Metaphysical Articles for September 2018

September ROC Metaphysical

What's interesting, unusual or intriguing information we find and share about the month.

Featured September Writer

"Caged Changes" by David Linton

Patricia Cota-Robles

Patricia Cota Robles

"The Next Step In Our Preparation" by Patricia Cota-Robles

Iris Waters

Iris Waters

The Thoughtful Psychic

Christine Ogasawara

Christine Ogasawara

"Are You A Master Yet?" by Christine Ogasawara

Mark Landau

"The Creation Vibration" by Mark Landau 

Kathy Manikowski

Kathy Manikowski

"Cosmic Breathing" By Kathy Manikowski 

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Sound Healing which is either the listening or participation of making music/sound for positive health effects is now called Vibrational Healing.  

Connie Wake & Susan Fiandach

"Why Psychic-Mediumship" By 

Connie Wake and Susan Fiandach

Sean McCleary

Sean McCleary

"What Love Is And How It Is Produced" By Sean McCleary

Tobie Hewitt

Tobie Hewitt

Mystic Musings by Tobie Hewitt

Sheila Tillich

Two Articles By Sheila Tillich

Tom T. Moore

Tom T Moore

Most Benevolent Outcomes or MBO's 

Joelle O'Toole

"Transcending the ego ~Mars through the Signs" By Joelle O'Toole

Chris Lovelidge

"NDE and Investigations into Consciousness" by Chris Lovelidge

Tammy Colvin

Tammy Colvin

"Reward the Calm" By Tammy Colvin

Book Review

Monthly Book Review

Sean MCCleary one of our contributing writers has a new book.

Retreat and Spiritual Centers

Where are the retreat and spiritual centers?

Dr Judith Orloff

 “Emotional Contagion at Work: How to Stop Absorbing a Coworker’s Stress” By Dr. Judith Orloff 

Dean Fraser

"Nature Freely Gives" by Dean Fraser

Jill Mattson

"Sound- Its Influence on Civilizations" By Jill Mattson 

Patti Fields

"How To Pass A Spiritual Test" By Patti Fields

Stone of the Month

Learn about crystals, gems and semi precious stone from Christina Hall

Michelle Howe

"Life As A Chameleon" Michelle Howe


Dianne Robbins

Dianne Robbins

 "A New Golden Age Begins" By Dianne Robbins 

What is Channeling?


What is Channeling and how do they do it?

Jayne Chilkes

Jayne Chilkes

"The Thymus Gland" By Jayne Chilkes 

Sage Walker

Channeling by Sage Walker

Christia Cummings

Christia Cummings

Channeling by Christia Cummings