January 2020


ROC Metaphysical Book Review

Research has shown books like The Awakening by Sage Walker can change people's lives as discussed in Marelisa-Fabrega’s blogs Daring to Live Fully. The deeper soul connection, caring, and support can bring peace to the reader. Within these words of spiritual wisdom are ways to see life differently and improve the quality of relationships. Creating a new way of being is the power within these verses. Support and faith in all of you radiate from within Spirit’s words. These words are pathways to guide you in this change. It indicates a belief in yourselves and that you can move forward releasing old beliefs. These passages show you are cared for and help you see that you are important in ways you never thought about. They give you hope as they open you up to live a new life. The Awakening shows the darker places you have been and the way out of those spaces. The messages communicate caring and faith that you are able to improve your lives. These verses are about growth, learning to love and accept all aspects of yourselves as you are guided to a happier life. They ask you to find the best in yourselves and others as you create a better life. Some of the messages talk about others in your life. Messages about nurses and other caregivers honor them and their service. Various people whose names are not mentioned have also taught lessons as Spirit shows in those messages. The Angel's words remind you to call on them and that they are always there for you. You are blessed, guided and loved by them as shown by the passages. They wish to enhance your life as you go toward joy. All Spirits messages are gifts given to assist you to improve your life. 

About Sage:  "For many years I have received messages from the spiritual realms which has helped me with clients. My spirit guides work with me and thru me providing insight into how to help my clients with their mental and emotional blocks.  Sage is a energy worker, spiritual counselor, IET Master Teacher, crystal reader, intuitive who works with her guides to assist people reach their fullest potential. 

Find the book at:  https://www.amazon.com/Awakening-Creating-New-Way-Being/dp/1641842385