August 2019

"Time" By Monique Lang

We are so bound by the clock. It determines so much of our lives: when we get up, when we eat, when we work, when we rest, when we play, when we sleep... 

And yet. Clock time is a construct. It keeps us organized and on track. BUT it also prevents the flow of life the liquidity of space. When we are having fun or feeling good, time passes quickly. In difficult times it crawls at a snail's pace. 

Which is true? 

I invite you to connect with your own relationship to clock time. 

How it serves you and how it binds you.

About Monique:  Originally trained in psychoanalysis and Gestalt, I am certified in Internal Family Systems, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Comprehensive Resource Model and Past Life Regression. I am certified in both Reiki and Shamanic practices and ceremonies. In addition I have been a student of Meditation for over 20 years.    

Although I recently moved from New York City to Syracuse (upstate NY), I was born in France, grew up in Central America and have lived in many different states and countries. Although moving around was difficult at the time, it allowed me to experience different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and spiritual orientations. This understanding is helpful in my work with my clients as it enables me to understand and put into context each person’s particular background and way of viewing the world.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I was an editor and a security analyst for a financial institution, a translator, an office manager for a community action group and program director in a community center where I developed several programs. These varied experiences have given me a wider lens to understand and connect with my clients.  

In addition to providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples, I co- leading trips to South America to connect with and learn from Indigenous healers and wise elders, run a variety of workshops, teach clinicians how to use a multi-modal approach in their practices and help individuals and organizations in program visioning and development.

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