July 2019


Sage Walker's Channeling

A Soul's Birth

The soul came in

and started as bright as the sun.

It remembered its pictures

and where it came from.

It stayed and was centered

in its inner glow.

It stayed strong with its glowing light.

Life started and gained strength.

Life's journey faded its memories

and they did soon become blank.

Faded and faded that true gift became

and it lost its bright and radiant glow.

Hidden inside it became

with you now never to be the same.

Pain and fear, rage and anger too

build blocks and piled garbage on top of it too.

One day I saw its light as it shown ever so bright.

Uncovered, remembered and opened too.

It now glows with its own light

remembering, strong and safely cocooned

it now glows as my life balloons.

Changes, changed I now become as I walk forth

and live in the Sun.

~ Sage Walker


Periodically I have kept journals throughout my life.  When I was moving I found quite a few of them. 

As I am ready to throw them out I looked and found I had written a lot of spirit messages. Some were about my situations in life but most were not about me. 

Various things I encounter they would give me the messages about, so I always wrote them down. I would also meet people or see them in my practice and they would send me information for them.  

They are not grammatically correct, but I have not altered them except to delete the persons name.  I believe I was to write them exactly as they gave them to me.  I have also been told that they will help others.

They were a gift from spirit to me to help myself and others.  We do not walk this journey alone no matter what is in our life.  We need to always move forward and become a better person with each step.  

I hope they will assist you on your journey as they did me. 

About Sage: She is a retired county nurse, is a Master IET Instructor, Spirit Guide Communicator and ordained minister. She has an office at the ONE Wellness Center at 2349 Monroe Avenue Rochester NY. She offers classes and private sessions.  You can contact her at 585-317-4374.

Sage's website:  https://www.angeliclink.com