December 2019

"The Message of The Thumb" by T. Stokes

The Thumb is separated into 3 sectors or phalanges: Spirit, Mind and Body.

The shape of the tip tells you on which level they operate.

The tip may be Square, Round, or Conic in shape - Pointed, Spatulate, or Bulbous.

The Square Thumb tip will give a practical realistic over view on any religion they follow.

The Round or conic tip infers an artistic feel for colour shape and form and are more impressionable.

The pointed Thumb tip gives a psychic and spiritual feel for what they believe.

The spatulate shows a need for change movement and creativity, they cannot stand still emotionally, and the Bulbous Thumb shows damned up energies, which may occasionally explode out, as there is always inner tension here,  but the rest of the hand must be considered before any judgements are made.

The Thumb tip represents will power the central phalange logic and the base section is love, and this is why the Thumb is attributed to Venus, the planet of love. Venus is considered a Benefic planet.

The Romans called it auspicious, as it was the planet of beauty love and strangely money.

"Venus smiles but not in a house of tears." Found in Shakespeare.

The pad at the base of the thumb is known as the mount of Venus, and whether firm or soft high or low lined or plain will inform us much detail on how and when a person loves, their immune function and resistance to infection.

"That's Venus September thought, she was the goddess of love. Its nice that love comes on first thing in the evening and goes out last in the morning. Love keeps the light on all night." Catherine Valente.

The feast of Veneralia celebrated on April 1st was the Roman day given in honour to Venus the god of love and beauty. A new phenomenon is being seen called "Play-Station Thumb" from constant use the thumb tip is changing shape.  The Thumb Centre in the brain is also becoming enlarged. 


In all medieval Latin texts the Thumb is called the Pollex, (compared to the Hallux or big toe). Ideally the two Thumb phalanges should be the same size, if the tip is the biggest of the two, then these folk can be headstrong and willful and often act on impulse.

If the second is the longest it shows some one who thinks and plans but does not act.

Of course these signs may be modified by other hand factors, never go on just one sign alone.

What is known to medicine as the Hitch-Hikers thumb, or one where the tip can bend back almost 90 degrees is symptomatic of several serious medical conditions.

But 3% of the population have a shortened thick thumb tip with a short wide nail which has been called over the centuries Clubbed thumb, Stub thumb, Scottish thumb, Toe thumb, Jews thumb, Potter's thumb, and Hammer thumb, but is now known to medicine as a Brachydactyly type D, or just BDD.

Ancient Indian palmistry called this the Murderer's thumb, as it does show a damming up of energies which can lead to explosions of temper, and my own collection of murderers hand prints do show a fair amount of these thumbs.  The human geneticist Julia Bell in 1951 discovered that women more than men carry this genetic thumb and that it is most common in European royalty and both Arabs and Sephardic Jews.

Alexander Solzhenitsin prize winning author of Gulag Archipeligo, has a thumb like this, the most famous carrier of this type of thumb is the American actress Megan Fox.  See her twin fate lines, showing 2 pathways in life, and the low flat Mount of Venus.

Many years ago as a teenager I would read hands in psychic bookshops, one day a lady came in with thumbs like this.  She was showing signs of stress but some folk do before a reading as they are anxious what you will say, she had several signs together which prompted me to ask. "are you planning to injure somebody?". Her reply shocked me as she said "yes, my husband he is a bastard and i am going to kill him" and showed me a large knife in her bag.

I was able to gently talk her down, her husband had treated her very badly, but she agreed to speak with her doctor and ask for professional help. i have been a counselor for many years, but had other clients waiting in the shop, but pleased that palmistry may have saved a life.

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