"Defining Success" By Dean Fraser


Always a choice…always a choice.

The concept of Success is incredibly personal to each and every one of us. 

Success being many things to many people; you or I do need to be sure to take the time to define just what being successful means to us personally: 

1. For some this will be doing exactly what they love every day and getting paid to do so, the actual amount of money is irrelevant, so long as they can pay their way, all is good. 

2. Others will think it terms of a financially rich lifestyle, freedom to perhaps travel or live somewhere they always wished to. They perceive a rich lifestyle for them isn’t necessarily about literally possessing millions; it is more about being able to comfortably do everything they wish to and having the freedom of choice. 

3. Or success can mean literally having millions in the bank, ten houses, a yacht in Monte Carlo, helicopter, their own private island and a Mercedes in every colour of the rainbow. 

4. Alternatively, living off the grid in a hand-crafted hut, surviving off the land and rejecting the concept of money all together! 

5. Buying a camper van to tour Australia and write a travel vlog on the way.

6. Or any another entirely personally inspired scenario that nobody else might have yet even thought of…

Ponder deeply as you focus your attention on your perfect utopia, your perfect vision of your own life as you have always dreamed it ought to be. And be honest with yourself here. 

There are no rules when it comes to where our life can go and isn’t that rather awesome? Nobody said everyone’s ideal reality of success needs to be the same…find yours and that is what you aim to live!

Success is in your hands, your life to renew

Taking the action to live dreams is down to you


Sometimes you have got to know when to quit, turn away from that particular dream and close the chapter in the most mutually beneficial way. Some businesses have simply run their course and the industry quite literally no longer exists – a prime example of this is the trade magazine business I grew over fifteen years ago, the emergence of the internet as most traders’ primary source of purchasing rendered paper trade publications entirely obsolete. 

The same framework applies if we are employed by someone else. If the prospect of getting-up each morning is kind of dreaded as it means yet another day of doing something we fail to buy-into or enjoy…then it’s time for a long overdue career change. We will get to this all- important subject a little later in the chapter Finding Your Talents on page 195. You might like to carry on reading in the meantime, rather than jumping ahead though, as it won’t make too much sense without first absorbing the information between here and that future chapter. 


As I have moved into full time writing and talks, most of my business interests these days are built around the internet in one way or another. 

E-shops and online bookstores reach markets a high street shop or even personal business website never could – well not without spending a few hundred thousand a year on advertising. I write books, record audio books and go out into the big wide world to give talks - I focus on what I love to do. 

I do appreciate how fortunate I am. I get to make a difference in the experience others have in their lives. Yet I know in reality what I do is show others the latent potential they always possessed within themselves but didn’t quite know how to apply in their day to day life. 


Anyone who wants to experience wellbeing beyond the mass collective subconscious needs to passionately care about their own wellbeing!

Cop-out thinking would have us not be too bothered about where we are going in life or passing over the responsibility for our precious health to some outside force like a doctor. 

Wellbeing comes from within. 

And to experience outrageous good fortune requires us to actively participate in the process. Or in other words care enough to take responsibility for our own happiness, health and success! 

Not caring is unempowered. It is the path of least resistance. Caring about our own wellbeing requires us taking absolute personal responsibility and never blaming others for our own learning curves along the way.

Caring requires self-discipline and determination. The rewards are immeasurable and personally I would choose feeling empowered over being a victim any day. 

Choose to care…it is all about YOU!

About Dean:   “What do you want to do when you leave school?”  This time the question came from a careers advisor at high school. Having less than eighteen months left to reside in the education system, I suppose it seemed an obvious question to ask. My reply stated I saw myself doing something creative, perhaps graphic design.

And for sure, I did. I indeed became a graphic designer for a little while. 

You will notice at no time here did I suggest (even secretly to myself) that I wanted to be a paranormal investigator or indeed an intuitive healer! 

It seems the Universe had other plans for me - you might call it my calling. 

I can say in all honesty I categorically never consciously set out to delve into the arcane, deliberately encounter the unseen; and yet throughout all my early life the experiences given to me made what I ended up doing almost inevitable. Oh, for sure I resisted my destiny. For nearly a decade I did my best to live the conventional life, I never particularly managed to achieve this, but I certainly did my level best! Those in need of healing still wound their inevitable way in my direction, no matter how much I attempted to pretend not to notice. 

I have always trusted we each have a calling in life, it seems my destiny found me, even if I did everything possible to avoid it for a little while! In the end I took the pathway before me into my destiny…whatever or wherever it took me, I trusted in my own ability to deal with anything, however bizarre, which came my way. And for sure some of it turned out to be seriously bizarre… 

Dean's website:   https://www.deanfrasercentral.com