"The Sound Model for Peace"

By Jill Mattson


Peace is an emotion. We all know what it feels like. Music creates emotions within us. One way to create peace is to listen to peaceful music. When music makes us feel peaceful, we create peaceful energy. Each uplifting listening experience adds a drop of positive energy to one’s energy fields. Music, which engages and entertains, can amplify peace.

Music can be pleasurable, feel good and birth peace. One can endlessly listen to music, even while doing other activities. As we listen to music, it overcomes us by making us tap our feet, calm down or dance a jig. We automatically match the vibrations and rhythms within the music. We can listen to music, until we become the music. We become the “mellow feeling of the serene melody” or mirror the dance-beat. When we “sync” with peaceful music we blend with others creating peace doing the same thing, tapping into their collective consciousness.

Sound energy can be subtle, and not heard. Perhaps the volume is too low for us to discern or it is a bit out of our hearing range. For example, vibrations emitted from a flower are too tiny to hear, yet they influence us none-the-less. People send flowers to the sick and grieving to uplift their feelings. Likewise, the invisible feelings of peace remain where the saint sat. Such peaceful feelings can influence the town, city and state, if the saint’s energy is powerful enough. A quantity of peaceful energy must be amassed to see a result in our dense material world. Energy that we ingest through listening effects our consciousness, but we need a large dosage to realize significant material changes.

Obtaining world peace can be compared to a game of Risk. In the game of Risk, players have different colored game pieces. Whoever has the most pieces wins the game. So if the game board is covered with blue game pieces, then blue wins and red loses. Likewise, in our world the largest quantity of energy, which can be found in pliable sounds and music becomes the dominant “song” that the masses march to. There is no struggle between peace and war – simply it is a game of amassing peaceful feelings or colored game pieces.

When you pray for people in a war torn area, your prayers for peace (positive energy) are like adding a small colored piece on the game board. When you pray in song form – like a mantra or a hymn, you place a large game board piece into play. Sound can amplify an emotion’s power. Everyone can use their uplifting feelings and voice to “vote” on what should be the dominating subtle energy of the world.

Music and the world pool of vibrations can be compared to an impersonal game with the largest quantities of vibrations (expressed as music, feeling or thoughts) dominating. The greater volume of a frequency overcomes or entrains another. So we must ponder: what are the songs that the world hears today? How many songs create peace versus war, and destruction into our collective wave pool?

So what is your contribution to the global energy pool? Everything about you (thoughts, feeling, actions and health) is entered into the global vibrational energy pool. This can be a scary analogy, but there is great beauty in this analogy as well. You matter—your thoughts, feelings and actions can tip the balance of power. Most importantly, are you singing? Out of tune (or whatever) is fine, but use your voice as the powerful tool that it is. And what music are you playing? What feelings does your music create?

To amplify the impact of using sound for peace, ancient masters noted that energy waves combine. We can combine an emotion and our voice. For example, the same word, “Hi”, can sound angry or loving. Sound combines with various energies, not just our voices. The energy of a song carries on a river, or an electromagnetic Earth current. Masaru Emoto photographed crystals of freezing water exposed to different emotions and words, showing the visual impact of combining one’s voice and water.

Butterflies, bees and birds fly north and south on invisible subtle Earth energy currents. Ancient Masters believed that these same Earth energies combined with sound. Ancient majestic temples and pyramids were constructed on naturally occurring earth energy currents and underground waterways to spread the positive energy created at a sacred site: the special energy of the stones, sacred geometry in the construction, the choir singing or the prayers of the saints. In ancient England, 24-hour choirs were positioned on Earth energy grid lines to anchor uplifting energy to a broad region. Imagine today, Earth-wide locations of continual peaceful singing. How powerful!

When war is destined to break out, the music stops. There are no street musicians, concerts are cancelled and even people hush their voices. No wonder Osama Bin Laden outlawed music for his followers. Can you imagine listening to the Beach Boys’ breezy and fun surfing songs before volunteering to be a suicide bomber?

A major cause of war is differences among people. It is easier to kill someone that is viewed as “different,” the enemy or evil, than someone we know. It is as if a “different” person is not human or we don’t feel the pain we inflict. One way to subtly get rid of “differences” is to listen to and enjoy the other person’s music. Look to the sixties in the USA. People hoped that “busing” would eradicate racial differences. It failed miserably. However, when youth loved the black rapper’s music, then racial differences were reduced and often forgotten. The youth “jived” and resonated emotionally with the singers and connected to them through sound. Sharing music belonging to “different” groups unites them.

Music is not invasive, it’s subtle yet powerful. It is a powerful force to create peace in the world.

About Jill: She is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound Healing!   She has produced nine CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits.  Jill is a four - time author. (The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award).  She offers an online Sound Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound! 

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