March 2020

"How To Grow A Seed of Awareness" By Zhannabelle

We all love gifts. More often, gifts, in our understanding, are something material, beautiful or useful. 

But sometimes the universe gives us a meeting. And this meeting, as if you got on a train, which during your usual journey changed your idea of the world and yourself so that you woke up from a heavy sleep of helplessness, and now you know exactly how to solve each of your problems in the best way! Such a meeting for our correspondent was an interview with energy physician Zhannabelle, who shared a revelation with us, thanks to which she discovered her true destiny, the power of her ancient healers, was able to solve the problems of people in 34 countries on all continents and have tens of thousands of warm comments and thanks.

- Zhannabelle, now the most important question is how to awaken consciousness?

Energy physician Zhannabelle: Indeed, this is a paramount issue, for it is consciousness that is the eyes of our soul. Only a conscious person can be healthy, happy, successful, realize his mission. Often it only seems to us that we are conscious. And it is very dangerous! Let's get it together. I will not analyze the basics in detail, because I am sure that the readers of such a respected publication have enough knowledge and experience.

Of course, you know that every person has a body and personality. But he also has inside himself a small seed from which consciousness can grow, grow divine. It is this seed that is the meaning of our existence.

I like the image that came to me in meditation. I saw the body only in the soil in which this seed should grow.

In many spiritual traditions, a person is rightly called a false personality or false personalities. She and even they exist only because many people live around us. The appearance of personalities is only a by-product of the fact that various creatures have to look for ways to communicate, negotiate, and distribute roles in society. And there are many of these roles! You are either a child, an adult, a boss, or a subordinate.

A person often believes that his role in society is something important, but this is only a pot for the earth, in which a seed of consciousness can grow.

- That is, each person can grow his consciousness? We see that many people act unconsciously. Hence the violence, war, cruelty.

Energy physician Zhannabelle: Indeed, when they tell me what people do with the planet and with each other, it seems that some of them have no heart. But in every person there is a heart, and in every heart there is love. It is important where a person directs this love.

First of all, a person directs this love to something in himself.

And what you direct your love to begins to develop under the influence of this love.

I met Maria at a retreat in France. She came to reveal her destiny, for at 35 she had no permanent occupation. I tried this one, then the other, but nothing brought pleasure, and most importantly, there was always no money to raise my son, there was no peace in the family.

Using Mary as an example, I want to show what happens to a person when he or she directs her love to a false personality. A person begins to grow a sense of importance, pride, and with them a claim to other people or self-pity. Negative emotions, aggressive reactions to people who are not going to satisfy your expectations, and may even not know anything about your claims and requirements, begin to increase.

And if a person directs all love to his false personality, the soul will perish, because a false personality is only a fiction. This was what Maria felt that something was suffocating in her. Therefore, she went to our retreat after reading an article in a magazine.

- How to feel it? I know that many, in search of freedom from a false identity, go to the forest, to the mountains. How it works?

Energy physician Zhannabelle: To separate yourself from a false personality, you need to remain without people and without the comfort they created. For example, a president is a president only surrounded by people who agree that they consider him president. But if he finds himself alone in the forest, then of course he can tell the trees and birds that he is president, but this will not help him survive. Nature does not support the illusion of man about his position in society. Therefore, people do not know what to do in the forest. The one who wants to grow a seed of consciousness walks a lot in nature alone and watches himself. The conditions of a retreat allow a person to be alone with nature, and at the same time, be under the protection and guidance of experienced masters. Mary first appeared in a real forest. Before that, she managed to get out only in a crowded park with a stroller.

- The body remains ...

Energy physician Zhannabelle: If a person directs love to the body, he falls in love with his instincts: hunger, thirst for physical activity, sexual instinct. It is especially bad if a person falls in love with laziness, the desire to eat a lot and sleep. Allowing himself laziness, a person accumulates the grossest vibrations. They absorb a person who can no longer perceive the subtle vibrations of joy, gratitude, sublime emotions. By directing all his love to the physical body, a person develops the animal principle in himself and thereby destroys himself. For example, during a retreat, Maria realized that she was used to eating a lot of sweets, and she compensated for her sleepy state, which causes an excess of sweets, with strong coffee.

A healthy diet helped Maria find an energy balance, and good habits of activation without caffeine abuse appeared. When she arrived at the meeting a month later, I hardly recognized her. She lost 15 kilograms, looked 24 and just glowed with happiness. And I’m already used to such results. Women generally can quickly rebuild their lives and flourish!

- Thank you for the excellent image! A person is a pot, a body is earth, and what is a seed of consciousness?

Energy physician Zhannabelle: If a person understands that personality and body are just tools and develops the necessary qualities of endurance, flexibility in them, strictly refers to himself, then he can direct his love to the divine seed within himself. He directs his love to the potential of development, to the possibility of becoming something more than a body and a false personality. And then, under the influence of this love, a seed can sprout and grow into a beautiful plant of divine consciousness. Such a person ceases to be ordinary, he is transformed into a God-man.

Mary found herself the third day of the retreat, she began to write notes and poems! She remembered what she liked to do in her youth. She started blogging and now travels the world and shares spiritual experiences with her many subscribers. The son, thanks to her help, mastered an interesting profession and became a web designer, and her husband finally founded his own business and is building a big house.

- Zhannabelle, it turns out, it is important what our heart is directed to?

Energy physician Zhannabelle: Where our heart is directed, our emotions are food, energy, due to which either something beautiful in us or something terrible will grow. What we direct our love to is what we become.

Our retreats are held in order to help participants direct love not to the person or body, but to the growth of consciousness. To this end, my colleagues joined together and founded the international field of love charity movement, which has been conducting seminars, retreats, charity meetings in 34 countries of the world for 30 years. We will be happy to help you too.

And we must direct love to the people around us. It is very important.

Already now you can do the practice of love - to teach your heart to direct love to what you have decided to cultivate in yourself. You can start with a simple and gradually complicate.

For example, you see a passerby walking past you who is neutral towards you. You can forcefully call him sympathy, friendliness. This is easy to do as long as you have no association with it.

When it will be easy for you, you can spread these feelings to people with whom you have a pleasant experience. For example, to continue to feel empathy and friendliness, even if these people make comments to you.

And the most difficult step will be to spread a bright feeling to people who are frankly unpleasant to you, even harm, insult.

Such a practice will gradually unite all the neurons of your brain, give a state of self-discipline, efficiency, the ability to make volitional efforts, and follow the path of development.

About Zhannabelle: Hereditary White magician, she possesses telepathy and clairvoyance, she sees and corrects auras and energetic bodies of people.  Missionary of Sirius, she came to the Earth to rid all people from the spirit of trauma.   Zhannabelle is an international women's life coach.  Author of unique courses all over the world, parapsychologist and Worldwide charity leader. Regular guest and expert of TV programs, Master of energy protection, Hereditary white witch and shaman.

Zhannabel was born in a very long line of women that had a deep knowledge of female wisdom. For many generations, they have known the secrets of motherhood, family and financial happiness, how to live in harmony and heal from any illnesses.  She devoted all her life to help women and children, supporting charity movement “Field of Love”.  Zhannabel uses her Healing super abilities which are scientifically proven to help people get rid from fears, anxiety, depression.

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