November 2019

"November Message Of Light" by Christia Cummings

Dear Beloved Children of the Light, 

We come forth this day to beam our love right into your hearts! Dear Ones, we remind you to PLAY! To play in JOY, to play in Spirit, to have an adventure where you would not normally take one! We encourage you to take the road less traveled! Its time to not do what you have always done, but to be adventurous and to see where a new road could take you! Its time to shift your frequency again into the unknown. Remember its just unknown for your human self, your Soul knows all, sees all, and has experienced all! So trust your Soul to lead you to new heights and new adventures to make your heart sing with JOY and Inspiration!!! 

We love you, 

Your Star Soul Family of Light

About Christia:  I was born an artist, empath, clairvoyant, and a channel of Spirit. My grandmother said I could draw and play cards before I could walk. I have always drawn upon Nature as my inspiration for healing and my art. In 1995, I had a spiritual awakening with a chorus of Angels-- a momentous event in my life – which caused me to open myself up to Spirit and the magical, inspirational multi-dimensional Universe.  I teach practical tools on how to open to a dialogue with your angels and spirit guides during my healing sessions and classes. The Angel Light energy comes through my artwork into your home and environment. Everything I do, say, or touch has Angelic Energy. It has been my prayer for over 20 years that I be a pure channel of the Highest Love and Light, and that I am of service to the Light.   Guided by The Arch Angels, I began working with clients from all over the world. The Angels have told me that I AM a bridge from the Angelic Realm to this 3D Human Realm. They have asked me to call myself an Angel Medium. I AM A Certified Angelic Life Coach, an Ordained Minister, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in painting.  

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