February 2020

ROC Metaphysical Book Review

Naomi Stevens


Her Book


This book is aimed at anyone who has an interest in Astrology. Easy to understand wording combined with extensive use of images and colour help readers identify and learn the different parts of this complex subject.

Brief information about Astrology’s background is followed by an introduction chapter which contains:

• an overview of a birth chart

• what the reader can expect in the book

• how Astrology helps in learning life’s lessons

• the difference between newspaper horoscopes and real astrology

• a comparison of computer versus personal interpretations

After this is an explanation of the Zodiac signs and how they are made up of Elements and Qualities. These combinations are shown separately with detailed explanations and colour images showing how each sign works.

The reader is then introduced to the planets, their symbols and the influences for which each is responsible.

The various parts of the chart wheel and associations of Zodiac signs with planets and the areas of the chart are covered next. Readers learn about the relationships between items in a chart. Known as Aspects, coloured images help identify the way the influence of each one works.

An explanation is given of the effects of Transits, which are the Aspects the movements of planets in the sky make on elements in a birth chart. This section includes a list of planets and their transit times.

In the last but one section are explanations of the remaining parts of a printed chart which haven’t yet been covered. These include a chart summary which breaks down all the parts of the chart wheel into a table. A diagram of this is shown with a key and explanations.

The book, which finishes with appendices, index and a glossary, is available on Amazon both as an ebook and as a paperback. 

Here's a sample of the book...


Your Birth Chart Overview

Your birth (natal) chart is unique to you. It is created using not only the day and month of your birth, but also the year, place and the time you were born. (Even if you are a twin, born on the same date and in the same place as your sibling, you wouldn’t both be born at exactly the same time.)  Don’t worry if you don’t know the time of your birth, I can use my pendulum to find this out.

Your birth chart is like a map of your life showing your strengths and the challenges you may face. When you are familiar with your chart, you can use those strengths to help overcome your challenges. 

Our Sun is a star, so when you read about your Star sign in newspapers or magazines, it’s referring to the Zodiac sign the Sun was in at the moment of your birth. This is your Sun sign. (I’m a Scorpio, thanks for asking.) But the Sun only represents your conscious self, not your subconscious or any other part of your personality.

Each of the other planets in the solar system also has an influence on you. For example, the Moon represents your subconscious. It shows how you react to things when you are tired or perhaps have had too much to drink. Mercury shows the way your mind works and how you communicate. Venus is the way you relate and harmonise with others. Then there’s Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc. Each shapes your life in a different way.

Horoscopes in the media have some relationship to actual Astrology but the real stuff is based on all the planets in the sky, not just your Sun sign. Sun signs are what most popular horoscopes are based on which doesn’t give you a complete picture.

What’s in this Book

I’ll start by comparing the horoscopes you read in a newspaper or magazine to what I call real Astrology. Then we can get down to the nitty gritty and I’ll talk about everything you’ll need to know to begin to understand your own birth chart. 

The example chart called Item 1 may look complicated but I’ll explain all of the sections in detail. I hope when you get to the end of this book it will all make sense.

Although you may already be familiar with the names of the Zodiac signs, I’ll explain how they’re made up and their influences. Then we’ll look at the planets so you can find out what each one relates to.

Once that’s no longer a mystery, I’ll progress to the significance of the location of each planet in your chart, then onto the relationships between planets and how the movements of the planets in the sky affect your life. I’ve given a few examples in Appendices. At the end of the book there’s a brilliant quote which I believe brings everything together. I’ve put an Index and Glossary at the back.

Learning the Lessons

You spend your lifetime learning the lessons shown in your chart. Some lessons are so easy you don’t notice them. Others are challenges. All recur at regular intervals. 

As you meet each challenge you can learn from it so that when it next arrives, you’re better prepared. At each one you learn more. Eventually you know what to expect and what to do, so those challenges become strengths.

Newspaper Stars v. Real Astrology

So how is real Astrology different from the predictions in magazines and newspapers?  

Media Astrology focuses on your Sun sign - it doesn’t take into account the other planets in your chart which could be in different Zodiac signs to your Sun sign. This omission makes a huge difference in predictions.

Popular horoscopes talk about zones of your chart: money, love, career, etc. The areas they refer to are based on their Astrological sequence. (You’ll see what this is as I talk about the signs.) 

In your personal chart, i.e. one drawn up especially for you, these zones are dictated by the place and time you were born as well as the date, so they apply only to you and not to a twelfth of the entire readership of that newspaper or magazine.

Computer v. Personal Interpretations

An accurate birth chart is the result of many very complicated calculations, so like many other Astrologers, I find it easiest to use a computer program. Some of these programs also offer interpretations. However, relationships between elements in the chart have to be interpreted individually so more intricate relationships aren’t taken into account. A personal interpretation which interprets the chart as a whole is likely to give the most accurate results.

The picture of Item 1 below is an example of what a chart would look if I’ve calculated and printed it using my computer program. As you can see, the wheel takes up most of the page. It may look confusing but I’ll be explaining all the parts of it in this book. (Where relevant I’ll mention possible differences in charts drawn up by other Astrologers.)

To differentiate between the various elements of your chart I use different colours. Each Zodiac sign has its own colour as do other elements of your chart. I’ll explain these as we go along. 

If you have several planets in your chart in the same Zodiac sign, (in the example chart there are two in the sign of Capricorn Ê which is shown in green like this) you’ll have more tendencies which are

linked to that sign. I refer to this as ‘having that sign strongly in your chart.’ Although this could be your Sun sign, it’s important to be aware that it may be a completely different one.  

But that’s not the end of the story. Each planet will be located in one of the Zodiac signs, so to understand your chart fully you need to take into account the effects of the planet’s Zodiac sign, any relationships it may have with other planets AND any relationships with certain important points in the sky at the moment of your birth. These relationships are known as Aspects.

The wheel of your chart consists of several circular rings. Item 2 shows a section of a wheel. The outer circular ring (1) is divided into degrees like a compass and contains symbols representing the Zodiac signs. (In this example they are Cancer Ä and Leo Å.) The next, and widest ring (2) contains the Houses of your chart which represent the different areas of your life. The Houses are numbered and the narrowest ring closest to the centre of the chart (3) shows the House numbers. I’ll describe all of these more fully later on in the section on the Chart Wheel on page 29.

About Naomi: Naomi has used her characteristic warm and friendly approach to teach astrology for over 30 years. She is passionate about making this subject as accessible as possible. By demystifying what can be quite a complicated science, Understanding Your Birth Chart (a beginners guide to Astrology) gives everyone the chance to benefit from the wonderful and life-enhancing gifts that understanding your birth chart can bring.

You can find her book at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Your-Birth-Chart-beginners-ebook/dp/B08288ZZNR

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