July 2019

"Painlessly Leaving Comfort Zones" By Dean Fraser

For sure change can be scary…yet remaining static is more so! 

Most of us humans are creatures of habit and the thought of contemplating doing something absolutely outside of our usual experience is seldom the easy option. 

Naturally there are those exceptions to this rule. Those gung-ho types who go charging headlong into any new situation full of bravado, fearlessly shaking life vigorously to extract every last gram of excitement from it. I am sure you will all know of at least one of this type of person. You might be thinking you have some way to go before emulating these adventure-seeking fellow humans, but you know what? 

You don’t have to. 

Simply being the best version of who we are is what matters in life, without having to go and conquer the highest mountains. Sometimes the smallest steps can feel to us like mountains to climb and yet when we take that step and then another towards our goals, we are conquering our own inner mountain! 

Small steps are preferable to none every single time and ensure we are going to get there some day.


A comfort zone can feel like a comfortable old jacket, the kind that we’ve had for years and yet somehow cannot part with. It doesn’t quite fit any more and it definitely looks tired, shabby and worn out. And yet we carry on wearing it, because it’s comfortable. 

Being in the Zone, however, feels exciting and vibrant. Every day brings new adventures or something to feel passionate about. Even those everyday challenges we all encounter from time to time no longer have the power to affect our mood and outlook; rather they are seen in context and to be easily overcome. 

To arrive at existing within the zone, rather than comfort zone, is going to require a leap of faith. Faith that whatever comes along once we are out there and, on our way, will only strengthen our resolve and make the end result all the more worth the effort!

Getting to where we wish to be can take a short time or in some cases, several years. Wherever we are headed though, once we leave that comfort zone the journey has begun, and life will suddenly take on new meaning and get a whole lot more interesting.

A comfort zone is a trap and now is the time to stand up and be counted. Be brave, although it can be slightly daunting to attempt building a new life of fulfilment. Do it anyway.

Imagine waking each morning full of excitement for the coming day, loving how we spend our working hours and chilling in the evening feeling deeply satisfied when we look back over the happenings of the day…


Is there something you might have always wondered what it was like to do, but your falsely self-imposed limitations apparently rendered it impossible? 

This can be from practically any starting point. 

In my case, ever since my early childhood I had possessed an irrational terror of large ships. Tracing back through my own timeline I eventually realised this all originated from a children’s picture book about Titanic and other shipwrecks. Bizarre, yet true! 

Finally, about fifteen years ago I chose to undertake a day-trip on the very source of my fear. A large passenger ferry to visit a nearby island, in quite rough seas as it turned out to be on the day – only to leave myself with no other alternative but to have to repeat the journey in even rougher seas in reverse coming back home late in the evening. Sure cured me of that one! 

You can do the same with anything similar in your own life and mentally tick off another supposedly impossible task completed. 

My first boss instilled in me from day one (when he had me rather tentatively phoning potential customers to pitch within an hour of arriving for my first day at the office) it’s fine to make a few mistakes, that is the only way to learn. And oh boy did I ever do exactly that with those first few phone calls! After a week or two though I began to understand what to say and how to say it to get a higher percentage of the positive responses rather than those turn-downs. 


Routine is a killer to ambition…doing the same thing day in day out puts us in a passive mindset of limitation. 

Doing something different each day instead places us into the mindset of accepting our life can also be different. 

Something different can be driving past the usual slot we always park our car, to go park someplace else on the car park. It can be taking a slightly different route on the same journey we habitually do every week day. If we always head left out the door from work to go buy a bagel for lunch, turning right to try something we haven’t had before. If we constantly wear black, putting on a red top or indeed any of the millions of small variations in our daily routine which lead us into unchartered options and areas. Getting into the habit of doing something different each day will make dealing and coping with any unexpectedly stressful situations way easier for us.

Committing to even one small change in routine daily ensures our subconscious becomes used to variety, then as we gradually leave behind any limiting comfort zones this happily becomes our expectation from life. 

To consistently stretch the limits of our own potential, being awake and prepared to grab those amazing opportunities when they happen for us.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

This can be YOU!

About Dean: Dean Fraser is an entrepreneur, broadcaster, best-selling author, poet, stress consultant and positive lifestyle coach. He has been talking to and advising local authorities, businesses and individuals for over thirty years.

Dean's website: http://www.deanfrasercentral.com