra the thought came that it would be more intense if I embraced it. With my projected hands I then embraced it. With my projected head I kissed it. I was very small and had with no effort at all projected inward. It was amazing to see my heart chakra from this perspective. I then did the same with my throat and middle of my head chakras. The energy and light became so powerful. Unbelievable! We are nowhere near what we normally think we are.

At one time I was in the habit of watching too much television just before meditating. I believe that is why I had the following projection.

It started as soon as I laid down and began my meditation on my heart chakra. I was riding a motorcycle through traffic. Everything was gray and misty. I concentrated on how the motorcycle handles felt to gain control. It worked. I drove very carefully. I could see the sidewalk, large buildings on both sides and lots and lots of automobiles all around. A few times I drove by accidents on the road without feeling any emotion or any desire to stop to help the victims. I just drove and drove. The journey to nowhere was endless. Usually my projections will stop on their own. However, with this one I opened my physical eyes because I had enough.

Here is a totally different experience. I entered the doorway to the light, but I could not get close enough to embrace it. I was only on the outskirts. I did not feel worthy to proceed. My lesson is that we are all worthy and beings of great light. We just need to recognize that fact.

For further step-by-step guidance on astral projection, you could read my book, “Astral Projection Guide.” It is available on Amazon in both the Kindle and paper versions. 

About Yvette: I’m just a regular person who has stumbled upon some easy methods for astral projection.  As a young child, many vivid dreams of jumping down my front-hall staircase without touching the stairs and floating over a grassy hill gave me a firm conviction that I was like Peter Pan and could fly. And guess what, we can all fly and I can tell you how.  During my mid-twenties, while giving myself self-hypnotic commands to relax, I very unexpectedly, while fully awake, floated above my body for a few moments. I was a sphere of energy and light and could see in all directions at once. This earth-shaking experience started my quest for knowledge and thirst for more such experiences. Due to the kindness of my spiritual guides, I have now had many exciting astral projection and inner world adventures. I feel compelled to share this wisdom and my stories, both awesome and difficult, with you."

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