Metaphysical Articles for July 2018

July ROC Metaphysical

What's interesting, unusual or intriguing information we find and share about the month.

Featured July Writer

"How My Consciousness Has Been Affected By The Paradigm Shift" by Sean McCleary

Patricia Cota-Robles

"A Quantum Shift Toward Christ Consciousness" by Patricia Cota-Robles

Iris Waters

The Thoughtful Psychic

Christine Ogasawara

"Shifting Realities" by Christine Ogasawara

Dr. Seema Khaneja

"Departures - Dying With Grace" By Dr. Seema Khaneja

Marlaina Donato

"The Human Journey and Our Quest for Ascension" By Marlaina Donato

Sound Healing

Sound Healing which is either the listening or participation of making music/sound for positive health effects is now called Vibrational Healing.  

Connie Wake & Susan Fiandach

"Keys to a Successful Reading Today" By 

Connie Wake and Susan Fiandach

Rebecca Washington

"I Am Here" By Rebecca Washington

Tobie Hewitt

Mystic Musings by Tobie Hewitt

Christia Cummings

Channeling by Christia Cummings

Tom T. Moore

Most Benevolent Outcomes or MBO's 

Joelle O'Toole

"Learning Astrology; Your Moon Sign" By Joelle O'Toole


Tarot Topics By Jenna 

Tammy Colvin

"Breathe In Love" By Tammy Colvin

Book Review

 Erika Buenaflor has written a fabulous book.  Using her heritage as a healer, changed her life.   

Jayne Chilkes

"Angels of the 33rd Dimension" Excerpt by Jayne Chilkes

Dr. Judith Orloff

"How Medication Affects Empaths and Sensitive People" By Dr. Judith Orloff

Dianne Robbins

"We Create from Pure Light Substance" By Dianne Robbins

Mama Donna Henes

"One for All and All for One — Once and for All" By Mama Donna Henes

Jill Mattson

"Get Rid of Your Pain -Using Sounds" By Jill Mattson

Spirit Science

Learn about metaphysical and spiritual topics with Spirit Science.

Leo Barbuta

"The Art of Doing Nothing" by Leo Barbuta

Jen Sharples

"Acupuncture: Not just for Adults" by Jen Sharples

Poems & More

Poems, quotes etc ... 

Michelle Howe

"The Empath's Heart" By Michelle Howe


Retreat And Spiritual Centers

Where are the retreat and spiritual centers?